21: Detachment from outcome

We all, at one point or another, become so focused on reaching a specific outcome that we try hard to control how it happens. Let’s say that some unforeseen expenses come up and you need to enroll two new clients into your business to make sure things stay running smoothly. You drill the idea into your head that you need … Read More

19: Kelly Ruta on Millionaire Mindset for Female Entrepreneurs

Kelly Ruta, is a seasoned therapist-turned-millionaire-mindset mentor for female entrepreneurs. Her style of coaching and speaking has best been described as “Gary Vaynerchuk meets Brene Brown”; ass-kicking with a heart. Kelly’s 20 year career has been spent helping women rise above serious challenges and take back their businesses and lives. Her clinical and life experiences with diverse people and challenges … Read More

17: Are you ready to go GLOBAL with your brand?

Today’s episode is all about going GLOBAL with your brand. This is especially for you if you’ve been limiting yourself to staying just local or nationwide, and when is it time to start thinking GLOBALLY so you can make a massive impact with your business, faster than you think. —– I am finally doing an episode for my LOCAL entrepreneurs. … Read More

15: Overcoming insecurity and taking ownership

I have a story to share with you today, and it’s something that has been kind of hard for me to discuss. I wrote a blog post about this topic about a year ago, and I really wanted to talk about this again. I see a lot of entrepreneurs who are not taking ownership of their business and success. They’re … Read More

13: Selena Soo on 5 Lessons from 5 Years in Business (Heart Behind Hustle #4)

Selena Soo is a business & publicity strategist. She is also the creator of Impacting Millions — an online program and community for experts, authors, and coaches looking to elevate their brands, reach more people, and change the world. She is a 7-figure business owner, and is passionate about helping mission-driven entrepreneurs grow their revenues and their impact. Her work … Read More

12: Shifting from Lack and into Abundance

Today we are talking about how to shift yourself out of the space of lack and into the space of abundance. This concept was huge for me over the past year, and I’m so excited to share this with you. I have an interesting question for you. Are you a giver or are you a taker? Now before you answer … Read More

8: Should you host live events in your business

Today I’m coming to you with an important strategy tip about creating authentic connections with your tribe. As a leader in your business, it’s vital that you connect with your audience. It’s essential that you don’t just put out lots of content with no plan. Of course, you hope people are reading what you share or are buying your stuff; … Read More