This is our signature yearlong immersion program for newer entrepreneurs who want to be true Impact Makers. There is NOTHING like this out there in the marketplace.

You will dive into clarifying the value you provide to your audience so you can stop trying to build a vanity-based personal influencer brand and instead to build a real long-lasting truly IMPACTFUL business and brand that creates real value, deep transformation, and really cares for their clients.

This is not about how to get 10,000 followers on IG or any other vanity metrics that look nice on the surface but don't actually matter. It's about creating YOUR real community and audience that loves you, BUYS from you, and tells others about you. In turn, you create a long-lasting profitable business that easily moves into six figures a year - without the sleaze, manipulation, or scammy ploys. Boom!


Discover my step-by-step system to plan, create, and profit from your own wildly popular, aligned, non-sleazy Virtual Summit in 90 days flat - even if you're new in business.

Running my own virtual summits has been hands down the #1 strategy that helped me reach six figures. I had my first five, and then six, figure launch on the back end of a virtual summit, and I continue to do them in 2019 to help me generate thousands of hot leads and connections without spending a cent on paid advertising.


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P.S. We only work with committed serious entrepreneurs who want to create real results and take massive action to make it happen. There is no "quick fix" or "bandaid" - we'll look at your stuff and solve it, so you can grow and scale FAST.