Mentorship can be a difficult concept to explain because of it’s interesting and complex dynamic. Some mentorships come in the form of campus programs where the mentee is assigned to an alumni in their field of study for a period of time. Another example of this is the classic relationship between Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-San in the classic movie “The Karate Kid”. Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-San embark on an wonderful journey where there is much pain but also an incredible amount of learning from both parties. Themes of Discipline, character, growth, and teamwork amongst others are truly visible in this film and something that should exist in your mentorships. Both characters’ lives changed tremendously and for the better at the end of the movie.

Here are 3 reasons why mentors are life changing:

1)Insider information.

When people seek mentorship, they usually try to associate themselves with people doing what they want to be doing. If you’re interested in Law, you would try to find a lawyer to show you that world. Same goes for a doctor, an HR professional, or an entrepreneur. Having access to information and networks you wouldn’t have otherwise had access to is a huge benefit of mentorship

2) Support.

Wow, this is huge. Good mentors are such a tremendous source of inspiration and support. They will challenge you, force you to think differently, and push you in your quest. If you’re under the tutelage of the CEO of a successful startup for example, you can be sure they won’t sugarcoat anything and will quickly understand whether you’re serious about going the entrepreneur route or not. If you are, they will be there each and every step of the way because they were once in your shoes and probably made it to where they are today because of the support of a great mentor.

3) Opportunity.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, great mentors will definitely try to present great opportunities and access to exclusive social circles for their mentees. These could manifest themselves into amazing internships, paid work, and above all invaluable information. I want to highlight here that this shouldn’t be the goal of mentorship. Mentorship is about learning and connect with someone or people of genuine interest, not to fake a relationship, kiss ass, or sweet talk your way into a cool job or internship.

Find the right mentor(s) and learn as much as you can. You don’t have to go at it alone, there are people literally waiting for you to come to them with your worries, questions, and most of all your passion and drive. Not only will you learn and grow significantly, so will they! 

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“In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn”- Phil Collins

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