As I was driving from work I came across Katchie Nzama’s interview on SAfm radio. What fascinated me about Katchie is that she is one of those people who decided to quit her day job, sell everything and hit the road to discover the joys of travelling. Katchie has now travelled solo, from Cape to Cairo, using public transport and sometimes gets accommodated in homes by ordinary people.

Katchie’s bigger purpose is to promote the best of African budget travel so as to encourage Africans that their traveling dreams can be realized. She runs a blog where she shares her travel escapades. She saw an opportunity and embraced it.

I think, like Katchie, opportunities present themselves every day to all of us.

Quite often most of us see an opportunity that strikes our fancy, we know we want it so bad.  We know getting it could change the course of our lives forever.

Yet we do nothing about it.

How do people like Katchie get to that point where they grab opportunities without fear?

What makes them believe that super glorious opportunities that come their way, are their birthright while a million other people are doubting themselves?

What makes them welcome opportunities to network, to sell a product, to build a lasting legacy, to try exotic food, to try a new hobby and to start a movement.

Sometimes they fail but they continue to smooch opportunities. What differentiate them from the next guy has little to do with their stunning abilities but more to with the boldness that resides in their hearts.

They have what I call the red lips boldness.


To come to that place where you push past the discomfort and limitations does not just happen, there are things you need to do.

Here are five tips necessary to developing the red lips boldness that will give you the courage to kiss opportunities without fear.

  1. Silence the inner voice of fear

When opportunities are presented to you, the plaguing voice of fear will convince you that;

  • you can’t,
  • you are not good enough
  • you don’t have enough skills
  • and you do not qualify.

That internal voice which points you to your limitations can make you fearful. If you pay attention to it, it cripples you, stifles you, and sucks life out of you.

I know because for a long time I had tons of fear when it came to blogging and I was too shy to put myself out there, if I hadn’t silenced that fear I would not be contributing to the heart behind the hustle magazine.

You too can learn to silence that voice and begin to realize you are as good as the next person, that you too deserve an equal chance at the opportunity.

To silence that voice you need to;

  • realize the strides you have made and accentuate your strengths
  • know your worth
  • build faith in yourself and don’t wait for someone to validate you
  • stop obsessing over your limitations

It is only when you begin to appreciate that you have what it takes that you begin to build confidence within that empowers you to take on opportunities.


2. Move closer to opportunities you want in your life

What could you do right now that will bring you a step closer to opportunities you long for?

Everyday make sure to take small steps that will move you towards the things you aspire for, do things that will bring you closer to opportunities you dream about.

Take the first step, then the next, then the next and the next, before you know it you will be right at the door of opportunity.

Hang out at the right places, someone may find you, someone may talk to you, you may make connections that will lead to incredible opportunities.

What small manageable steps can you take to grow your business?


3. Make yourself attractive

“In order to attract the coolest guy in the world, I had to become the coolest girl in the world. Like Marianne Williamson says really nicely: Cinderella was having a ball when she met Prince Charming.” Claudia Azula Altucher

To paraphrase Claudia, I think in order to have a chance at attracting the coolest opportunities in the world, you have to be coolest person in the world.

The only way to reach that place where you move from ordinary to irresistible is through painstaking preparations. You have to work hard to set yourself apart so that people and organizations are going to be asking themselves just how I can get her.

Prepare yourself so that when opportunities come your way they find you totally intriguing.

Sharpen the skills you already have and learn new ones.

Floss the non-winning habits.

By preparing yourself you remove your worries, you build confidence and become empowered to say “I can do this too”. The confidence you build is a sensuous perfume that will help will help you approach opportunities with authority.

4. Close your eyes and go with the flow

“Believe me! The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously!” — Friedrich Nietzsche

It is risky to take on opportunities. But there comes a time when you have to push past the challenges and the fear; when you have to close your eyes, let go off uncertainty, break free from limiting believes that you can’t and say yes to beckoning opportunities.

Some people who rock at this are;

  • Nick Wallenda; tight rope walker, first person to walk across Grand Canyon
  • Lewis Pugh; swims in Antarctica and believes ordinary cannot change the world
  • Scott Dinsmore; Live you legend founder who died climbing Kilimanjaro
  •  Garret Miller; the triathlete who doesn’t allow cancer to stop him.

These people don’t spend too much time over calculating risks. So many people want to read every book, attend every course before making the first attempt at something (I am just as guilty) and never feel ready to just go for it. While preparation empower when prolonged it will only cripple you.Why not go with the flow?

May be you don’t want to swim with the sharks but you can do the things you long for. I believe you are most powerful when you do the things you heart longs for. Do not hold back. If you feel the fear, focus on enjoyment, let passion drive you, let what excites you ignite your internal flame and drive you beyond the place of fear.

5. If you don’t get the opportunity don’t give up on trying

The truth is there is no guarantee that all the opportunities you seek out for and you go out will be a win but that should not stop you from trying. Don’t let your loss put off the spark of life within you. Give yourself permission to try, again, again and again.

Red lips boldness refuses for you to stop trying, it does not just count the wins, it counts the lessons. Red lips boldness makes you that person described by Theodore Roosevelt “who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat”.  Red lips boldness perfects the winning game with every losing battle.

Your turn

What opportunities are you longing for? Go out there and dare to kiss dazzling opportunities waiting for you to own without fear. Do you know someone who needs these tips, show you care share with them.


About The Author


Dr Dikabo Mogopodi is a wife to Samuel, a fabulous mother of 2 boys. She inspires others through speaking, writing and blogging. She is an analytical chemist by profession. She lives in Botswana, she loves cooking and travelling.

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