Something exciting is happening this month. My company is celebrating three years of awesomeness, but something even more special happens this September to someone (or something, depending on how you look at it) in my life.

My little Corgi, Luna, turns three! It’s kind of strange that two loves of my life happen to share the same birthday and age, but it’s weird how life works out that way, right?

My fiancé surprised me with Luna just a few months after starting my business back in 2012. I’m slightly… okay, ridiculously… obsessed with Corgis, and after many years (yes, years!) of bugging him and my family for one, he finally broke down and drove 7 hours to get Luna.

Since I work from home, I’m truly blessed to be able to spend almost all day long with my favorite pooch. To me, she’s not just a dog; she’s my baby, “flesh and fur”, and, yes, even my business partner. I am a solopreneur, however, I consider Luna my honorary business partner since she has helped me learn so much about being an entrepreneur over the past three years.

Rise with a purpose and a plan.

Luna teaches me the value of waking up with a purpose each day and a routine to stick to achieve that purpose. As some may know, dogs prefer schedules, and are not necessarily huge fans of change. Each day Luna follows a strict schedule of morning potty, food, snack, walk, rest, play, food, play, sleep – pretty basic, but she loves it. She knows what to expect for the day and is ALWAYS excited to participate. Like Luna, I try stick to a daily schedule make sure that I get things done. Although some days can differ, I always have an idea of what to expect for the day. Before my schedule, I felt lost, overwhelmed, and stuck about what to do in my business, and that was a pretty crappy feeling, trust me.

Break it Up.

Luna lu-huvs to play. Corgis are a herding breed and are known to have stamina and energy that lasts for days. Okay maybe not days, but I’m tellin’ you this dog can go non-stop for hours. Because their energy levels are high-maintenance, I often have to stop and play with her throughout the day. This automatically gives me an excuse to roll away from my desk and computer and regroup. It gives me a mindless, yet fun outlet to focus on, and as entrepreneurs who live, breathe, and sleep our business, we need that sometimes. You know how the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Luna the Corgi crazy bonkers by 5 PM.” (For more tips to help relieve stress throughout the workday, click here.)

Work it Out.

Like I mentioned, Corgis need constant stimulation to release all the energy they build up on a daily basis. Going on walks has been the best thing for Luna and I to blow off some excess steam. Not only does this help her stay healthy and happy, but it also helps me stay healthy and happy, too! I prefer the fresh air and breeze in my face as opposed to smelly gyms and worn down equipment. Walking Luna, to me, is not really an exercise, but a great way for her and I to bond and enjoy some sun and gather inspiration. In fact, I brainstormed this whole article on a recent morning walk.

Why so serious?

Dogs, just like humans, have personalities of their own. I forget sometimes that Luna is a dog because she truly amazes me with how smart and spunky she is.

(Fun Fact: Corgis are the 11th smartest dog breed in the world).

Watching her roll around on the floor making Chewbacca noises while trying to scratch her back or when she plops down on the carpet with all four legs spread out like superman reminds me that life and business should be fun! Not everything needs to be so darn serious. Honestly, this has to be my favorite lesson Luna has taught me, and I still struggle with it at times. Dogs have an outlook on life that I envy. They are happy-go-lucky, and at the end of the day, all they need is their owner, a warm bed, and the occasional table scrap and they are in heaven. We all need to stop and roll around some times.

Perseverance of a Pup.

The last, but definitely not the least, thing Luna has taught me over the years is to never give up. Never stop trying until you succeed. For example, while I was playing fetch with Luna recently, I threw the ball and it happened to get stuck in between the door and wall. It took Luna 5 minutes to figure out where the ball had gone. (Okay, I know I said Corgis were one of the smartest breeds, but bear with me).

Once she discovered that it was “stuck” behind the door, she spent the next two minutes trying to push it out so that she bring it back. She was NOT going to leave that ball there even if her life depended on it. She had a mission to bring me back the ball and she was going to complete it — and she did! She stopped, re-analyzed the situation and figured out an easy way to dislodge the ball and bring it back. Sometimes, all we need is to step back and re-evaluate a situation to find a better solution.

Dogs are the perfect business partners to keep you a healthy and motivated entrepreneur. Who said dogs are only a man’s best friend?

Do you have a puppy partner? Leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite part about working with him / her is. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your fellow puppy-lovin’ entrepreneurs!

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