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Heart Behind


You’ve got big goals, massive dreams, a killer mission - so what’s missing?


Anyone can be a hustler. Anyone can just work, work, work all the time. But us?

We've got heart.

The Heart Behind Hustle movement is where motivated entrepreneurs like you strategically build businesses around what we love.

We spend our valuable time on our passions. And when we grow - we take massive action that's aligned with our values. We don't just spin our wheels or throw darts at every new strategy. Our hustle is authentic and focused on our unique skills, talents, and strengths. When we work hard, it yields massive results.

We grow our businesses by lifting each other up, not competing or tearing each other down. Heart Behind Hustle is the community focused on empowerment and providing tools to help you achieve your boldest dreams. We're all committed to increasing our visibility, impact, and income, while we lead from the heart. Sounds good, right? It feels even better.

You’re probably planning and dreaming and working your butt off, right? And you’re wondering when things will get easier, when things will fall into place, when you will blow up online. It’s tough to have big ups and downs in your income. What’s worse is that your only way to keep it up, is by selling, selling, and more selling. Except you’re exhausted. And frankly? You’re starting to realize you’ve built another job for yourself. Where’s this “freedom” people talk about, anyway? You’d love to get clear on your strategy and then implement real marketing and scaling tools that work. You’d thrive with the right guidance, mentorship, and community of people who get it. And what’s crazy is that as hard as it feels now, you’re still motivated. You’re still committed to your vision. You’ve got the Heart Behind Hustle®.

No Time Like The Present!

Let’s be clear, Heart Behind Hustle® is made for women like you who are embracing their big ass scary-powerful dreams. When you join the Heart Behind Hustle® movement, we promise to hold you accountable to the biggest vision for your life. We’ll empower you to take massive aligned action to reach that vision. Plus, we’ll teach you the skills to confidently achieve your dreams. We are a movement of rule-breakers, risk-takers, and change-makers who are impacting the world. So if you’re ready to listen to your intuition, work hard to achieve your big dreams, and do the work you’re meant to be doing, let’s get started.

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Hi, I'm Kamila Gornia!

I’m honored to be the founder of the Heart Behind Hustle movement. And it’s true – I’m your business & marketing coach and movement-maker. As a modern, passion-driven entrepreneur, I know you want to get seen and get paid for doing what you love.

I’ve been in the digital game for over 15 years, and I know with absolute certainty that with the right marketing in place, your business can grow. And with the right community behind you, your dreams can come true.

As the leader of Heart Behind Hustle®, I am honored to inspire and teach this massive movement of rule-breakers, risk-takers, and change-makers who create a global impact. Together, we dominate the online business world with a tribe of wildly creative, successful entrepreneurs who attain record-breaking levels of greatness (for themselves and their clients).

There are too many scam artists in the online world, and I can’t stand seeing good people get taken advantage of. That’s why I’m committed to always giving you top-notch strategies, insights, and encouragement – with zero BS. At our masterminds and inside our online courses, I deliver exactly what you need to know, with no fluff or distractions, so you can strategically move forward.

I’m here to push you to be in alignment with what you’re creating, and then fucking go for it. My strategies ignite your passion so you can blow up and scale up online. Let’s harness your daring vision and hustle to make your dreams a reality.