How To Use Intuition As An Entrepreneur (And Make Business Decisions With Ease)

Note from Kamila: Looking to learn how to use intuition as an entrepreneur? I’m excited to present this article from our guest author Candice Thomas, an intuitive coach. Many of our clients are intuitive or want to tap more into their intuition and that is not my specialty whatsoever, so I figured let’s bring someone in who can help! Enjoy!

Intuition is the ability to know information without any explanation for why we know it. 

Intuition is always accurate and is not limited by our past experiences or current fears or biases. 

Most entrepreneurs recognize that they do have the ability to receive intuitive hits—this is why experts and leaders say things like ‘trust your gut’.  The phrase ‘trust your gut’ doesn’t tap into all that your intuition can do. 

For example, a client used her intuition to get ‘downloads’ of innovation for new products and services that catapulted her into a super niche of working with high-end clients in the entertainment and fashion industries.  Her business went from barely able to make month-to-month expenses to suddenly thriving. 

A former client described her experience of running her business versus running her business while actively using her intuition as the difference between pushing and pushing and pushing to get minimal results to suddenly being pulled and led to beyond what she thought was possible. 

How would being led to the right people at the right time with the right products and services change your business? 

Using intuition on purpose is one of the ways to work smarter not harder.  Best of all, your intuition is already working to do this for you right now. 

Here are four simple steps to work with your intuition to make business decisions with ease:

1.  Set Clear Intentions About What You Want In Your Business

Good news!  Your intuition is right now already tuning into infinite possibilities of how you can create more success in your business if you desire to do so. 

Within each possibility are infinite possibilities of how you can execute the possibility. 


So is your brain. 

Which is why the brain ignores the vast majority of intuitive guidance it receives.  It’s no different than being in a noisy restaurant talking with a friend. Your brain will filter out the rest of the sounds in the restaurant so you can focus on hearing your friend instead of hearing everything going on around you.    

When you get clear about what you want to experience your brain focuses on the intuitive information that’s in alignment with your intention and filters out everything else.   Many people already set intentions but they don’t realize their intentions are vague.  Whatever is left vague the brain will assume you don’t care about. 

For example, saying, “I intend that I am making more money” is not clear.  

You may suddenly get the intuitive hit to walk down a specific street and find exactly one penny laying on the sidewalk.  You will have fulfilled your intention of making more money—you are one penny richer! 

You could also suddenly attract nightmare clients who don’t appreciate your services or get an idea to apply for an opportunity where you would make a lot of money but doing work that you hate. 

I once had a client who said she wanted more money and got hit by a car soon after.  She received a settlement which got her the money she wanted but in a way that caused physical and emotional trauma.

Getting clear means understanding what you want to experience your success on an emotional, physical, and mental level in addition to the actual goal you have. 

You’ll notice in the examples above I didn’t go into detail about HOW to get these experiences.  If you’re clear on how you want to do something, add it. 

Back to the earlier example, if you really do want to earn more money, you might write an intention like, “I consistently earn $50,000 and more each month doing the work I love in a way that brings me great freedom, happiness, and joy.  I supporting my clients in achieving results beyond their wildest dreams.  I have so much joy and freedom working with them and am inspired by who they are what they do.  They appreciate and get massive value from working with me and are happy to pay my rates.  In fact they pay me happily on time!” 

An intention like that directs your brain with laser precision to grab intuitive guidance that will bring you what you’re focused on. 

Think of a challenging area of your business right now. 

Ask yourself:

  • What would you like to experience instead of what you’re currently experiencing?  (Hint:  usually it’s the exact opposite of the challenge.) 
  • How would you like to feel emotionally if you get what you intend? 
  • What are you clear about with regards to what you want? 
  • What are you unclear about with regards to what you want? 
  • For things you are unclear about what is the big picture vision?  (For example, you might not know what you want to offer as a service but your big picture vision may be that you want to help clients step into their power)
  • For things you are unclear about what is the emotion you want to experience? 

Use the above questions to write down a clear list of intentions.  Write your intentions as though you’re experiencing them right now.  For example, you’d write ‘I have clients I love’ as opposed to ‘I want clients I love’.

Sometimes entrepreneurs only have a vague idea of what they want without knowing the specifics.  Rather than try to guess what you want, focus on the big picture feelings and emotions you would like to experience when you are unclear. 

As you get clear about what you want your business experience to be you might get insight right away about what really matters to you and what kind of support you actually need versus what you’ve currently been doing. 

This awareness alone starts attuning you to attract that experience. 

2.  Get Into The Energy Of Your Intentions

Once your intentions are set, get into the energy of them by meditating. 

Meditation is just the process of focusing the mind.  There are many great meditations in different styles such as chanting, transcendental, and more.  Visualization is a powerful form of meditation that helps you experience your intentions as if they were happening. 

This helps your brain get even more focused and open to understand your intuition.

To do this, get into a quiet space and take deep breaths. 

Then imagine that the business success you’ve intended is happening now.  Really imagine what it would look like, what you would be hearing, what it feel like physically and emotionally to have what you desire.  Engage all of your senses.  As you do so, you will feel differently.   

Even taking a few minutes to get quiet and read through your intentions to feel them will help your brain and body focus on your goals. 

3.  Ask Your Intuition ‘What’s The Next Step?’

Once you’re present to your intentions and are in the energy of them, you are more attuned to getting clear insights from your intuition. 

In this state when you ask questions your intuition will drop information into your awareness.  Your intuition is always accurate at the time you receive it. 

The best questions to ask are those that are specific and time-bound. 

Examples are:

  • What’s the next step for me to take to get this outcome?
  • Who can help me do this right now?
  • What’s in the highest and best for me to stop doing now?

(NOTE:  I always use now as opposed to today/this month/this year—there’s no telling how long a ‘day’ is according to your intuition) understand now as a period of time)

‘Bad’ questions are those questions that are too complicated, too vague or too specific. 

Questions like:

  • Will this work out for me?  (of course it will work out whether you like how it works out or not)
  • What do I do?  (This is too vague—remember the infinite possibilities overwhelming your brain)
  • Tell me all the steps I need to take for the whole project.  (Again there are too many possibilities for your brain to sift through – especially if you haven’t taken any steps so far)

Most people I work with think getting guidance from their intuition is the hardest step but this is one of the easiest.    When they ask a question most people will receive an instantaneous answer. 

This answer may come in the form of

  • Seeing (Clairvoyance) – an image pops up in your mind whether it’s something you’ve seen before, a person’s face, a word, or other visual information
  • Hearing (Clairaudience) – sounds that come into your awareness like a voice that pops up in your head (that sounds like you) or a sound that reminds you of someplace or someone or other auditory information
  • Feeling (Clairsentience) – a physical sensation that occurs somewhere in your body.  These sensations are usually fleeting and don’t necessarily feel good or bad.   This is one of the most common ways you experience intuition.
  • Pure Knowing (Claircognizance) – you just know it even though you don’t know why you know.  This is one of the hardest experiences to trust because you didn’t see/hear/feel/taste/smell it. 
  • Tasting/Smelling – it’s absolutely possible to suddenly taste/smell information intuitively

Whenever I ask new clients to practice asking their intuition questions there’s always a person who says ‘my intuition didn’t say anything.’ 

When I follow up and say ‘so nothing popped into your mind, no physical sensations or words or sounds?’ Almost every one then says ‘well, I did get this image/sound/feeling but I think that was just on my mind because [Insert BS Excuse].’

Most people don’t trust the intuitive information they receive because it’s unsexy.  By that I mean instead of having a strong emotional and physical experience, for most people intuitive hits drop in quickly and in a subtle way. 

Intuition is not connected to emotion so it naturally doesn’t feel right.  It doesn’t emotionally feel like anything—it’s just information. This is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t trust it. 

A Quick Word On Gut Feelings

One of the main problems with everyone saying ‘trust your gut’ is that many people get physical sensations OUTSIDE of their stomach. 

These physical sensations don’t necessarily feel good or bad.  

They do repeat themselves in the exact same way in similar situations. 

When you pay attention to what your physical body is feeling in your day-to-day activities you will recognize that your body is actively communicating intuitive ‘hits’ about how things are going. 

Because every person is unique, the sensations each person experiences will be different. 

To understand your body’s communication you have to keep track of what physical feelings occur for you in certain situations.

For example, a client was talking with a prospect and while talking to that person got a ‘weird’ sensation in their lower back.  They didn’t know what that sensation meant.  The prospective client turned out to be very difficult and not a good fit for their program.  In the future when they were talking to another prospect they had the same sensation of something ‘weird’ in their lower back.  They knew instantly the prospect they were talking to was not a good fit.

This ability is deeper than a ‘gut feeling.’ 

By paying attention to and trusting your intuitive hits you can recognize and understand specific information to help your great decisions for your business.

4.  Take Action On The Intuitive Information You Received

This is the hardest step to take in learning to use intuition. 

Once you’ve received intuitive information, take action on it.  Entrepreneurs don’t trust their intuition because it doesn’t seem to make sense based on what they have learned and believe.  Remember that intuition is connected to infinite possibilities and is not limited by what you know or think. 

Intuition is not emotional.  It is your very first impression.  Your very second impression is your mind’s judgment of the information it’s received. 

If you haven’t dealt with your mindset limitations or fears then your mind will try to get you to ignore your intuition.  It will ramp up emotional feelings to get you to distrust yourself and ignore your guidance. 

For example, if you ask your intuition ‘what’s the next step for me to take in my business?’  you might get an image of the local mall. 

Immediately your second impression might be your thoughts convincing you not to listen to your intuition. 

It might convince you that going to the mall is a distraction that doesn’t make sense.  It might convince you that intuition isn’t real.  So instead of going to the mall you sit in your office and stay stuck.  Had you gone to the mall you might have run into your dream client.  Your human mind didn’t know that.  How could it have? 

The longer that you wait to take action on the intuitive information you receive the less likely you’ll get the same result as if you had just taken action on what you initially received.  Your intuition will repeat the same information to you over and over until you ‘get’ it or until the window of opportunity closes. 

These four steps are the foundation of using intuition for entrepreneurial success.  Of course, there are several more nuanced actions to take but following just these basic four will unlock greater resources to you.  I’d love to hear your success stories following this process or any questions you have. 

Visit my website for more tips about how to use your intuition and to download free meditations to help you access your intuitive information.   


About the Author

Candice Thomas is an intuitive coach who shows entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders how to use their own intuition to make a tangible impact in the world.  She considers herself to be ‘results based woo-woo’.  Using her signature programs her clients have learned how to release the trauma and limiting beliefs sabotaging their success and achieved life-changing results with her services, such as taking their business from near bankruptcy to making consistent profit, overcoming 20+ years of imposter syndrome, self doubt, and low self worth in weeks, and transforming communities with their work. Candice has been featured on several podcasts, Thrive Global, Bustle, Brit+Co, and is a recurring guest on the KOBFM 93.3 “Carlos and Kiki Morning Show” in New Mexico.