After sifting through a ton of online marketing tools and resources, we curated the official Heart Behind Hustle® resource list. These straightforward, insanely valuable services and trainings will help you scale up, and blow up. We use every single one of these tools in our businesses today, and wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t think they were powerful. Bookmark this page now so you never lose this resource list!

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Try Interact Quiz.

This is my favorite quiz platform! In case you didn’t know, quizzes are the next big thing in marketing and they’re an incredibly effective way of generating loads of leads. Plus, they’re just so fun to create!

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Click Funnels.

This is my favorite platform for sales funnels! That is, creating landing pages, sales pages, order forms, and all the other things that make my list building and sales smooth and easy. It also allows you to create membership sites and have an email platform within it (although that’s not how I personally use it). Best of all, you can share sales funnels with other people. In fact, I often share my funnels with my students so they just have to copy & paste & edit to make them work. Easy peasy!

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This is the WordPress host that we use for Heart Behind Hustle®. Honestly, we’ve used so many different website hosts over the years and each one has failed more than once. With our last one, the site went down several times during launches and cost us thousands of dollars in lost revenue. That’s why I knew things needed to change. We’ve loved being on WPegine!

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This is the webinar platform I use and recommend for all of my clients. I love it because not only is it way cheaper than GoToWebinar or Zoom Webinar, but it also allows you to do more cool things than those platforms do, such as hybrid webinars, polls, upload attachments, and much more.

You can get a free 60 day trial using this link.


This is a sibling of WebinarJam except this platform is focused on automated evergreen webinars! If you haven’t done any yet, they are an incredible way to increase your sales on demand, plus when used in combination with WebinarJam you can literally turn your previous live webinars into automated ones with just one click!

You can get a free 60 day trial using this link.


This is the only CRM I use and I love it because it’s not stuffy like the other platforms out there. This is really focused on relationships and communication. You get to stay in touch with prospects and partners, and get reminded when to reach out to them, and have everything in one place. It has made my life so much easier, especially during launches and doing effective follow ups.

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This is the membership platform I recommend to all my clients and students who want to sell courses. Not only is it easy to create your course in the platform, but you can also get people enrolled, do cross-sells, upsells, and much more. It’s the best solution for someone who doesn’t want to deal with crazy technology or tons of customer service questions from your students.

You can get Teachable using this link.

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