Removing Fake Followers on Instagram (GHOST FOLLOWERS & Engagement Rate)

Removing Fake Followers on Instagram (GHOST FOLLOWERS & Engagement Rate on IG)

A while back I did a view on removing thousands of ghost followers from my Instagram account. Since then I had some questions from people asking if getting rid of fake followers really DID help my engagement – was I seeing more organic growth on Instagram, were my real followers seeing more content more, was I getting my story views? And I wanted to make an honest video sharing about my experience here.

In case you don’t know what ghost followers are – they’re basically either fake followers on Instagram or inactive followers on Instagram – or accounts that followed you just because you followed them (only to unfollow later probably) and they didn’t really follow because they WANTED to, it’s more like “I guess I should”.

Since I made a video on how to get rid of fake followers or spam followers or ghost followers, whatever you wanna call it – I actually did not see a big increase in engagement. Womp womp.

My engagement stayed pretty much the same. In the next video, I will talk about what HAS helped my engagement grow and some things to help grow Instagram, but not today.

In this video, I also talk about whether you SHOULD remove ghost followers or fake followers on Instagram – 3 things to consider BEFORE removing them.


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