February 2, 2022

Most of my private clients are working on THIS right now 🤯

Most of my private coaching clients hire me because they want help with creating and launching their programs.

Some feel ready to scale beyond 1:1 clients and move into groups.

Some have already been running their group programs but not enrolling clients into them effectively (or consistently).

Others aren’t fully ready to launch quite yet, but want to have all the support and guidance necessary to make them ready sooner.

Here’s the interesting thing:

While most clients come to me for help with launching or ads, all of them leave with a more purposeful, impactful, and profitable business as a whole – especially one that is SUSTAINABLE in its growth.

It goes way beyond just launching.

Here’s the thing:

I’ve done things both ways.

I’ve done a very launch-heavy business model, where I launched new offers literally every month. I burnt out a LOT because of it. I don’t recommend it.

I’ve also done a very evergreen business model, where I did zero launching or organic marketing for like six months, and go all of my sales from funnels or on evergreen. It was nice, but not as fast as I’d like to be, plus I started losing my connection to my audience.

What I’ve found is that the key to having sustainable growth in the multiple six figure range….

… is about creating a hybrid business model.

I haven’t really seen anyone teach this in the online space, so I want to tell you about it, today. It’s been blowing my clients’ minds and I am so excited for them stepping into this new model.

So let’s say you’ve been around the block.

You’ve been getting 1:1 clients enrolled, you’re either close to being booked solid or already booked solid.

You’re probably making at least $5K per month. Nice.

So what’s next?

Well, the obvious next step is creating a scalable offer (usually a group program) and doing a launch, so you can continue enrolling clients at a good price point without working as much.

I love launching. It’s so fun when it’s done well. Plus it can be super profitable too. Some examples:

My client in the law of attraction space made $75K in sales in 2 months.

Another client in the career coaching space made $130K in 2 weeks.

And yet another client who’s a psychic and medium made $100K in 3 days.

That’s fun! But… now what?

Do you just launch again? When?

Do you create something new to launch?

That’s the problem. Most entrepreneurs have a very short-tem mindset. They are missing the bigger picture and get into the hamster wheel of chasing the next dopamine hit (aka, a launch).

So they create a new thing, launch again, and again and again. Working tirelessly each month. Livestreaming every day. Hustling to get leads and sales. And yeah, probably making good money, but burning out like crazy.

I’ve been there.

And I say: that’s not necessary.

The key to have a sustainable multiple six figure business (one that reaches at least $250K) is this:

A hybrid business model that combines strategic SCALABLE live launches (that take VERY little time to do, while retaining their high conversion rate)…

… along with EVERGREEN systems to continue bringing in the sales or applications around the clock.

I want to emphasize the word SCALABLE here.

The goal for a SUSTAINABLE business isn’t to be working non-stop. That is NOT sustainable.

You might get sick. Or might want to go on vacation. Or might just want to chill. But yet most people create another job for themselves.


So you create a system that works FOR you.

Getting REALLY good at 1-2 core offers.

Doing quarterly “rinse and repeat” live launches (that are scalable and don’t require you to go live all the time – unless you want to).

And setting up an evergreen system with a paid traffic source for lead generation so you don’t have to market as much organically.


To be clear, building a model like this doesn’t happen quickly. It took me over a year to put this into action. And I continue to refine it. You will still work. You will still need to show up. This isn’t some magic bullet that works magically.

Your offer has to convert. Your messaging has to be nailed down. Your sales skills have to be there. You have to be willing to get uncomfortable, stop taking things personally, and grow.

But the results? Once working and flowing, it’s incredible.

For the last 2 years, I’ve worked only about 20 hours a week and have continued to make multiple five figures each month in cash.

I create new sales every month even when I don’t launch.

And create a great INJECTION of new clients when I do.

All without working MORE.

The key to a sustainable business….

Is creating the right systems to support your vision of freedom.

And when you start stepping into the role of a CEO of your business and get the right systems and strategies in place, that aren’t just short-term but also long-term…

You can see your business skyrocket to making your first or your best $250K in sales.

Over the next 30 days, I’ll be sharing more insights from working with clients over the last 8 years to help them build aligned and profitable businesses online.

So I can help you too.

If you’re ready to take it further…

I’ve expanded my private coaching container this year to support more people who are ready to be helped with what I shared above.

Clients hire me for private coaching when they are ready to scale into six figures. We work on refining your offer strategy, sales, and business management to hit your first or best $250K.

If this is you, submit an interest form for 1:1 HERE.

Talk soon!

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