April 18, 2019

65 Ideas for your Livestream Broadcast Topics

In this post, you’ll get loads of topics for your Facebook Live broadcasts and Instagram Live livestreams, so that you never run out of ideas for your livestream marketing strategy (and you can turn your strangers into total raving fans, in no time!)

65 ideas for livestream broadcast topics

BIG NEWS! Livestreaming all the rage and it shows no signs of stopping. After gaining loads of steam with Periscope (RIP basically) and now going crazy with Facebook live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live – are taking over to allow entrepreneurs and business owners to bring their audience along for the ride behind the scenes of their life.

Personally, I love it. I’ve started a few months after Periscope was released and although I no longer use Periscope itself, I have been in love with Facebook Live ever since it was released for verified pages several months ago, and I now use it regularly on my page, profile, AND in my free and paid Facebook groups.

And I am super excited about Instagram Live. I have been trying to get back into Instagram and what makes Instagram Live different is that it allows for TRULY live streams – in that, there are NO replays. No 24 hours replay like Periscope has, and no “always” replay like Facebook has.

It’s really cool. SO, if you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur, you might want to make sure you bring in a livestreaming strategy into your business. If you don’t, you’re majorly missing out on incredible opportunities that come from having your prospects connect with you in this deeper way.

In no particular order, here are some ideas for your next or future Facebook Live broadcasts and other livestreams. Now you’ll never run out of ideas!

1. Do a live Q&A about your topic of interest

2. Share the setup at your office or studio

3. Share your favorite [insert you area of expertise] tips

4. Give a cooking demonstration

5. Do a “get ready with me” scope (putting on makeup, doing hair, picking outfits for an event, etc)

6. Share your favorite place (to work in, relax in, etc)

7. Show off your adorable pet and the tricks it can do

8. Read your blog post out loud or do a supplemental video to it

9. Do a mini webinar / training

10. Offer relationship advice (if you’re a love coach, for dating; if you’re an entrepreneur, what about team or client relationships)

11. Draw something fun

12. Looking over your shoulder as you set up your technology, systems, funnel, etc

13. Share a movie review

14. Share a book review

15. Do a book reading

16. Share your reading list focused on a genre

17. Karaoke scope or lipsyncing

18. Read the news (& include your own commentary)

19. Paint a landscape on location

20. Share (or teach) a dance routine

21. Do a live workout

22. Makeup or hair tutorial

23. Do an interview with someone you’re currently with

24. Do an interview with someone as they are on Google Hangouts or Skype

25. Live stream an event or conference (make sure this is okay before you do it, always ask permission)

26. Behind-the-scenes as you get ready to go on stage, run a webinar, etc

27. Adventures in foreign countries or other cities across the world

28. Stream your presentation or speech as you give it to an audience

29. Practice or prep for your real in-person speech by doing it for Periscope people first

30. Discuss what you learned today

31. Share what inspires you

32. Share your progress on your goals

33. Share your philosophy on life and/or business

34. Share your followers your collection of XYZ

35. Unbox something live

36.Test headlines for a blog post or product name

37. Offer advice or tips around business, life, marketing, finance, etc

38. Share your mistakes and what you learned from them along the way

39. Share a case study of a client of yours (with their permission)

40. Tell secrets

41. Do a networking session for the participants

42. Share a family event (for private scopers)

43. Introduce viewers to your new favorite band

44. Tell a ghost story

45. Raise funds or donations to a local charity

46. Invite people to your local or online event

47. How you stay motivated or inspired

48. Your biggest obstacle in life/business and how you overcame it

49. What you’d tell your younger self

50. Things you wish you knew before you XYZ

51. Why you do a certain thing differently than most

52. Things you learned during an event/conference

53.  List out some of your favorite brands that help you do XYZ

54. Your favorite tools to make your life easier

55. The best investments you’ve ever made

56. Your morning routine

57. Your nightly routine

58. Dance party

59. Shopping trip

60. Announcing something big and juicy

61. Hosting a giveaway or contest

62. Something crazy that happened to you

63. How you travel and your tips for easy traveling

64. Cook something live and share the recipe

65. How to do something most people don’t know how to do

You’ll notice there’s a lot of ideas here. These can work for your business page OR profile OR something else. It will all obviously vary based on your unique business, but if you’re a growing and budding influencer in the making, a public figure, your people want to know about YOU and your life too, not just your business 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂

(This post originally appeared on before my simplification process)


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