September 13, 2017

33: My Story about Anxiety

I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about anxiety and the struggle of coping with it as a business owner. The spark of this topic inspired me to share my own story along with what has helped me when I struggle myself.


If you’ve ever experienced anxiety you know, it’s really tough, especially as an entrepreneur trying to grow a business.


Anxiety is something I’ve been dealing with for several years, but I didn’t realize how many other people also face this problem. Being a business owner or entrepreneur can be challenging because with anxiety comes a lot of fear. Fear is something that can hold us back if we aren’t able to find ways to overcome it. Anxiety is different for everyone and there are lots of different ways to approach it depending on what works best for the individual.


I was diagnosed with panic disorder when I was 21. After I had my first attack, they continued to happen, and I felt like my mind was in a cloud all of the time. It felt like I had no control over my own body or mind at times which was a terrifying feeling. I tried to change certain things in my life but the anxiety remained, and the panic attacks continued.


I felt like I was outside of my own body and had this debilitating anxiety that I needed to take control over.


I knew that I needed help, but it seemed as though the people that I turned to couldn’t really grasp what I was experiencing. I just wanted to feel normal again and was desperate for a solution. I was encouraged to try some breathing exercises for relaxation as well as yoga which helped me significantly. I also started meditating and practicing visualization to help focus on feeling more peace and serenity in my life.


For about a year my routine was: go to work, come home, work on my business, and repeat. I no longer had time available in my schedule to focus on self-care, and this created a lot of stress on my body. I wasn’t taking care of myself, and this became an open invitation for my anxiety to increase. At this point, I was working seven days a week between my 9-5 job and my own business.


Staying positive and reminding myself that my situation was only temporary helped me to hustle hard and stay committed.


I knew that if I kept working towards my goal, I would be able to quit my day job sooner versus later. Once I could do this, I would be able to work on my business full-time and have more time in my schedule. A lot of people lack commitment and aren’t willing to hustle hard in the beginning of their business because they don’t know if they can ever leave their job.


Once I was able to quit my 9-5, I felt a huge relief. My body was very thankful, and things began to look up for me. I did still struggle through other ups and downs, like surrounding myself with the wrong people or living in a setting that didn’t suit me or my needs. But, with some realization and redirection, I was able to remove myself from the things that brought me stress and negativity.


You have to be aware of your environment – who you surround yourself with, what you surround yourself with, and the energy that you’re in.


Devote time to yourself and respect both your body and mind. Test out different healthy solutions for reducing stress in your life and take back your power and control. Be open to experimenting and cutting things out of your current routine that may be a contributing factor towards overwhelming emotions. If you’re dealing with anxiety, just know that you are not alone. We are in this together, and I know that you are going to be just fine because you are a rockstar!

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