Facebook Marketing: 25 Things You Can Do to Increase Facebook Engagement Today

Looking to increase Facebook engagement ASAP? These tips should help. So, a lot of my clients use Facebook as their main social media platform to communicate with prospective clients. Many also often talk about how, in the light of the constant algorithm changes, it’s become trickier than ever to engage people. Questions around what to post on Facebook, how to make your … Read More

6 Reasons Why Your Product Launch Failed (and How to Prevent it Happening Again)

So, you’ve spent weeks (or months) creating an amazing product or offer. Maybe it’s this awesome self-study course you’ve been dreaming about creating for ages now (I mean, hello, passive income!) or maybe it’s that transformational group coaching program you knew your people totally need… Or maybe it’s something else. You’re excited about it. You’re feeling nervous… but you know … Read More