There are just some days as an entrepreneur where everything just SUCKS!

You do this thing you think will be mega watts awesome and then all you hear is crickets!

Whether that thing is launching a new product or service, not getting the engagement and reach you thought you would, having nobody sign up for your awesome new thing, having people not understand what you do or even why you do it.

There comes a day where you are so freakin frustrated you don’t want to do anything but pull out all your hair, scream in frustration and be totally pissed off at the whole world.

Because darn it Universe, “THIS wasn’t how it was supposed to be!?!”

You were supposed to be making the money you wanted, getting the engagement you wanted, building those relationships, making an awesome business built on helping and serving others, you were then supposed to have the life you wanted too.

It was all going to be sweet sailing, perfection, happiness galore and you just can’t freaking figure out what the hell you could possibly be doing wrong because NOTHING is working the way it was supposed to.

Let go

You have been so busy holding onto exactly how things were supposed to be you have forgotten to enjoy the process.

Let go of how it’s supposed to be and just freaking enjoy what is. You, yes you, you are doing something that many people dream about but never do. You are giving your heart and soul to create a business and life you love and that right there is pretty freaking awesome!

It’s ok that things aren’t exactly how you wanted yet. Let it go, let it be and FOCUS on the OUTCOME.

Quit being so focused on the here and now and what isn’t going quite right. Focus on the future, focus on what you are building, keeping pouring your heart and soul into what you are creating and you will get it.

You aren’t doing anything wrong, the process is different for all of us, but you have to let go of the how’s and let’s face it, when you are feeling uber frustrated it can be because things aren’t working out exactly how you expected, it isn’t your job to take care of the how’s. Hold onto the outcome and let the Universe do its job.

Shift your focus

What do you LOVE about your business?

What is it that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning totally excited to get on with your day?

Do you love that you get to be your own boss, set your own schedule, work on projects you love?

Do you love working with the people on your team?

Do you love meeting new people, helping others to change their life or perspective?

Do you love the writing you do, the product creation, the sales process, the chance to make a connection with someone new?

Focus on the good stuff you have right now. If you can’t stop thinking about all the bad shit then you need to write down what all of them are and you need to make a plan to do something about them all.

Get rid of them, tweak them, get the help you need to take it to the next level.

Show your gratitude

All those things that you listed about loving what you do, when was the last time you said a simple ‘thank you’ to the Universe because you have them in your life.

All those things that you think suck or are frustrating the hell  out of you right now? Say thank you for them too!

Because they have a lesson to teach you. They will either teach you what you can do better or they will teach you what you just don’t want to accept into your life anymore.

Be grateful for all of it. The good stuff is helping you to focus on attracting more of it and the crap is there to teach you, so listen to it.

Accept it

Look as a law of attraction follower and coach I have to say, you brought this upon yourself.

Yes, I know okay, no one wants to hear that shit. I get it, I do.

We never have to want to accept that at some point subconsciously or otherwise we created this thing, with our thoughts, emotions, behaviours and beliefs.

Maybe we didn’t consciously make the choice to have it, maybe right now it’s just an ingrained part of yourself and your nature. Maybe it’s a belief that’s always been there and you have never realised it.

However, at some point you do have to accept that you allowed this into your life. You allowed this to be an ok thing for you. You allowed this to be acceptable and if you don’t want it anymore then you have to raise your standards and say “No. This is no longer acceptable in my life or my business.”

When you focus on all the good stuff you got going on, you give the Universe a chance to realise that you would LOVE to have more of the good stuff in your life and when you take what you once thought sucked and turn it into something great that you can’t help but feel proud about and give thanks that it’s now awesome and you bring even more great stuff to you.

So go out there, friend and grab all that good stuff and hold it close for a second, take a deep breath and as you let it out say a mighty thank you.

Because you my friend you have got this in the bag. You are exactly where you need to be to learn what you need to know to continue taking each of your next steps on your path to your awesome biz.

Go be your own biggest cheerleader ever and let us know how you feel after you have done so!

About The Author

CEO @ Holly's Abundant Universe, Money Mindset Mentor, Author

Holly Sully is a Money Mindset Mentor and a Law of Attraction Coach who specialises in teaching people to get control over their money thoughts so they can go from being a money victim to a master of their money!

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