Here’s how to work with me and Heart Behind Hustle® in 2021

Hello lovely! I wanted to make a post to explain how exactly you can work with me and Heart Behind Hustle® in 2021 to help you launch, grow, or scale your business.

As you may know, my specialty is helping coaches, consultants, online service providers, and course creators to simplify and amplify their business. My goal is to help my clients and students step into their authentic and ALIGNED approach for sales and marketing so they can reach five, six, or multiple six figures in revenue.

The core principles that are rooted in my work are:

  • That marketing and sales GETS to feel easier, natural, and enjoyable
  • Connection and relationships are KEY and more critical than over-automating your business
  • Simplifying your business model while creating predictable income streams from your programs and offers
  • Creating your UNIQUE advantage so you stand out, be memorable, and grow with more flow & LESS HUSTLE

So, how can you work with me and my team this year? 

There are three levels of impact we provide based on various levels of investment and support within the Aligned Marketing Method.

  • Level 1 – Aligned Business Launchpad
  • Level 2 – Aligned Profits Academy
  • Level 3 – Private Coaching for Accelerated Impact
  • Supplemental: Our low-ticket offers, digital products, and other courses

First – here’s a video that explains more (and written version below).


Let’s go deeper…

Level 1 – Aligned Business Launchpad

Aligned Business Launchpad is our self-study program that is basically Level 1 of my Aligned Marketing Method.

The focus of the Launchpad is to help brand new or newer coaches, consultants, and online service providers to get their business officially launched into the world, start working with real 1:1 clients, and implement all the strategies for your daily and weekly marketing activities to get your client roster booked solid – and you reaching five figures in sales.

The goal: To get you booked solid with 1:1 clients – even if you’re new.

Why this works:

  • 🔥 We get you to officially launch your business into the world.
  • 🔥 You get all of your essential profit systems set up to enroll ACTUAL clients with ease.
  • 🔥 You focus on the FASTEST way to make money online: working with CLIENTS, as it requires less volume to hit your financial goals as you get to charge more for your services.
  • 🔥 We get you to implement a daily & weekly repeatable marketing strategy that works like gangbusters to generate leads for your services.
  • 🔥 We show you EXACTLY how to get on the phone and enroll ideal clients in just a few weeks.

Perfect for:

  • ✅ Newer entrepreneurs who have (or desire to have) a client-based business – that’s coaches, consultants, healers, and online service providers (freelancers).
  • ✅ Entrepreneurs who want to create a simple and repeatable marketing strategy for generating leads and clients.
  • ✅ Entrepreneurs who want to have a simple business model and not spend too much time on tech or unnecessary marketing activities.

Level of access to Kamila provided: Some. This is a mostly self-study program. However, there are 1-2 livestreams per month. One to answer questions, and another to help you set goals & stay accountable for the month.

Level of community provided: Medium. You get six months of support inside our private student community, which includes various monthly community-based events to help you practice your sales calls with a buddy, set monthly goals for accountability, get clients and testimonials from others in the community, and much more.

Investment: Mid-ticket (normally $1997)

How to join: We launch this program several times a year at a slightly discounted rate. To see whether the program is open right now, just go to 

Level 2 – Aligned Profits Academy

Aligned Profits Academy is our signature group coaching program that is basically Level 2 of my Aligned Marketing Method.

However, keep note that everyone who enrolls in the Academy ALSO receives access to the curriculum from Level 1. So the most accurate description would be that the Academy is actually Level 1 + 2 in one.

The focus of the Academy is to help new AND established entrepreneurs to streamline and grow their business by turning their side hustle into a REAL business that is predictable, impactful, and scalable. The goal for our clients is typically to reach $10k-$30k per month in revenue and they get to learn EVERYTHING they need to know to reach six and even multiple six figures in revenue in their business. This program basically incorporates everything I used to coach my clients on in my $20K masterminds I used to run.

The goal: To get you to launch, grow, and scale your business to $10k-$30k+ per month (even if you’re newer!),  by incorporating scalable offers, live program launches, and cash injections into your business model. Our clients typically desire to get 1:1 clients, and/or sell group programs, courses, and memberships for scalable predictable income.

Why this works:

  • 🔥 We step-by-step advanced business and sales strategies that in the past have only been shared with my private clients.
  • 🔥 You create a transformational program that will allow you to make money predictably without spending more hours working – usually it’s by creating a hybrid group program, course, or membership.
  • 🔥 You implement our step-by-step advanced sales strategy to make natural selling that feels oh-so-good. We leverage a DM strategy as well as pre-selling techniques to make the sale flow.
  • 🔥 You execute a Live Aligned Launch for your program and fill it with clients/students. Our clients have been able to bring in $10k-$100k per launch using our process.
  • 🔥 You grow and scale that until you reach $10k-$30k/mo – with my help.

Perfect for:

  • ✅ Newer AND established coaches, consultants, healers, online service providers, course creators, authors/speakers.
  • ✅ Entrepreneurs want to implement a launch-based model to bring in an influx of clients/students quickly and then relax and enjoy their freedom outside of that.
  • ✅ Entrepreneurs who LOVE getting access to their coach, being able to get real input on their business, get their marketing reviewed, and having ACTUAL support and feedback directly.

Level of access to Kamila provided: Abundant. There is loads of access to Kamila, we do several live calls per week, provide weekly office hours for everyone to get GUARANTEED support, personal reviews of your marketing and plans, live co-working sessions, and much more.

Level of community provided: Abundant. You get over six months of support in our private client community filled with incredibly committed and supportive members who totally show up for each other. The community is very active and engaged and it’s been amazing to see some clients partner up for JV opportunities, promote each other, get on each others’ podcasts, live shows, and much more.

Investment: High-ticket (between $5K – $6k)

How to join: We launch this program a few times per year with additional incentives, which are also offered to fast action takers we speak with outside of that. You can apply for the program anytime here:

Level 3 – Private Coaching or Consulting

I rarely ever open up my private coaching spots and when I do I only work with a very few select clients at a time. Because of this, I will not talk about this offering very much. This is a great fit for newer OR established business owners.

Investment: $2000 – $4000/mo (depending on option available)

I also do some Facebook Ads management for some clients as a part of Kamila Social. Since letting go of my team and agency model, I have continued to support a few clients who needed the help. I do not promote this a ton but this is an option for the right person.

Investment: $1500 – $3500/mo (depending on option available)

I only work with up to 3 private clients and 3 facebook ad clients at a time.


I have a catalog of low-ticket and mid-ticket self-study offers available for any budget that can be found over on my Podia shop. Offers range in price from $27 up to $997. These are available for purchase anytime and I am continually adding in more to the library to help out those who prefer to dip their toes in before diving in fully into the method.

The most popular courses to check out are:

  • The Heart-Aligned Summit System – this is a self-study course on the A-Z process to plan, create, and run a successful virtual summit – this is one of the biggest strategies that I would do 1x per year that helped me add in thousands of leads each month without spending any money on ads. Check it out for only $997 here.
  • Aligned Events Mastery – this is a self-study course on how to plan and run live events in your business. I have been running events since 2015 in my business and I go over how I plan them out, budget, and get tickets sold and more. Check it out here for only $297.
  • Ultimate Copywriting Bundle – this is a HUGE package of done-for-you copy templates for any situation, elements of sales page writing, bullet points, headlines, content, email sequences, and anything else. This one is a beast! Check it out for only $297 here.

Check out the Podia Shop to see our other offers here