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that actually SCALES in 2020
Start Your Year Powerfully
to Get Seen + Get Paid Like an Authority
& Leap Into Your Next Level in Business in 2019
Join us for the event for
Join us for THE 2ND ANNUAL event for
impact-MAKING entrepreneurs
ready to skyrocket their business!
January 31 -  Feb 2, 2020 // San Diego, CA
Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2020 in San Diego, CA
Discover our proven heart-fueled marketing, business, and sales strategies that cut through the noise, make a real impact on your audience, and fill up your bank account to dream levels with more ease and grace in 2020.
There Is an Extremely Limited Number of Seats Available for This Event - This is Not Any Old Boring Typical Business Event. It's a Three-Day Transformational Experience for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs Who are Ready to Create REAL Change and Get Massive Results in 2019. 

If This Page Is Online Right Now, We Still Have Tickets Available..
The 2nd Annual Heart Behind Hustle LIVE!
This isn't "yet another business seminar" with fluff information and sales pitches at every corner.

This is THE event for impact-making entrepreneurs who are ready to let go of the BS, overwhelm, and stuckness to finally start growing their business into a real impact-making brand that changes lives, creates full-time income, and feels aligned with your vision and values.
  • It's your time to turn 2020 into a year where you show up the way you TRULY know you can!
  • ​It's your time to create the savvy systems to easily SCALE your dream into a long-lasting reality!
  • ​It's your time to create full-time freedom-creating income from your work!
It's time to take action - and I know that the best way to do this isn't by sitting at home all alone and starting at a computer screen waiting to feel inspired or motivated... 

It's about getting yourself into an environment that is made to get you out of your comfort zone, surrounded by other impact making entrepreneurs like you, and get an injection of alignment and passion to create the EXACT results you've been dreaming of.

You're invited to join me in person - and make 2020 the YEAR it all changes for you!
2nd Annual 3-Day Event for Impact-Making Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Create Aligned Marketing and Sales in Their Business, Show up Like a Movement Leader, and Create a Full-Time Income From Their Passion.
WHEN: Friday - Sunday, Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2020
WHERE: Hotel Republic, Downtown San Diego, CA

There are a very limited number of tickets available. Last year the event SOLD OUT. Grab yours now!

Our Amazing Speakers & Session Leaders!

Introducing our amazing EmCee - Amie Pederson!

She attended last year's event, became an amazing client, and now she's joining this year's event as an EmCee! Amie has grown a successful business working part time while taking care of her boys, lives on a farm, and is also growing a successful MLM business.

She's got an amazing warm vibe, nurturing soul, and is so kind - she'll make you feel right at home.


Jenna Soard

Founder,  You Can Brand

She's built a multi six figure business selling courses about branding and launching and she will teach you how to decide the best type of offer to have in your business.


Jasmine Ivy

Founder, Women of Woo

She has created a multi-six figure empire serving spiritual women entrepreneurs to scale into their own success through Law of Attraction.


Brooke Allison

MindShift & Achievement Strategist

She helps badass entrepreneurs get to $10k months and 6 figures+ by cultivating unstoppable confidence! She will be sharing the Mind Shift and Confidence hacks you need.


Emem Washington

International TEDx speaker

As an international speaker including TEDx and author, she cheers and encourages her audience to never give up on their dreams despite any challenges.


Kelly Ruta

Millionaire Mindset Mentor

Combining her expertise in psychotherapy with powerful mindset coaching to get her clients to step up. Kelly will be sharing the mindset shifts necessary to break through the 6 figure ceiling.

Session Leader

Stephanie Lane

Magnetic Feminine Leaders

In her session, Steph will lead us through a powerful activation, get that fire in our bellies going, and make sure you are primed and OPEN to receiving all the value at the event!


Dr. Lindsay Padilla

Creator of Build a Better Beta

In her talk, she'll walk you through her unique process to get your ideas out there into a course SOLD as a beta - plus how to truly create a great experience for your students. Must listen for course creators!


Jordan Gill

Systems Saved Me

As the queen of systems, she will share with you the essential systems you need in place to grow your business to six figures and beyond. Whether you have any in place now or not.


Amanda Marit

Soul Mastery Coaching Certification

She'll be sharing how to tap into your heart to become a money magnet, so you can create opportunities, clients, and magic out of thin air.


Amy Ramsey

Content Expert

She'll be talking about making your content stand out, as well as sharing her story on "The Bathrobe Effect" and how to be vulnerable, totally you, and get clients.

Session Leader

Narayani Gaia

Awakened Life School

Narayani will take us through a powerful meditation to get us ready and primed to absorb all the content over the weekend.

Featured Speaker

Alex J Moscow

Small Events, Big Profits

Alex will take you through the process to run your own small events and create big profits from them to grow your brand with more ease.

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Here's some of what last year's attendees had to say about their experience:
Prepare to have clarifying & transformative experience for your brand!
See What Others Have Said About Attending Our Previous Events
“Kamila is a powerhouse both online and in person. At her Chicago event, she shared so much value and was incredibly generous with her time, helping each attendee hash out their biz challenges and leave with a plan of action. Whether it be in a blog post, video or an in person event, Kamila's experience and personality allows her to get her point across, which helps you GET SH*T DONE in your business!”
Chicago, IL | Health Coach
“If you’re even slightly considering working with Kamila, then you need to do it NOW. If you’re even on the fence, the more you wait - there’s an opportunity cost to that. What I’ve learned is that I’ve spent so much time working with other people where I wouldn’t receive any actionable advice, and I lost a lot of time and money working with them, but working with Kamila has been a godsend to me and my business. I’ve been growing my business month after month - the revenue has been growing - and in fact, within the next couple of months, not only am I going to be launching a new program, but I’m also going to be hiring more team, and then re-launching another program again.”
Fontana, CA | Tech Startup Founder
“From attending Kamila's event, I’ve upleveled my plan entirely, because I realized I was playing things SO safe! If you’re looking to bust through your blocks around marketing, I would highly recommend you go to an event by Kamila. She’s gonna take you PAST where you think you wanna go, and no matter how long you’ve been doing it, she’s going to have new ideas for your to try.”
Richmond, VA | Intuitive Business Strategist
“One thing that I love about Kamila is that she has this no-bullshit approach to business and marketing (and life in general) and it’s totally refreshing. Kamila customizes things in a way that works for you, it’s completely tossing the cookie-cutter solutions to the side. I appreciate that I can show up fully as myself around her, and I know she’s going to show up in her power, and it makes everything so much more enjoyable. I usually get bored when I’m at events, but Kamila presents things in a really approachable way and gives you so much incredible information that you can actually then go and implement so easily, and you feel really full, in a good way.”
Bahamas | Brand Designer
"Kamila is awesome! I participated in a hot seat session with Kamila in her in-person event. At first I thought we were going to discuss my business and she was going to give me a few tips to improve. Wrong! In just 15 minutes, she gave me a clear strategy on how to position my offerings and what to price them. I was able to implement this right away. She didn’t hold back. I know some coaches give you “busy work” and let you figure it out. Kamila is all about action and no b.s. Before my session, she didn’t know me or my business, but quickly came up with plan of action like it was her own business. She’s completely transparent and genuine and if she doesn’t think something is working, she’ll let you know. I really appreciate that about her."
Chicago, IL | Marketing & Event Strategist
I'm Kamila Gornia
I started with online marketing at just 12 years old and have had my hands in several different types of businesses and brands on both the ownership side and the support side since then. 

I love to stay in the trenches as much as I do being in the vision. I've had the honor of supporting dozens of entrepreneurs in getting to six and multiple six figures, and I'm excited to bring my background and experience to YOU at my Heart Behind Hustle® Live Event.
  • ​Started, grew, and scaled my first niche site at 12 years old, 2002
  • ​Grew my local photography business into a profitable side hustle mostly through social media, 2011
  • ​Sold my successful health & wellness blog I ran for 3 years, 2015
  • ​Did social media & email strategy for some of top e-commerce brands, 2014
  • ​Made my first six figures in brand new coaching business just 15 months after starting it, 2015
  • ​Generated over a million dollars in sales in business since starting the company, 2018
  • Supported dozens of entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses into six and multiple six figures in revenue, 2019
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