4: Emily Utter on Travel and Freedom-Based Business (Heart Behind Hustle #1)

In this Heart Behind Hustle episode of The Kamila Gornia Show, we talk with Emily Utter, business coach, about living your brand and creating freedom with your business structure allowing travel and a freedom based lifestyle.


1:09 Who is Emily Utter?

Emily has a business that you can run from anywhere in the world that allows you to achieve balance so you’re not hustling 24/7. A core part of Emily’s balance involves organising a business structure that allows her to travel freely and achieve a lifestyle of freedom. We discuss Emily’s yearly travels to Burning Man, Thailand and Bali.


2:37 Developing into Herself as an Entrepreneur and Creative

We have a discussion around how there is an innate pressure to present well on social media and online here everything has to be perfect. Emily discusses how she felt that she had to present a certain way – as a calm meditator who wore crystals. Over time, one thing she has learnt that being an entrepreneur has led her to finding out that one of the things that is most important to her is the power of self-expression and that it is ok to have layers and show imperfection. She once did a Facebook live while tired and jetlagged and has cried on there as well. She feels that it’s important to own how you feel, who you are and what you want from your business from a place of confidence and security. Once you give yourself permission to own, it flows easily. Otherwise, when we doubt, people feel it. With so much bullshit in the coaching industry, it’s refreshing to see authenticity. Living her brand is being authentic and effortless.


8:35 When a Bird Flew Into My Room

At a time when I was doing a Facebook live, a bird flew into my room and Emily found it to be a moment where I was being real and had the freedom to express myself fully without having to worry about how brand relevant it is. 


10:01 Business Structure

At the moment, Emily runs Group Programs and steers away from one on one clients. There are a few select clients who invest at a VIP level which then give them access to her on a one on one level.

The 2 Group Programs she offers are:

  1. Adventurous Entrepreneur Mastermind: For newer coaches and healers to build out the foundation and basics of running a business
  2. Freedom Tribe: For those with an existing operating business.


We then go on to discuss how Emily manages these group programs and the calls involved in these whilst she is travelling. Emily has a team currently of two support coaches who step in her place should she be unable to be present for the call as at times, internet connections in Bali may not be as strong. She is pushing her focus to building a team with the new projects she has up and coming.




16:55 Support Team Recruitment For Growth & Scale

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether hiring a team is the appropriate thing to do for your business. Emily advises to first look at the goals of the business and to hire based on the bigger vision. It’s important not to fall into what she calls the “entrepreneurial trap,” where nothing is done because we are so worried about it being perfect. Just do. Emily prefers to keep her group numbers capped below 100 as she wants to get to know her clients.


20:45 Sales Rockstar Skill Development

As Sales generally is the livelihood of any business, Emily thinks of sales as an enrolment to begin to see the value or something. IN the beginning, when she started doing sales calls, Emily struggled because she wanted to be liked. When you have that desire for approval, it becomes increasingly difficult to be honest and call people out on their shit. What changed her behaviour was frustration which was a vehicle that allowed her to realise her goal and mission was to really help people. Sales is an entrée to our personal growth where things come up for us from what we see in others.


25:42 The Hustle

Emily has been running her business for four years now and the moment she realised it’s success was broken down into two key moments:

  1. When she sold out her first mastermind group class.
  2. When she realised she was making a six figure income from group classes.



28:00 Most Effective Marketing and Business Strategy In The Last Year

Emily took on live speaking in rooms as conversions are always higher when people have a chance to meet you. She also launched a 6 week Sales Program that creates and drives results. It’s always better to give people something that actually works because it builds that credibility and trust.


32:23 Building Business Around Travel

Emily built her business more about lifestyle than about travel. She wanted the freedom to work her own hours and earn a decent living. Some key factors to consider when trying to attain this balance is to build out your schedule and programs in a way that you have that spaciousness and freedom to do what you truly want.

Be aligned with what you want to create and your lifestyle, you will attract people who compliment that


40:58  Special Gift for Listeners

For all our podcast Listeners, Emily is kindly giving us a word for word script for a sales pitch which everyone will get which literally starts from “hello” to “what’s your credit card.” The words are in order strategically. You can get your copy at” www. emilyutter.com/kamila

Download free scales script


42:18 Connect with Emily Utter

Visit: http://www.EmilyUtter.com

Or search Emily Utter on Facebook


42:25 Building business around travel

Plan your business model around travel

Build out your schedule and programs in a way that you have that spaciousness

Be aligned with what you want to create and your lifestyle, you will attract people who compliment that