Meet Cassidy. A 23 year old making an impact in the tech community. Being a woman in a field dominated by white men, she advocates for more women to start coding and for female discrimination to stop.


Cassidy fell in love with code in high





-How she got into tech in school and how people treated her


-A love for code, getting involved at school leading to opportunities, supporting women


-example one love for code

-intro how she loves it despite being a minority

-description how she thinks code will impact the future

-transition She took her love for code and technology and applied it to her college experience to bring many opportunities her way.


-example two getting involved at school lead to opportunities

-intro what school, what major, listen to ted talk about what she did,

-description joining clubs, making connections, networking

-trnasition All these amazing opporunites came together and gave her a platform to reach out and support other women in technology.


-example three supporting women

-intro Cassidy is an advocate for woman in tech and has even gone through some cyberbullying because of her support of feminism.

-description tweeting, writing guides to help people out and even appears in a documentary


-consluion So, how did Cassidy Williams go from an average girl to appearing in magazines? Well, being a girl who is fascinated with code and technology, getting involved in college and networking with big tech brands and giving back by supporting other woman in tech is something worth getting inspired over.

-restate thesis

-bring example points

-leave a thought

Take note of Cassidy and give your passion everything you got. And, don’t forget to give back and help others become just as passionate.