Hello writer! We are so happy you are interested in writing for Heart Behind Hustle.

This online magazine was created with people like YOU in mind, so you can share your knowledge and passion with others who can benefit from it. However, to ensure we keep the website to the highest quality standards, we cannot accept everyone.

Before we can accept your role as a contributing author, please review the following guidelines. If you agree with the guidelines, you can send us an email with more details for consideration.

(Note: We are unable to accept everyone who applies. No hard feelings.)


Your contributing articles should fall into one of the categories we include on Heart Behind Hustle:

  • Entrepreneurship
    • This includes general business advice, funding, technology, finance, legal, mindset, general marketing, etc.
  • Creativity
    • This includes general advice on how to be more creative, innovation, writing, publishing, music, filmmaking, etc.
  • Leadership
    • This includes leadership training, speaking, motivation, hiring and managing teams, etc.
  • Lifestyle
    • With the focus of the lifestyle that passion-driven go-getters crave to have or currently struggle with: mindset, travel, spirituality, organization, productivity, etc.
  • Inspiration
    • This category is typically only assigned to current contributors and is done when writing about someone other than yourself. This includes interviews, success stories, feature stories on other entrepreneurs/creatives/leaders who have done awesome things, etc.
  • Reviews
    • Book reviews, movie reviews (especially documentaries or entrepreneur/career focused movies that inspire and are in the spirit of Heart Behind Hustle), app reviews, new technology, events, etc.

What we’re looking for in an Author:

  • Experience: Preference will be given to those who have guest written on other websites or have written your their own blog. We will ask to see writing samples.
  • Grammar: You know grammar and how to spell correctly. Know the difference between “your vs you’re,” “where vs were,” etc.
  • Voice & Tone: The tone adheres to the general tone and voice of Heart Behind Hustle: personable, candid, passionate, knowledgable, friendly. We don’t like jargon (unless you explain it), big ass words and stuffy posts. We get it, you’re smart. But show us how smart you are by swallowing your ego so other people can enjoy your knowledge without needing a PhD or an MBA.
  • Contribution: Preference will be given to those who are interested in being a consistent writer for Heart Behind Hustle, rather than a one-off article contributor.
  • Quality: We can only accept writers who can provide us with high-quality original articles (cause Google hates duplicate content, ya know) but we’re open to receiving repurposed content you have published elsewhere already (just no copy and paste parts. We will check).
  • Opinions: We don’t do boring. We love when our authors have an EDGE to them. We encourage you to express your opinions, even if they’re different from what you hear out there (especially if they’re different). We are a MODERN organization and we celebrate alternative lifestyles! (Duh, we live a laptop lifestyle, that’s pretty non-traditional, eh?)

Writing Guidelines:

  • When writing, ask yourself: “How can readers benefit from this? What are the big takeaways here? “
  • Minimum word count for articles is 800 words (unless it’s a list post, then less is fine).
  • Use examples and anecdotes to clarify your points.
  • As mentioned above, we can only accept high-quality original articles but we’re open to receiving repurposed content you have published elsewhere already (just no copy and paste parts. We will check).
  • Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws.
  • When writing, ask yourself “Is this a yawn-fest? Is this actually something I feel strongly about? How can I add more emotion, opinions, PASSION in here?”
  • Source at least ONE high quality image to use along with your post (use free stock photography, here’s a list of sites we recommend) – the image file size must be less than 150 kB and around 800-1000 pixels in width. You can use Photoshop or another image editing software to resize.
  • You will be able to provide 2 links to your own content in your Author Bio, which will be static on all of your articles.
  • You can provide no more than 1 link to your own content within the article itself.
  • Your article must have a conclusion.

The fine print:

  • There will be no monetary compensation that will be provided to the contributing authors. We will, however, promote you all across our social channels plus you will get your own place to promote yourself in the Author bio and your own Author Page.

You will not be accepted if:

  1. Make it clear to us that you have not read these guidelines
  2. You are doing this purely with link-building in mind for scammy and irrelevant websites. We will not do work with content marketing specialists or SEO specialists looking for a link back so don’t even bother asking.
  3. Your English isn’t very good. This is an English website and we expect our authors to have excellent English writing and communication skills.

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