So this is actually an event I am hosting and it’s happening soon. I know many of you are entrepreneurs and this would be a great thing for ya! (plus, it’s FREE!)


Over the course of the 6 Figure Thought Leader Summit, you will have the opportunity to learn from top industry experts and six figure (plus!) earners around what’s working for them to create authority status with their audience and how they USE it to attract a raving fan base and clients they are crazy about (and how YOU can use these secrets to grow your business too!). From marketing and business strategies, to mindset and psychology, to design and selling, to copywriting and branding, we will cover everything you need to know to set yourself up for unshakeable success this year.

What makes this event different from all the others out there? Great question. Most summits focus on just the one thing… and at first glance, you might think this event is only revenue/profit generation but in reality, it’s about much more than that. I love the holistic approach and this is the approach this virtual event is taking as well. You see, there’s more to building a successful business (and getting to a consistent six figure income) than just the business strategy and marketing tactics. While yes, they are extremely important, it’s only half the story. We take you through the entire holistic approach and every aspect that’s necessary to building a truly thriving business that continues to grow your list on a consistent basis. Effortlessly. Join us and skyrocket your own business today! Join us for this FREE online event happening October 12-16th, 2015!


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