44: Shanda Sumpter of HeartCore Business

Shanda Sumpter is the founder and Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business. If you have ever dreamed of having a life of no worries—being able to pay your bills, buying a nice home, sending your kids to college, taking a great vacation, or having the freedom and money to make a difference for others . . . Shanda Sumpter is the … Read More

42: Sarah Grear on Conversion Copywriting

Sarah Grear has personally written copy for over 200 businesses from start-ups to earning 7 figures in a single launch. As a copy conversion expert, speaker and published author her focus is on helping entrepreneurs turn online browsers into buyers with persuasive writing.    Along the way Sarah has been a speaker at Social Media Week Los Angeles and featured … Read More

41: Passive Income Myths

It’s about time we bust the passive income myths. A lot of people think that passive income is easy because that’s how everyone online makes it seem. We’ve all heard the success stories where someone sets up a sales funnel once and then sits back as the money just flows in. The problem is, it doesn’t really work like that. … Read More

40: Rachel Luna, author of Girl, Confident

Today’s episode is AMAZING, I am getting actual coaching around a failed launch that happened earlier this year and what came up for me and why it ended up the way it did – I’m getting super real and personal here, so I know you’re gonna love it. The coaching was done by a total rockstar.   Rachel Luna is a best selling … Read More

39: Setting Boundaries in Your Business

It’s extremely important to set boundaries in your business and create time for what matters to you. So many entrepreneurs are drowning in their endless tasks and to-do lists. Instead of feeling energetic and accomplished, they’re left feeling overwhelmed and obligated to do things that they have no interest in. They’re committing to things that aren’t serving them because they … Read More

38: Lindsay Padilla on Course Creation and Teaching

  Dr. Lindsay Padilla is a teaching + learning consultant for trailblazing entrepreneurs who want to create value-packed, student-centered digital content that get their clients (students) A+ results, while making a lasting impact on the world! Using her years of teaching adults online at a community college and the ridiculous amount of learning she has done in all things education, … Read More

37: Creating Content Consistently

Influential content marketing is essential when it comes to growing an authentic, message-driven business. If you are a service-based entrepreneur, you want to make a difference in your client’s lives, whether that’s with your own story or with the work that you do for them. Sharing content can support you, not only in always staying fresh, but also by remaining … Read More

36: Jamie Jensen from Your Hot Copy on Storytelling in Marketing

If you want to show up in a captivating way online and off, you have to incorporate STORIES into your marketing, and today’s guest knows all about that.    Jamie Jensen is a screenwriter, director, online business strategist, and the founder and CEO of Your Hot Copy. To date, Jamie has helped over 500 clients and customers increase their sales … Read More

34: Kathleen Ventura on Living Intentionally Beyond Business

Kathleen Ventura is a high-performance coach, conscious consultant and TEDx speaker. Making a move that would terrify even the bravest of non-conformists, she quit her high-pressure sales job in 2012, sold everything, and set out to ride her bike across the United States. After 2 years of perpetual travel, she found her calling as a coach and consultant. Kathleen supports … Read More

33: My Story about Anxiety

I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about anxiety and the struggle of coping with it as a business owner. The spark of this topic inspired me to share my own story along with what has helped me when I struggle myself.   If you’ve ever experienced anxiety you know, it’s really tough, especially as an entrepreneur trying to grow … Read More