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Enrollment to Impacting Millions ends on April 2nd and won't open again for another year! Don't miss this chance!
Hey, Kamila here! 

I am so excited to share with you the Impacting Millions course, created by my friend, Selena Soo's, publicity coach.

Because of the media attention my brand has gotten over the years, my clients often ask me about getting publicity. And although I try to help as much as I can, I'm not secretive about the fact that publicity is just not specialty.

Honestly - Tell me your ideas, I'll package them up into sexy offers. Tell me your vision, I'll create a plan and path for you to get there. Tell me your visibility and marketing goals, I'll develop the best aligned strategy for you to crush your launch. But publicity? Just not my specialty!

And I always send people to Selena if they want to learn how to get publicity for themselves. Because Selena has a true gift to show how easy it can be!
In fact, I enrolled into Selena's FIRST launch of the Impacting Millions program back in 2016 and I was blown away by the depth of information, the value, the access to media mentors, and more, we got to experience.

I know people who pay $5K-$10K PER MONTH for a PR agency and/or a publicist, but here Selena was - giving everything to us on a silver platter, for a fraction of the price. It's a gift that keeps on giving ;-) (I've always wanted to use that phrase! Haha!)

So, if you're ready to get SUPER visible, CREDIBLE, and get the media attention you desire - THIS is something you cannot miss.

What if you could get media logos on your site, maybe like mine?...
I know you'll be just as thrilled with Selena's program as I was (and still am - since I'm still in it ;-) 

SO, here's what I'm doing... 

When you join the Impacting Millions program through the link ON THIS PAGE, I'm going to make your experience even sweeter. Because I take care of my own, and it'll be my special way of saying THANK YOU for being here.

So here's what you get when you join through my link...

Inside Kamila's Impacting Millions Bonus Package:
Curious what you get when you enroll in the course through my link? Well, check it out!
Pay in Full Bonus: 
First 5 people who join and pay in full will get:
Three 45-minute 1:1 Coaching Calls with me
What if you could get personalized feedback, strategic support, and feedback from a high level marketing strategist and business coach? You can!

The Impacting Millions program will help you get publicity, but I've found that the best way to accelerate your business growth is to look at all areas of your business - and make sure your publicity efforts will match the offers you have, the marketing to attract the people you'll be bringing you way, and more. 

That's where I come in! I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs to create impactful marketing that converts, scalable offers that sell (with leverage), and creating a business that is aligned with how YOU want to show up! Dozens of my clients have been able to get into the six and even multiple six figure mark. 

So, when you're one of the first five people to join IM and pay in full, you will get me as your coach for our three calls -- these can be used anytime within six months.

We can talk about anything you desire: 

Marketing, business strategy, launching, Facebook Ads, visibility strategies, offer creation, branding, confidence and mindset, how to create a six figure earning business, how to do automated sales funnels, passive income,  + more.
(value $2500) -- Yours Free!
when you join IM using my link and pay in full
Enrollment to Impacting Millions ends on April 2nd and won't open again for another year! Don't miss this chance!
EVERYONE who joins through me will also get...
Business Famous Summit Formula Course
This is THE strategy that got me from 0 to 6 figures in 14 months of starting my business. I was able to grow my list by thousands, get hundreds of sales, launch my group programs, and make connections with incredible influencers.... all without running a SINGLE ad!

I will be sharing with you the exact process on how you can plan, run, and profit from your own virtual summit in an aligned way that provides LOADS of value to your audience AND creates the growth for your business, too -- in less than 12 weeks!

You will get instant access to the on-demand version AND get a spot in the LIVE course when I run it later this year. 

This includes a bonus of behind-the-scenes setting of my last summit, literally I take you behind the scenes of my entire process from setting up pages, to reaching out to speakers, and more -- without any team!
(value $1497) -- Yours Free!
Ticket to Intimate Mastermind Workshop about Impact-Driven Visibility
This 2-day workshop mastermind event will be happening this summer/Fall (exact dates TBD) in San Diego, CA. 

Get together for a high-impact two days as we dive into your business with a few amazing entrepreneurs who are ready to go higher, get seen as authorities in their space, and create a big impact. 

There will be loads of personalization, customization, and high-level training for your business so you can confidently know exactly how to skyrocket into 6 or multiple 6 figures in yearly revenue, use the Aligned marketing method to make an impact, and leverage your publicity in a way that gets you many more opportunities too.

You'll also discover how to TRULY stand out online (and beyond) by turning your brand and message into a movement that everyone around you wants to share and be a part of. 

This is a very intimate and personalized workshop.

(value $297) -- Yours Free!
Aligned Events Mastery Course
I've been running events since 2016 and have learned a ton in the process - from how to organize them, how to fill the spots, and how to deliver... and in this course, I share with you everything I have learned so you can do the same!

Hosting your own events (or workshops or retreats) is one of the best ways to continue getting authority and credibility aside from publicity. And if you're like me, you love to make an impact in-person, but the HOW gets you stuck. I totally get it!

Running events doesn't have to be a headache and this will help you get everything started and thinking in a way to make running your first event a breeze (and so you can make the right expectations to monetize it effectively too!)
(value $397) -- Yours Free!
Enrollment to Impacting Millions ends on April 2nd and won't open again for another year! Don't miss this chance!
Disclaimer: You will get access to the coaching call bonus AFTER the refund window closes, so about 30 days after your purchase. HOWEVER, you will receive access to the course bonuses right as soon as the cart closes for Impacting Millions! :-) No need to wait!
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