Lori Streator is the creator and owner of Breakthrough Mind & Body. She’s a mother, coach, yoga enthusiast, and avid reader. She enjoys motivating, educating and helping others live their truth & realize their potential. Her vision is to make Breakthrough a place to optimize mindset, activity & nutrition. Lori reinforces, on a daily basis, that living a healthy, happy lifestyle is realistic.

She’s an advocate of an inspired, balanced life and is relatable to women everywhere. Lori is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with over 10 years of experience in the field of psychology. After having her son in 2011, she developed an incredible passion for whole body wellness and completed personal training and nutrition certifications. She created Breakthrough Mind & Body to inspire & teach others to align their lives with their goals.

She uses various outlets to share her love for health and fitness, and has written for magazines/publications including Gorgo and Strong Fitness magazines and Elephant Journal. As a health & fitness professional, Lori coaches clients both online and in person, but continues to provide therapy in a private practice setting.

She gets to know and engages her fans through Facebook, Instagram (@LoriSuperfoods) & Twitter but provides readers with articles & content at BreakthroughMindandBody.com. Lori has a humorous and kindhearted personality, and has recently begun to expand her online presence with Periscope (@LoriSuperfoods). She answers readers’ questions daily, and also provides her thoughts about current trends in the health & fitness world along with teachings about mindset, nutrition & personal development.

Lori believes life should be lived with joy and ease, and encourages daily practices of gratitude, mindfulness & physical activity.

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