So you've mapped out your course offer,
now it's time to sell it.

The ONLY step-by-step launch system you need to plan & execute your own "rinse & repeat" automated launch event

and scale your courses into 6+ figures with less stress, anxiety, and effort


Scalable Launch 


Live launching is hands down the most effective way to enroll clients into programs

Here's the truth

The problem is?

It can be exhausting AF.

And if you don't know how to plan it out, set it all up, strategically structure your launch so your audience has a great time AND wants to buy?

All that time showing up live every day? For nothing. ๐Ÿ˜ญ 

Thankfully, I found a better way to launch.

This way was built out of necessity. 

You see, I've always enjoyed launching. I loved the excitement, I loved getting to serve my community with great value. It felt good. I loved the feedback I got every time. People loved it, too!

But what I didn't love?

Is having to be "ON" all the time... for days and days and days...

And to be honest, it ended up burning me out.


After dozens of launches, I had to stop. I just couldn't fathom showing up for yet another 60-90 minute livestream for 10 days straight. Don't make it. My body and my health were more important.

You can't rely on just social media posting.

There's only so much you can sell to your existing audience by talking about your offer.

Eventually, people will get tired of hearing it and you will tap out of people to talk to. Unless your audience is consistently growing every single month by hundreds or thousands of people, you will struggle getting consistent sales by just posting about your course. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

And what if your audience is disengaged?
What if it's a new offer or new niche?
What if your audience is small?

Just "posting on social media" is NOT a reliable sales strategy for any course business.

There is a MUCH better and more predictable way to get sales.

If you want to scale?

Then I had a thought

"What if there's a way to have all the benefits of live launching... without all the stress and pressure with being "on" all the time?"

I decided to stop reinventing the wheel.

Instead, I looked for ways to turn what was my BEST work into something new people could experience on repeat. 

Launching is great because they involve a high-energy event. What if I could... automate it in some way?

So I did. I automated all the pieces that needed to be taken off my plate. I streamlined the systems, the tools. And then did the launch.

And guess what? It worked!

I ended up doing the same exact "rinse & repeat" launch six times in a row.

I barely showed up during each launch, except when responding to comments and doing a Q&A coaching call every so often.

Everything was pre-done and setup for me, where all I had to do was change the dates and hit "go".

I ran super easy Instagram Story ads that were proven to work and could be setup by anyone.

I enjoyed my life. Spent time with my friends. I was even on VACATION during one of the launches! 

I got leads, predictably.

I got sales, predictably.

And I was wildly profitable. Every. Single. Time.

This process has blown my mind, and now I want it to blow yours.

The ONLY Step-by-Step System to Plan Out and Setup Your Own Scalable, Automated Launch and Sell Your Courses into 6 Figures.

Instant Access - Start Today!

I want to share with you the exact steps to create your own Scalable Launch, while providing you personalized feedback and reviews as you create it

Let me take you by the hand and support you in creating all the assets you need in launching your courses - all the guesswork eliminated.

And then? You run it... and then you run it again, and again, and again.

Freedom awaits ๐Ÿฅณ

You will receive instant access to a pre-recorded training curriculum with exact step-by-steps to follow

This is a powerful process I've been sharing with my $10K+ clients.

Every other week, you can submit your questions, materials for review on a live Q&A call to ensure you're moving forward.

By the end of the program, you will have all the assets necessary to run your first Scalable Launch ๐ŸŽ‰

Here's The Plan:


โ†’ Get all the tools needed to successfully run your launch, choose your launch dates, set your launch goals - including members enrolled and sales goals.
โ†’ Finalize the offer you'll be launching, identify philosophy pillars and content angles you'll be using throughout your launch that will make your offer stand out
โ†’ Get a full picture of how your launch will look like the first time & the next time around

Week 1: Planning & Mindset


โ†’ Choose the right launch topic that will get you the most leads and increase participation during your launch event, as well as exactly how to choose what to cover during each day
โ†’ Create your assets for the launch event to get organic registrations as well as your pop-up group and other materials needed to run your event

Week 2: Identify your Launch Topic

Suggested weekly plan of action. However, all modules are available instantly when you sign up, so you can get started today!


โ†’ You will be writing email sequences ahead of time to welcome your attendees, nurture them and ensure they show up live, and then to enroll them into your program
โ†’ You will be given all templates, examples, and assets as well as how to set everything up in the platforms we recommend (ActiveCampaign or Kajabi) but you can use it with any platform you have access to

Week 3: Write your email sequences

Planning Phase

setup Phase


โ†’ We'll finalize your offer in terms of your launch, we'll identify what urgency elements you will be using, what bonuses, any price increases through the launch and more
โ†’ You will start building out the offer stack in slides that will be presented during your launch presentation
โ†’ Know exactly how you can increase the desirability of your offer without working harder

Week 4: Your Offer Stack


โ†’ Discover our IG Story Ads formula, so you can start filming your own story ads. You will film your ads and get them set up in just a few quick minutes - no hassles.
โ†’ You will connect all the pieces together for your ads to work effortlessly, step by step. 
โ†’ You will set up your own split tests and know how to monitor your ads for performance.

Week 5: Setup your Traffic Sources


โ†’ Use our slide deck template to map out what you will be teaching and covering each day of your event, including how to design it in a way that gets the message across
โ†’ You will be filming your videos for the presentation this week and setting it up to be broadcasted live into your launch group each day of the launch - without you having to show up live. Freedom!

Week 6: Create your daily training materials

You will see exactly how many emails to write, what to write in each email, and you will have a starter template so you never have to deal with writer's block. 

This is for your new lead emails, nurture emails, and sales emails.

This bonus is available for all tiers.

Email Templates & Swipe Files


You will see examples from past clients I ran ads for and what worked for them, a swell as give you the template you can use when filming your own Story ads.

These are honestly super simple and easy - anyone can do this!

Paid Ads Templates & Swipe Files


Get all the tech tools you will need as well as how to use them in order to set up and run your own Scalable Live Launch. I will talk through all the softwares needed, including which are required and which are optional but helpful.

Live Launch Toolkit Guide


If you choose to use slide deck for your presentation during your videos in your launch, you will be able to get them setup using our template deck done in Canva - just add in your branding and your messaging and you're good on that.

Slide Presentation Template


How to keep track of your performance during the launch as well as a performance wrap up sheet so you know exactly what went right (and what you want to improve on next time).

Launch Performance Sheet


Get templates for my landing pages, thank you pages, as well as as a simple SALES PAGE you can build out yourself. You will receive these templates to be directly uploaded into either Kajabi, Clickfunnels, or ThriveCart (checkout page only).

Plug-and-Play Funnel Templates


See all the tasks you need to get done laid out in a project management process, on a spreadsheet and in a project management tool so you can easily stay on top of things and delegate certain tasks to your team if needed.

Launch Project Map


This is why we are bundling in this program with our
BRAND NEW program, 6 Figure Courses.

Discover everything you need to know about how to build a sustainable, evergreen group program / course curriculum, from scratch.

I'm not ready to sell my course yet.
I really do want to make sure I can create it properly."

But Kamila...

  • How to come up with the best course idea
  • How I approach pricing based on each niche
  • How to name your program
  • Step by step process for fully mapping out your curriculum
  • Watch me map out MY full curriculum for a course

Part 1: Plan Your Course Structure

  • How to design lesson plans and teach without overeducating
  • How to ensure your students are moving through the course
  • What makes video lessons engaging (vs boring)
  • How exactly to film your video lessons
  • How to create action steps and homeworks that people don't skip

Part 2: Build Your Course Curriculum

  • How to design your course members area
  • What to put in your pre-work
  • How to ensure you set the right expectations
  • How to create and uphold boundaries with students
  • How much access to provide in your course and why
  • Where to host your online programs and communities
  • How to engage your course communities
  • How to upsell your course students to another program

Part 3: Host Your Online Program

This program starts Friday, September 23rd.
Each module will be released weekly.
Self-study, go at your own pace.

Video lessons. Templates. Plug-and-play worksheets.
Case studies. And more. 

Will be sold for $997

Ready for 6-Figures with your Courses?

Choose the option that works best for you below.

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Six Figure Courses

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Video lessons, worksheets, templates, plug and play

Get your materials reviewed by Kamila during review sessions

Accelerator bonuses

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Scalable Launch + Six Figure Courses BUNDLE

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Access to the Six Figure Courses program

Video lessons, worksheets, templates, plug and play

Access to the Scalable Launch Accelerator (instant access)

3 live Q&A coaching calls

Get your materials reviewed by Kamila during Q&A sessions

Accelerator bonuses above


for 12 months (or $1997 pay in full)

Ready to go ALL IN instead?

You can get everything above + 12 months of personalized coaching and implementation support + the full Evergreen strategy to start making automated sales every week by joining The Evergreen Icon.

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Access to the Scalable Launch Accelerator (instant access)

3 live Q&A coaching calls


If you're of the first 5 people to join at either level,
you will also get access to a bonus course

Discover how to enroll your first 3-5 paid customers into your new program, without anyone even knowing you're launching.

This is a process I have all of my clients do BEFORE they do a full launch or before going evergreen, so you can create a cash infusion you can then use for your paid ads budget later.

My clients have been able to enroll 3-5 clients into their courses and group programs at $500 to $1k each. With just simple conversations - no big sales pages, no videos, nothing fancy.

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It's time to launch your programs in a way that creates predictable, repeatable, and scalable results! To 6 figures and beyond ๐Ÿฅณ

Instant Access! Get 3 bonus live Q&A calls over 6 weeks.

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