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The A-Z Step-by-Step System 
to Go From Idea to a Client-Filled Online Business You Adore
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Growing Your Business Online Can Feel Like...
  • Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with yourself for still being where you are, not having any (or many) clients and wondering if you're meant to stay in a 9-5 job forever...
  • Feeling paralyzed with information overload in online marketing, feeling like you have to have and know all the things to make it work...
  • Not knowing how to build and attract clients in a connected way. Not knowing what content to post, when, how much, which platform works best...
  • The constant and never ending amount of things that need to be done and not knowing which to prioritize...
  • Confusion to connect all the pieces of together and struggling with making it into a clear, implementable strategy that you can actually get behind with ease...
  • Struggling with feeling overly pushy, salesy, or icky with marketing, when all you want to do is create heart to soul messages for your audience that actually connect AND convert...
  • Feeling turned off by all the pushy, sleazy, quick fix make you rich stuff that floods your social media feeds, and wanting to do your marketing in a a way that feels right for you...
  • Being chained to your laptop because you're sacrificing your integrity, values, and freedom to build a business...
  • Feeling exhausted from posting all the time and seeing very little results, struggling with confidence when it comes to selling and therefore not working with clients even though you're "working" all the time...
What if it was possible for you to...
  • Create a cohesive business and marketing plan and strategy that would be easy to implement and aligned so you never have to "wing it" again...
  • Know exactly what to do to attract your first ideal clients, having your content resonate and impact your audience with ease...
  • Easily package, position and market your products and services, so that you can focus on creating the most impact, while getting paid what you truly desire....
  • Embody a true balance in business, knowing exactly how much to share with your audience, what to charge for, and build a business that allows you to have a life beyond the business too....
  • Have a system that works for you in creating long-lasting assets in your business so you can cut back on the hours you work and not need to hire a massive team to do it all
  • Come from a more heart-connected place and less of a forceful pushy energy when it comes to marketing and sales, so you can feel fulfilled rather than drained and exhausted at the end of each day...
  • Learn to market and sell without feeling annoying or pushy, so you can actually create a sustainable full-time income that feels in total integrity...
  • Create content that actually resonates with and connects to your ideal clients, so you never have to run out of ideas and do it in a way that comes from true value rather than desperation...
  • Discover how to make your content do the WORK for you so you can maximize your results without putting in the extra work down the line, and doing it SOLO!
I totally get it, i've been there too!
When I was first getting started in my coaching business, I really struggled with my confidence.

I felt like a total imposter, even though I had the experience and the passion to help others - something just wasn't clicking.

Not to mention, it seemed like everyone touted that the only way to grow online would be to become a manipulative salesy cheeseball that hustles day and night. 

No, thank you.

I tried to do it on my own but hit a plateau very quickly. 

So, took the money I was making in my day job and invested into my business by hiring coaches, joining programs, and experimenting with my own way to doing things...

And things got better! I actually hit $10K+ months and it was amazing. BUT, I also saw that some of the things worked better than others.... and some things FELT better than others.

Then, I started teaching it to my clients... and I had more realizations about what REALLY works to make ACTUAL real money in online business.

And many people get it totally wrong....

I learned that there's a better way to build an online business- one that is filled with heart, joy, and... a repeatable strategy!

Things we DO NOT want you to do when you're newer in business:

❌ Wasting time scrolling social media, without a proven strategy to attract clients
❌ Over-automating your business, building complicated funnels, or tech 
❌ Selling things people don't understand to people who don't want them
❌ Charging peanuts for your work or charging too much before you're ready
❌ Manipulating, pushing, or guilting people to buy your offers 🤢
❌ Selling low ticket digital products or courses if the goal is to make predictable $$ faster

Things that we KNOW will help you grow FASTER and EASIER:

✅ Creating aligned 1:1 packages at aligned price points to sell to DREAMY clients
✅ Having all the essential systems in place to process clients, onboard them, and grow the business
✅ Structuring your business for PREDICTABLE income EACH month, not starting at zero monthly
✅ Gaining clarity and confidence when you sell by making it feel NATURAL and enjoyable
✅ Getting 1:1 clients to fill your roster to reach $2k-$5k/mo BEFORE moving into courses, etc
✅ Being intentional with your time on social media, NOT wasting time posting 24/7
✅ Using a heart-centered approach to marketing and sales to build REAL connection & serving
✅ Using the path of least resistance to enroll clients with TOTAL ease + get booked solid QUICKLY

When you focus on the right activities, you can go from no clients to being fully booked - in just a few weeks.

“When I first came to Kamila, I was pretty new in my business. I was juggling with new entrepreneurship while also working full-time and being a single mom. There was a lot going on! I had no list. I needed any help I could get...

Kamila changed the course of my business. I learned how to brand and market my whole process and put a name to it. My conversion rates started really climbing. I’ve more than doubled — maybe even tripled my income. I was getting so many yeses, I had my first waitlist of clients. That waitlist lasted half the year — and people paid to be on it!”

- Rebecca Gruenspan , Adoption Consultant

“OMG!!! I DID IT!! Kamila, I followed your sales script to the T and landed my first private client at $5,500! 

When I attended your workshop, you said to bonus in an extra month, so I told her if she signs up today, I'll bonus her an extra month and she said YES.... Woohoo!!!”

- Renee Dominguez, Career & Leadership Coach
The A-Z Step-by-Step System to Go 
From Idea to a Client-Filled 
Online Business You Adore, Working
Just 1-2 Hours Per Day
Our step-by-step program to help you launch your online client-based business with ease FROM SCRATCH —enrolling your first clients within just a few weeks...

... without feeling salesy, sleazy, or pushy in the process!

Imagine just weeks from now, working with incredible clients and building a freedom business you truly love.

Not having to hustle, strive, or push to get sales...

Never dealing with confusion, overwhelm, or imposter syndrome again..

Having your business just feel RIGHT...

Feeling aligned...

And being able to do it all while only working 5-10 hours a week?

What would that feel like for you?

What if this was truly possible?

Not someday. But soon.

Sounds like a big claim? We've seen it done. A lot.

The Launchpad is the only course for heart-centered client-based entrepreneurs who want to grow with heart

After having gone through countless programs of my own...

Rarely do programs get down to the ACTUAL things we need to do in order to bring in actual clients.

I've taken everything you need, step by step...

And get you not just to learn, but to take ACTION...

So you can go from having an idea for a business to actually working with CLIENTS in just a few weeks.

And heart-centered.

So you actually get to DO it. Without the stress.

The Structure of the Launchpad

Part 1: The Course

Step-by-step training to get your business started, launched, and getting booked SOLID with clients within weeks.

I'm direct and to-the-point, so you will learn the ESSENTIAL strategies and action steps to take, and get you into implementation mode right away! No fluff.

You will get video lessons, worksheets, templates, scripts. As well as the "Booked Solid with Dream Clients" Roadmap to follow with total ease.

Either you do the work and get the results, or you don’t do the work and don’t get the results. I’m here supporting you every step of the way.

Part 2: The Community

Live 24/7 access to our private student community of other coaches and online service providers for 6 months

Connect with accountability partners in different niches and industries. Learn what’s working (& not working) for other entrepreneurs.

Monthly "Testimonial Sourcing" - Pitch Your Sessions & Get Clients / Testimonials fo your work so you can get social proof and get better at your craft.

Monthly "Sales Buddy" Practice Sessions - Get better at your sales skills by practicing with other members using our process.

Part 3: The Support

Receive tailored support during our live group sessions!

Getting stuck? Ask questions and get supported in our monthly Q&A Office Hours, and we'll give you support around implementing our curriculum with total ease. Ask me ANY questions and get supported!

We'll also be Monthly Live Group Sessions on Zoom, where we'll get you set up for the month ahead. Celebrate your wins from the previous month, and set new goals for the upcoming month, as well as receive a training on a topic supporting our curriculum. You’ll love the supportive community of other experts.

We're dedicated to making sure you succeed 
in turning your ideas into clients!

Here's Our Curriculum Outline


Foundation for Five Figures
To kick off the course, we will first dive into the overall strategy behind any successful coaching or service business that reaches five figures. 

Most entrepreneurs focus on completely the wrong things to launch and build their business and then wonder why they're spinning their wheels. That's because they're lacking the true foundation for a profitable company that scales.

After this module, you will: 
  • Have complete clarity and confidence around your plan for reaching five figures in sales
  • Say goodbye to doubt, confusion, and overwhelm once and for all, as you step into a new way of building your brand
  • Let go of imposter syndrome and step into a NEW confident and powerful mindset for success
  • Feel ready to actually do what you need to build a profitable business and attract clients

Module 1:

Your Aligned Positioning
We've already dug into a good portion of the positioning and messaging lessons from this module, and it's a great place to start. However, there are a few more elements you need to understand in order to truly stand out from the crowd.

After this module, you will:
  • Have your completed Aligned Positioning statement, or elevator pitch, so you can succinctly share what you do with prospects, clients, and referral partners
  • Know exactly how to use your Aligned Positioning statement in your marketing, website, and offers so you can utilize its effectiveness to the max.
  • Crystal clarity on how to message your offers effectively so your ideal clients actually care about what you're selling and they want YOUR solution. (we're adding to this)
  • ​Get an exact framework for messaging your content so you can attract clients on social media, emails, and more anytime you desire.  (this part is new)
  • ​Know how to make your current content even more effective with captivating copywriting that converts. (this part is new)

Module 2:

Creating Hot-Selling Packages
Most entrepreneurs go about selling all wrong. They try to create either sell their time (dollars for hours), create courses, or low-ticket offers and then wonder why they still aren't making a livable income. We will have you focus on creating a few different levels of packages that will suit your best clients at various access levels so you can do what you do best - provide help to your clients! As well as when to create which type of offer so you can reach your goals faster.

After this module, you will: 
  • Map out and create your three levels of access for your coaching or service packages, to make sales easy
  • Know exactly how to structure a highly-selling package that creates predictable income for you and lasting results for your clients
  • Understand how to select the right aligned price point for your programs (no, it's not guessing) and know how to utilize strategic demand/supply pricing to hit your goals
  • How to make your offers a HELL YES rather than a "maybe later" so your ideal clients dive into getting help faster
  • ​Pick the right types of offers to sell (memberships? private? courses?) to help you generate cashflow with less tech, more ease, and better results for your clients - easy!

Module 3:

Client Systems for Profits
Who cares if you have great offers to sell, if you have no clue how to actually sell them? This is a step that stops so many people from actually showing up. If you've been scared of showing up, feeling unworthy of making money, and worried that you won't know how to actually enroll clients ("What if it sounds bad? What if I say something wrong? What if they reject me?!") We'll get you ALL the tools and systems necessary to get you ready to actually enroll clients into your business. All guesswork, eliminated.

After this module, you will:
  • Know exactly how to set up your systems and infrastructure that allows for clients to come into your business with ease
  • Have a clear view of how to talk to people to enroll them into your programs and packages
  • Know how to do three types of conversations with prospective clients so you can move them into the next step, with zero sleaze and all heart and goodwill
  • ​Have the exact system developed for enrolling a client into your program, logistically step by step, from processing payments to have an agreement and more
  • ​Have the exact system developed for onboarding a new client so you can create a seamless client experience
  • ​Have the exact system developed for transitioning a beta client into a paying client with ease and grace

Module 4:

Launching Your Authority
Alright, now that you'll have all of your systems and processes figured out, it's time to announce your business and launch it to the world. Many entrepreneurs have had a business secretly for months, and never actually made it officially public. How can you get clients if you're hiding it?! So, this week we will get you to claim your authority, plus actually set up all of the visibility platforms so you can start showing up consistently online + attracting clients.

After this module, you will: 
  • Have the exact process for launching your business to the public so you start being known for what you do
  • Discover how to create your online platform and how to use it effectively so you can generate clients (even if your audience is teeny tiny!)
  • Learn which social media platform to use based on your personality for lead generation and sales, as well as your exact strategy to generate visibility, authority, and growth
  • ​Begin foolproof DAILY PROFIT GENERATING activities to grow your community, generate leads, and discovery calls

Module 5:

Booking Clients This Week
If you spend most of your time marketing, and none of your time serving clients (because you have none), you will quickly burn out and get discouraged. You got into this to help people, right? So now is the time to GET those clients on board! You will follow our process on how to find and enroll those lovely clients and get them to stay with you for months!

After this module, you will:
  • Know where to find your ideal clients so you can get a booked calendar anytime you desire
  • Have clarity on exactly what to say to generate dozens of booked calls with prospective clients
  • Implement our Beta to Paid client strategy so you can focus on serving, providing that WOW factor, and turning strangers into paying clients
  • ​Understand how to generate client case studies and testimonials so you can get future bookings even easier
  • ​Have the exact strategy and plan on how to book your first or next 3 clients this week (!!!)
  • Begin the WEEKLY content activities to build trust and generate more attention + engagement.

Module 6:

Booking Clients Anytime You Desire
Once you're getting booked up, it's time to talk about how you can continue getting that excitement and engagement up to keep your calendar full with ideal clients, so you can easily reach recurring $1k-$3k/mo consistently.

After this module, you will: 
  • Understand the strategy for generating clients and leads anytime you desire - without any paid ads or complicated technology
  • Implement the "Helpful Expert" technique to gather interest and inquiries in other people's groups (without being sleazy or getting banned)
  • ​Implement the "Partnership Technique" to 2x your lead growth and get more sales without running ads
  • ​Use the "3-Step Prospect Call Out" cash injection technique to get dozens of booked calls within days
  • ​Implement the MONTHLY EVENT ACTIVITY to generate booked calls, sales, and engage your audience with ease
  • Get clarity around how you can reach $5k-$10k per month in your business in a predictable and repeatable way (what our clients do that gets them there)

By the end of the program, you will be able to attract & enroll ideal clients into your programs with total clarity and ease... Without having to post on social media all day long, grow a huge following, or run any ads.

"Since starting working with Kamila in her program, I’ve over doubled my list, got more opt-ins going, monthly webinars, a guest blogging gig, and I’ve had my best month yet with over $10k of sales and I can see a steady stream of clients. And I’m only a few of months in!"

- Beverly Sartain, Recovery Coach & Mentor

"Feeling pumped for how far I have come since joining the program two months ago. This week I had my BIGGEST week in sales yet, replacing the income of my day job

I QUIT my day job and finish at the end of this month, something I have wanted to do since December but it just had never been the right time. I have seen myself grow from not feeling ready, to truly trusting in my work and my intuition."

- Rachel Rose, Tarot Reader

"I got sales... using your sales script!!! 9 clients! Remember the session we had and you taught us how to lead a sales call.. well, I spent hours going through it and writing it down verbatim..! Then boom. I used IG Stories and your sales script and the magic happened! Thank you sooo much = you are a genius!!"

- - Shabana Jabine, relationship attachment coach

“I realized that just in the first 3 months of THIS year, I am only 4K short from what I made in an ENTIRE YEAR last year. HUGE WIN! I believe SO much of this is contributed to working with Kamila Gornia in various ways over the last year. THANK YOU SO MUCH KAMILA!”

- Elyse Falzone, Intuitive Healer

This is a NEW program and you are invited to join us as a Early Bird Member today....

When you join, you will receive:

    Six weekly modules with step-by-step video lessons, worksheets, scripts, checklists, and more to help you discover and implement the strategies and systems to turn your aligned business into reality and being ready for clients.
    We're doing a lot of the work FOR you by creating plug-and-play templates for your posts, agreements, as well as exact workflows of how to set up your systems so you can enroll your clients with total ease.
    Every month, you can ask questions and get support around implementing the curriculum so you can get clients! Ask your questions 24 hours in advance, and then they will be answered during the Q&A Livestream. Your access to Q&A Office Hours is good for a solid six months.
    Get set up and ready for the month, celebrate your wins from the previous month, and get a tailored mindset or strategic training to help you CRUSH it each and every single month.
    You will get six months of access to our private Facebook group for the duration of the course, where you can get other members give you support, feedback, and kudos on your work. You can also find an accountability buddy and a review parter to practice your skills.
    Pitch Your Sessions & Get Clients / Testimonials fo your work so you can get social proof and get better at your craft. Find people who NEED you right within our community and start growing faster.
     We'll teach you our sales system and the way to get better is to practice it with real humans! Find a sales buddy and get better at your sales skills.
    Depending on when you join, you will also get access to additional bonuses listed on this page below.

Total value $4,488

Will be sold for $1997

Invite-Only Enrollment - Take 50% OFF

Special Upgrade: For 5 People Only...

Join the Kickstart Done-for-You Upgrade Package, you will receive everything listed above ($4,488 value), and you will also receive...

Logo Design done-for-you (4 logo options + revisions)

Our designer will create 4 premium logo variations for your brand to help you brand and market your business online with more confidence. We'll get to know your personality, vibe, and energy and create a few logo options that match that! You pick one and start using it for your website, social, and anything else!  
($600 value)

Brand Guidelines done-for-you (mood board & guidelines PDF)

Based on your questionnaire, we will dig deep and create brand guidelines with your brand vibe, personality, and all the things you need to create a premium brand for your business, so you can stay cohesive and consistent with your visual identity online.
($500 value)

Social Media Kit done-for-you (graphics for social pages)

Social Media Kit Graphics so you can update your Facebook group cover, page cover, and other social media with great banners that are branded and cohesive.
($200 value)

Publicity Feature on News Sites done-for-you (PR feature)

Our publicity assistant will write an article about your business and then get you featured in various news sites, such as ABC, FOX, NBC, and others. You can then use those news site logos on your website and wow your potential clients! We'll do the whole thing for you - just kick back and enjoy the attention :-)
($700 value)

Lead Magnet Ebook/Workbook Design done-for-you (design)

Our designer will take a google document with your text for a lead magnet ebook, guide, or workbook (we show you how to do this in the program) and then get it designed & branded so you can generate leads and look good doing it - without having to pretend to be a designer and wasting hours on the process. Yes, freedom!!
($500 value)

Total value $6,988

Choose Your Level Below:

Standard Access

Early bird pricing 50% OFF

six payments of $397 (or pay in full and save)
  • Step-by-step 6-module curriculum to get your business off the ground
  • Video lessons, worksheets, scripts, templates, and more
  • Monthly Q&A Office Hours Livestreams to get your questions answered
  • Monthly Accountability & Goal Setting Live Group Sessions - set goals, celebrate wins, and get mindset training to get ready to CRUSH it
  • Monthly "Testimonial Sourcing" - Pitch Your Sessions & Get Clients / Testimonials fo your work and learn how to improve your craft
  • Monthly "Sales Buddy" Practice Search - Get better at your sales skills by practicing with another student or two so you can enroll clients with ease
  • Private Student Community - 6 months of support in our community
  • Lifetime access to the course curriculum + any updates for the duration

Early bird pricing:


for 6 months (or pay in full and save $185)

That comes out to just $2.60 per day! Skip your daily coffee and invest that into your business to see incredible results (and ROI) sooner than you think! You're worth it.

Kickstart DFY Upgrade

Only 5 3 spots available for the Kickstart Upgrade!

six payments of $597 (or pay in full and save)
  • Step-by-step 6-module curriculum to get your business off the ground
  • Video lessons, worksheets, scripts, templates, and more
  • Monthly Q&A Office Hours Livestreams to get your questions answered
  • Monthly Accountability & Goal Setting Live Group Sessions - set goals, celebrate wins, and get mindset training to get ready to CRUSH it
  • Monthly "Testimonial Sourcing" - Pitch Your Sessions & Get Clients / Testimonials fo your work and learn how to improve your craft
  • Monthly "Sales Buddy" Practice Search - Get better at your sales skills by practicing with another student or two so you can enroll clients with ease
  • Private Student Community - 6 months of support in our community
  • Lifetime access to the course curriculum + any updates for the duration
  • 🥳 DFY KICKSTART Package Includes.... 🥳 
  • ✅ Our designer will get a premium logo designed for your business 
    (you will get 4 variations to choose from + revision) ($600 value)
  • ✅ Brand Guidelines PDF created with your brand vibe, personality, and all the things you need to create a premium brand for your business ($500 value)
  • ✅ Social Media Kit Graphics so you can update your Facebook group, page, and other social media with great banners that are branded ($200 value)
  • ✅ Get publicity logos for being featured in various news sites, we'll get you and your business featured (we'll do the whole thing FOR you) ($700 value)
  • ✅ One short ebook lead magnet designed & branded by our designer so you can generate leads and look good doing it ($500 value)

Early bird pricing:


for 6 months (or pay in full and save $160)

Only 5 3 spots available for the Kickstart Upgrade!

I know what you're thinking...

"Best choice I could have made for my business! Profits increased 5x between 2020 and 2021, plus you get an amazing supportive community that has your back along the way! I enrolled my first high ticket clients with Kamila's help!"

- Johanna Rader, Astrology Reader + Hula Hooper

“The content that Kamila provides is absolutely amazing. It has helped me so much in my business and I am only getting started. Here ideas on how to become a content machine are breathtaking. Thank you.”

- Rachael Woolley, Confidence Coach

"Kamila, after signing up with you, business has been light, fun, and SO much easier.

I'm going through the course, and it's so incredibly valuable, fun, and makes everything SO easy. Things I have studied with other people and didn't understand anything of, is like a fun game with you.

Nobody who does the work in this program would dream to ask for their money back. This program is THE THING. I wish I had this when I started out. It would have saved me almost $50,000 wasted money for business programs that didn't work for me. THIS does. Thanks, Kamila, for the great content in this training.”

- Jamie Siv Rognstad, Branding and Archetype Coach

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you join Aligned Business Launchpad, follow our process for 14 days (to create your offer & sales process), participate in the group for feedback, implement and complete the action steps and don’t see results, you can let us know by emailing [email protected] within 14 days of purchase and we will issue you a 100% refund.

More Kind Words from our Clients & Students
This program is NOT for everyone...
This is a GREAT fit for you, if...
  • You want to get actual CLIENTS enrolled in your business. We will be focusing on ways to get your first and next clients enrolled so you can get booked solid.
  • You want to actually help people - you are doing it because you want to serve and help people transform. Our strategies are very powerful, so PLEASE do not buy if you have the wrong intentions in mind.
  • You are a newer business owner and want to get started on the right foot, by getting into the right action as quickly as you can so you can attract clients that last.
  • You want to know HOW exactly to make marketing feel fun and joyful (rather than a chore!) AND help you bank clients and cash!
  • You want to streamline your marketing, create business assets and marketing systems to help you grow your business, cut back on the hours, eliminate overwhelm, and make your marketing and sales just way EASIER!
  • You want to learn how to grow your business online in way that serves you for years to come - plus how to do it all SOLO - without having to hire a big team! 
This is NOT a good fit for you, if...
  • You're already making pretty good money in your business, and are ready to scale to $10k-$30k+ months
    (if this is you, our level 2 program, Aligned Profits Academy, is a better fit - schedule a call with me to discuss)
  • You have no desire to work with 1:1 clients, you prefer to digital products or physical products. I CAN help you sell courses and memberships in my level 2 program, Aligned Profits Academy, (not the Launchpad), but I can't help you if you want to have an ecom business. The Launchpad is about helping you you get 1:1 clients. 
  • You have no idea what your business should be - we go into this assuming you at least know what your business should be. It's ok if you aren't TOTALLY clear but have an idea at least. But you at least need to kinda know. That way, we can go right into the business building goodness and into action!
  • You are a complainer, victim, and expect miracles to happen in 6 seconds just because you're in the program. You've gotta put in the work, baby.
Frequently Asked Questions
It's not the right time for me to invest in something like this, will you be offering this in the future?
I completely understand if you don't feel like you can commit right this moment. I find that creating the time is essential to building a successful business, as things always tend to come up in our lives - whether your dog gets sick, you have to send kids to school, it's the holidays, whatever. Things will always be coming up - your job is to learn how to navigate growing your business and putting yourself first for a change, so that in the future, dealing with time issues like this is never a challenge again. 

Having said that, yes. I will be offering this again. However, price will be increasing back up to $1997 soon.
I don't know how I can afford this program as I haven't made any money in my business yet.
This is a common challenge entrepreneurs face, should you invest in your business before you've made money? I did. Think about it this way. If you've been able to grow your business to your desired level on your own, you probably would have done it by now, wouldn't you? There's a lot that goes into making money with your business - part of it being not knowing the strategy to use, the right marketing to attract people so you're not wasting your time, and then there's the confidence, alignment, and energetic piece. They all play together to create beautiful results. This is why many of our clients decide to take a LEAP of faith and trust that they will get what they need out of the experience to make it worth it. But only YOU can make the decision to commit enough to make this a worthwhile investment. 

Also, a good way to think about it is what is your possible return on investment. If you invest $997 into your business growth, do you think you can make at least $997 over a course of a year? That's less than $3 per day.  I feel like this is almost a silly question. If you don't think your business can make at least $3 each day because of your marketing and sales training you'll be learning, you don't have a conversion problem - you have a belief problem. It's time to shift your belief in yourself and what you're capable of, because until you do - you won't see any results in your business. #toughlove
I’ve signed up for other online marketing courses with poor results. What makes this one different?
Unlike other courses that focus on only one aspect or area of marketing and business, we give you everything you need by focusing on the top areas every impact-making entrepreneur needs to develop in their life and business to become memorable and attract ideal clients with heart-centered strategies that convert.

In addition, most marketing courses focus on manipulation and sleazy based strategies that just feel icky - we focus on teaching you a way to grow your business using aligned and authentic strategies that feel to you AND your ideal clients. This is the only way to truly grow a sustainable business - because if it feels right, you'll actually DO it. Forget the gimmicks, this is the part of business building no one really talks about. 
I haven't had any paying clients yet, can you help someone like me?
This is EXACTLY the perfect course for you!
I've worked with plenty of paying clients, and want to scale. Is this for me?
No, my Aligned Profits Academy coaching program is a better fit. Click here to schedule a call to discuss that instead.
I’m afraid to invest because I don’t know what kind of results I’ll get. Do you have any guarantees?
We take your investment and trust in us very seriously and our content is some of the very best out there --- we did our homework on this. Even though we offer you amazing content, guidance and support, ultimately, the success of our program depends on each student’s commitment to the process and their willingness to consistently apply what they learn. We can guarantee you will receive the most incredible tools and powerful teachings, and of course - our unwavering support! With that said, if you join and realize it's not a fit, you can request a refund within 14 days. (This is only for the course option, there are no refunds for the VIP upgrade).

“There is only one limitation I've found with the course - it's YOURSELF! Get out of your own way!! It maps a clear and productive process, pushes your buttons, creates great growth and after doing a number of trainings over 3 years, this is the most rounded and helpful, active program I've seen to date. I WISH I had have seen it earlier! Kamila is a rockstar 🙂 Content is super! ”

- Michelle Quinn, Intuitive Teacher and Coach

“I've been able to guarantee 6 months of income for myself, which means peace of mind. I'm a lot more confident now knowing that my business model ensures I succeed financially. It allowed me to be open about my business, my insecurities, and my dreams and receive the best advice possible from Kamila. She seriously knows her stuff and I absolutely loved working with her!”

- Jillian Adriana, Graphic Designer

“Less than a month into working with Kamila, I started getting discovery calls with ideal clients from my new sales funnel... and I sold my first 4 figure coaching package and hit over 1000 subscribers on my list!”

- Jennifer Dent, Health Coach

"I manifested working with Kamila! She was a lifesaver. Three months into working together, we'd grown my list by 600%, I launched my first course around my book, and landed on Amazon best-sellers list within days of being published from building an engaged tribe!"

- Suzanne Adams, Life Purpose Consultant & Best-Selling Author

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Disclaimer: While we have been wildly successful getting entrepreneurs the results they desire through our coaching, tools and support--- we cannot offer any guarantees that these results are universal or that you will achieve the same. We absolutely believe in what we teach and find it to be foundational for any entrepreneur who wants to do effective marketing and sales strategies with integrity and heart, BUT your success depends on your own ability to consistently and successfully implement what you learn. We *partner* with you to help you reach your business goals--- offering guidance, support and tools. We do not give you clients directly --- that part is solely up to you!