Have you ever wanted to present a TED Talk? To speak from your heart about an issue that pings for your soul? Then you will want to learn to harness your passions to create a stellar passionate speech that motivates and inspires your audience.

Many people shrink and cower in dread of presenting in public, especially about something personal. “Oh no! Don’t make me talk about myself.” I’ve heard my clients say time and time again.

I’m not talking about your deepest, darkest secrets, simply your life lessons. However, when you are so very deeply involved in what you are sharing, you will find that once you press your own hot buttons that you will be able to wax eloquent about your passionate subject.

For over 15 years I have taught people how to share their stories, life experiences, and wisdom with others through speeches similar to TED Talks. I call them passion speeches.

Look back at those forks in the road in your life’s path. Anytime you made a choice, to do this and not do that, you opened an opportunity for your life to grow. Now, if you accept my challenge, and believe that you are ready to share your experience with others, it’s time to connect with your deepest feelings to educate others to embrace or avoid choices you have made in the past.

Here are my five suggestions for creating a strongly passionate speech.

1. To need or not to need notes

First and foremost, when you are presenting, give yourself a roadmap for sharing rather than pages and pages of notes. Speak from the heart!

Choose three guide-words and weave your personal story around those three words. This help you avoid writing out your presentation word for word as that type of speech writing really does not work for passion speeches.

If you feel that you cannot get through your presentation without having notes, please trust in yourself and give it a try. Let the goal of perfectionism go and simply have a conversation with your listeners. Try presenting a practice speech or dress rehearsal with your closest friends.

If you cannot present your speech without the crutch of speaking notes, then perhaps you are not yet ready to share. Ask yourself: “Is this the right topic for me at this point in time?” You may need more time to organize your thoughts and connect with the passion of the subject.

2. Are visual aids required?

The answer should be no! Well, actually you can have one picture or memento, but try to avoid using any electronics, if possible. Simplify your speech and avoid the use of PowerPoint.

You will connect more fully with your listeners as your authentic self.

Plus, if you’re presenting in a long line of speakers this will speed the transition between speakers and keep the magic of the sharing of each person’s passions flowing.

3. Be prepared for emotion

Even if you have practiced your speech 20 times, be aware that in front of an audience you may become more emotional than you would in private. How are you going to handle it? What about the emotions of an audience member who tears up in the front row? It’s definitely something to contemplate, and prepare for, prior to presenting.

4. Stories vs. speeches

The difference between telling a story and giving a motivational speech is structure. What are your three main points? Tell your listeners what you are going to tell them (introduction) – Tell them (content or body) – Tell them what you told them (conclusion) in order to reinforce your message.

Remember to share those three guide-words!

5. Consider your body posture

Your posture tells a large part of your story. Would a change of height and posture resonate strongly with one of your points?

Does sitting feel more comfortable while delivering your story? Then do it!

However, I caution you to be careful to not get STUCK in that position for the whole presentation. Try to start standing, if you plan to sit at some point. Longer stories actually tend to lend themselves to a seated position.

Get yourself closer to your listeners either in height or in proximity – don’t let the stage or furniture setup keep you separated from your listeners!

Once you open yourself to sharing a passion speech, you will be amazed as to where it may lead you in your career or life. I have witnessed clients open a whole new world for themselves as motivational and inspirational presenters. Oh the places you will grow!

Trust me, I have seen this done many times by clients who didn’t think that they could talk about personal subjects or share from deep in their soul — they did it and so can you!

We all have something to share. We all have something to say. What will you present passionately? Please give us a shout out on social media and/or share a video of your passion speech once you deliver it. We’d love to see you in action and hear your story and so would so many other people!

About The Author

Chief Fear Slayer & Speech Coach

Anna Coleshaw-Echols, public speaking coach, trainer and author has shared her passion for public speaking and confidence-boosting training methods for the past fifteen years. With her personal guidance, coaching clients and workshop participants from all walks of life have followed her "fill-in-the-blanks" method to successfully move from fearful to fearless speakers. Learn more about all of my books on Amazon: http://bit.ly/AmazonG2GPage. ***Plus, check out a complimentary chapter of my Presenting Fearlessly eBook: http://bit.ly/G2G_FREEeBook.

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