March 18, 2018

Why you’re still not at six figures yet in your business

So, every so often I talk to an entrepreneur who’s been trying to grow her business.

She does all the things she thinks she’s supposed to do. She tries so hard. But yet, she still seems to fall flat.

Struggling with getting clients, growing her community, and making the impact she desires.

Well, here’s the thing:

If you’re STILL not at six figures, despite all the things you’ve done and thinking like you should be there already (after all, you have so much potential and it seems like people ARE resonating with your message and your offers… but yet something is just not clicking)… There are five possible main reasons why this might be happening.

I wanted to take you through what might be going on. I hope this helps!

1. You’re not fully committed – your hustle isn’t intentional

Here are Heart Behind Hustle, we believe in hustle… as long as it’s intentional and it does its job. The reason I say that is because a lot of people grind all the time, they wake up and work work work, but yet still don’t see many fruits of their labor. How annoying!

There are a few reasons I see this might be happening.

First, you might be more of a planner versus a doer.

Here’s the thing:

Just because you’re on your laptop all the time, scrolling through Facebook, and writing your plans and mapping things on spreadsheets DOES NOT mean you are doing THE work you need to grow your business.

Now, that’s not to say that you can’t succeed when you do those things. It’s important to plan, to strategize, the keep your hand on the pule (after all, this is a big part of why people work with me!), but if you’re spending 90% of your time on planning planning planning… You’re not really EVER doing the work needed to get the clients!

I once had a client who would not stop changing her damn mind about what she wanted to offer and how.

She was stuck in that ongoing spiral of perfectionism AND planning, which resulted in NO visibility, NO sales, and obviously NO growth.

She FELT like she was working ALL the time though, that’s the crazy thing. But just because you’re thinking about your business all the time, doesn’t mean you’re working all the time. Sad to say, but true.

If you’re still holding on to you perfectionistic tendencies, it’s time to start letting those go. Your plan will never be perfect, I’m gonna tell you that right now. It will keep changing. As will your business and your brand. WELCOME to the world of entrepreneurship! The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is that those who succeed get their plan good enough, then they implement and they tweak AS NEEDED while it’s being implemented and run. They don’t wait for things to be perfect. Cause they know that will NEVER be the case anyway.

Another reason you might feel like you’re working all the time, but not seeing the results is that you might be chasing shiny objects left and right.

This is a sibling to perfectionism, just it’s also a cousin to “quick fix” seeking.

You want to succeed, like, yesterday. Don’t we all!

So instead of putting your plan into action and seeing it through, you might start implementing and when you don’t see results within the first few weeks (or days… or hours!) you get discouraged and start looking for another solution to learn and implement instead. And sometimes this doesn’t even happen consciously!

You might be scrolling through Facebook and you see an ad… You click on it. “Wow, make $50K per month on autopilot?! That solution sounds SO much better than mine I’m trying to do that promises to deliver $10K per month. I’ll try that instead!”

And you abandon ship and switch gears to this new, sexier, flashier strategy.

Only to jump ship again when this one doesn’t produce immediate results and you are faced with another, even newer, strategy.

Listen, if you want to succeed and get to six figures you’ve GOT to let things run their course. You know those people who say they got rich basically overnight and generates six figures or more within a weekend or just a few weeks? They didn’t usually do that out of nowhere! They worked to put the strategy in place, for weeks and months, and THEN it started producing results.

It’s time to freaking COMMIT already.

Commit to one thing and just do it! All of these behaviors I’ve shared above just mean you’re not fully committed to your business, to your growth.

You’ve got one foot in, one foot out. Waiting for the next best thing. Waiting for that overnight success. That will not come unless you put the work in, stop the busywork, stop the overplanning and perfectionism, and just do the work – and do it consistently until you can make some real decisions.

2. You’re not ready for it mentally

Before I hit my first six figures in my coaching business back in 2015, I felt like I was blocked.

I was doing all the things, I had so much marketing know-how, but yet something was just off. It’s like anytime I’d get close to my monthly income goal, I’d sabotage my efforts so I wouldn’t hit it.

I was working with a mindset coach at the time and she asked me an important question,

“What are you afraid might happen when you hit six figures?”

What a strange question, I thought. NOTHING! I want to hit six figures, what are you talking about!

But when she asked me again, I was forced to really look at my crap and see what was going on behind the curtain. Because there’s a reason why we are where we are. There’s always a reason for why we aren’t breaking through, and we have to be able to look at, and investigate, the beliefs we are currently holding so we can bust through them.

Turns out, I had many fears around getting to six figures that were totally not in my conscious mind – they are all subconscious! And they were affecting my growth.

“I’m afraid when I’m a six figure entrepreneur, that I will alienate myself even more. I won’t have friends because they won’t be able to connect with me the same way. I will stay single forever because I will never find a man who’s on the same wavelength as me.”

Ummmm, yeah, if I’m afraid all of these things will happen when I get to six figures OF COURSE I will sabotage my efforts to get there! I mean who wants to be all alone? No one!

I needed to shine a light on these beliefs and realize 1) how ridiculous they are, 2) that they are not true, 3) that just because I’m successful doesn’t mean all these crazy things will happen. I get to choose!

I realized I needed to get out of my own way in order to break through. And as soon as I did, the very next month I hit my first five figure month.

[thrive_2step id=’1514′][/thrive_2step]

Now, on another side of the story, while it’s important to know why you’re sabotaging yourself from getting to where you want to go, it’s also important to know WHY you want to reach your goal.

Often, entrepreneurs will set a vague goal like “I want to hit six figures” just because they feel like that’s what they’re supposed to be doing. That’s the next goal, the next benchmark.

But there’s really no feeling, or emotion, or reasoning behind it.

And when there’s no reasoning behind it, there’s really no urgency behind it either.

So to get out of your own way, you also have to get clear as to WHY you want to reach that goal in the first place.

Not looking at just the negatives, but what are the positives? What do you want to happen when you hit your goals?

How will your life change? Will you act differently? Will your lifestyle change? Will your kids go to a different school? What will you spend the extra money on?

Get clear on these things to create a sense of purpose and urgency for you to hit your goals.

3. You aren’t energetically aligned with it – your heart doesn’t believe it

Another reason why you might not have hit six figures yet is because you might not believe you deserve it. Your heart is closed off from receiving the riches and the wealth, and it’s stemming from how you feel about yourself inside.

If you subconsciously think you are unworthy of being rich, or that making money has to be hard, or that unless you’ve hustled 24/7 you don’t deserve to be successful, or that women can’t be rich, or that you’re a fraud, or anything else that has to do with your own inherent ability to receive, make, and keep money – it’ll be really hard for you to reach your financial goals.

You’re blocking yourself energetically.

Your heart isn’t open for the money to come in so energetically you’re saying no thank you.

If this sounds woo-woo, I get it. I was skeptical, too. But it freaking works! Everything in the universe is made of energy! And if you’re constantly putting out vibes that you are unworthy or not good enough to make money, then the universe will take a note of that. “Okay then, let me deliver what she’s asking for. No money!”

It’s basic Law of Attraction stuff, and if you haven’t dug into this in any way, I highly encourage you to do so. Your thoughts become things so you have to be very careful with the thoughts you choose to think.

I first got introduced to the Law of Attraction by watching the acclaimed movie The Secret. It’s on Netflix. Watch it. And then you can go deeper from there.

4. Your income model and business structure isn’t set up to support it

But mindset and energy isn’t the only reason why your stuff might not be selling enough to get you to six figures. It’s possible that your income model and offer structures just don’t support you getting to six figures, unless you grind yourself to exhaustion.

This is the case for most newer coaches and service-based entrepreneurs. Many of them, for example, are selling standalone sessions for peanuts. There’s been so many times where I saw a coach selling a coaching session for anywhere between $50 and $300. Or a Virtual Assistant selling hourly work for $15 to $30 per hour.

My god, how much will you have to work in order to get to six figures?! A LOT! And remember, as a business owner, it’s not like you get to just work on delivery for clients full time – you still have to do the marketing, the sales, the business operations to have a functioning business.

No time left for anything else (like your life)!

I’d rather just get a job at that point. At least I’d also get benefits.

In all seriousness, your income model must support your goals. Instead of trying to make yourself be “accessible” in terms of pricing, create MORE income streams that support the people at different levels of investment, so you can feel good still that you’re impacting people, but your best stuff is reserved for those who are willing to pay.

Additionally, stop selling standalone sessions already!

It’s time to package your stuff up into sexy packages that sell. 

Packaging not only helps YOU by enrolling clients at a higher price point and working with you for a longer time, but it also helps your clients better! I don’t know any person who was 100% fixed after one coaching call. Yes, their questions might have been answered but real transformation does not happen within one call. Not even three calls. It takes time!

So make sure your income model is set up to support six figures – you have more than just one income stream, different types of packages, and have some scalable offers that don’t require your 1:1 attention to make the money – such as group coaching programs, live group courses, workshops, and other types of offers.

(by the way, this is a big part of what I help people with inside the Income Amplifier Method™check it out!)

5. Your positioning and offers aren’t clearly focused on the “want”

If you’re still not at six figures and you feel like you’ve nailed down all of the four reasons above, it’s possible that your stuff just needs more tweaking. It’s possible that people aren’t buying at the level you need them to because your packages and offers aren’t positioned properly.

A big mistake I see a lot of coaches and experts making is they are trying to sell what they know their clients NEED, instead of WANT.

Let me illustrate this better:

You’re a love coach. You help women find love. YOU know that in order for women for find love they must first learn to love themselves. So you create offers around that. No one buys because your target market, while they might NEED that, they don’t know it – their WANT is that they just want to go on dates and meet men so they can find their soulmate. So they will buy a product that addresses THAT.

Is this making sense?

Now, I’m not saying you have to go and dumb yourself down or teach stuff you don’t believe in! Not at all! But, you do have to be aware of what your target audience wants, what they struggle with, and then position your offering in the way that addresses those pain points. THEN, once they’re in – you can deliver on their wants BUT ALSO transform them with what they need.

That’s your job as a coach. You can’t just sell what you wanna sell because you think it’s needed. Your BUSINESS is to get your ideal clients to pay attention so you CAN transform them in your own special way. It’s service!

Another big reason is that your offers might be just plain confusing.

It could be because you’re positioning it around the need versus the want, but it could also be because there’s really not clear method to the madness.

If you think your stuff is great, but no one else even understands what you’re talking about, well you won’t get the sale.

A confused mind does not buy.

Get focused, get clear, and know your positioning. And recognize that it might take a few tries before it’s exactly right. That’s okay. Remember point #1 above? You keep going until it’s right. Or you can hire a business coach who can help you figure it out faster 🙂 (like me!)

Alright… That’s it.

I’m curious: which of these five reasons has struck you the most?

What’s the reason you think you haven’t moved forward the most? Or maybe it’s a mixture of all of them?

Send me a DM on Instagram and let me know. @heartbehindhustle




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