24: Visionary leadership with Heart Behind Hustle

I want to explain in depth what I mean when I talk about Heart Behind Hustle, since some people may not fully understand this movement that I’m leading. Heart Behind Hustle is a very specific motion, but many people are unfamiliar with the concept. There can be an illusion that when you pair the word “heart” with “hustle,” it cancels out the fact that you have to hustle.


Unfortunately, not everything is always going to feel good unless you’re looking at the world through rose colored glasses.


Yes, you have to hustle because this is an essential part of business and growth. You can’t sit back and expect everything to appear in front of you and get done for you – that’s not how it works. The heart is what drives the hustle. If you’re simply grinding, doing the daily activities, and going through the motions, then you’re only focused on the numbers – the money, stats, and more quantitative things.


Understanding hustle-based, short-term goals is important because it’s necessary to know what you’re earning and how you’re growing. But, the heart side of this is just as crucial. This portion of your business isn’t intuitive and great all of the time; that’s not what it means. Having heart means that you have a long term vision in mind and that you’re doing it for more than just the sake of money, engagement numbers, or climbing up the ladder.


Heart means there’s a bigger reason behind what you’re doing, and you’re so committed to creating that vision that it’s impossible not to hustle.


It’s impossible not to go out there and scream from the rooftops that you have the solution to peoples problems. When you have heart behind what you’re doing and what you have to offer, it’s easier to understand your big why. Why are you doing what you’re doing and what is the impact that you want to share with the world? If everyone in the world purchased your products or services, how would the world be a better place?


If you can’t answer these questions, then you need to put some time into figuring this out. If you don’t think that your products and services are making the world a better place, then there’s a problem with that. There’s a huge difference between an individual in business whose only objective is to make a quick dollar, as opposed to someone who has a message and a mission that they want to share.


Keep in mind what you want to create for yourself and how you want to grow as a person; be afraid to step into leadership and who you are, but do it anyway and get outside of your comfort zone.


It’s not easy, it’s not comfortable, and it doesn’t feel pleasant all of the time. I’m tired of hearing people saying that everything has to feel good 100% of the time because it’s just not true. If you’re waiting for amazing results in your business but are wondering why it’s not happening, there could be things holding you back. Avoiding the uncomfortable is not the best route to take.


Sometimes you have to do things that don’t always feel good because they’re going to support you and your bigger vision. Most things are going to feel very uncomfortable, and that’s the whole point – that’s how you grow. Rather than staying stagnant, you need to push past your predefined boundaries.


Having heart behind your hustle doesn’t mean everything feels good, but it means that you know why you’re doing the hustling in the first place.


The heart is your obsession with what you’re creating for yourself. It’s important to understand that these two pieces of the big puzzle are crucial for any visionary leader like you. You will have the unfair advantage in creating the goals and success that you desire. Not only are you going to get out there and make money, create a tribe, and share your gifts and talent with the world, but you’ll know why you’re doing it and the impact it will have.


Your passion and obsession are going to increase, and it’s going to be impossible for you not to succeed.


Your success will be inevitable because you have the heart behind it. If you stop showing up and doing the uncomfortable but necessary things, then you’re letting yourself down. On top of that, you’re also letting down the people that you can potentially impact with your amazing gifts and talents. There are people out there suffering, and you can change their lives with your products or programs.


I want you to tap into that heart and lead with heart behind hustle because you are a powerful leader. You have what it takes to show your audience the light and help bring them to what they want to create. It’s time to step out and make it happen – waiting is no longer an option. If you haven’t had a lot of luck in the past, pick yourself back up and get out there.


Every single person has a message to share; you are one of those people, even if you think your message isn’t amazing enough.


Every story has the potential to shift someone’s mindset and perspective, as well as empower them to make better decisions. Make a promise to the world that you’re going to step into your power, even if you’re not quite sure what that power or message is yet. The first step you need to take is to claim that you’re going to be the vehicle to make a change in the world. Start with you.