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Our proven strategies can get your dreams out of your head and into your everyday life! Implement these tools ASAP:

How can I create
and launch a badass
group program?


We believe more impact (and income) means reaching more people (without sacrificing their level of transformation). This business strategy is easier than you may think – we got you covered!

Scale my Business

How can I grow
my visibility as an
expert online?


Showing up as an authority is essential – not only for your tribe to find you, but for YOU to fully OWN it! We have the marketing path to help you show up online (and get the right customers). You’re going to love it!

Grow my Expert Status

What does it REALLY
take to grow a business
(and have a life)?


We operate under the no B.S. policy at HBH and we welcome you behind the scenes! We’re honorable truth-tellers and we’ve got your back (psst. It’s not always pretty!).

Let’s Get Real


We are on a mission

Heart Behind Hustle® was created to support entrepreneurs on their journey in making an impact, without sacrificing their values, integrity, and personality. We’re here to empower you and fire you up to lead your business with big vision and audacious passion. We’ll provide you with the tools and strategies to grow your business in bold, effective ways that impact real people’s lives, make more profits, AND get you to show up as an authentic authority expert in your industry! Your job? Stay connected to your WHY, hustle with intention, let your heart show up, and make your mark on the world.

Join us and let’s make an impact together.

If you’re ready to become a world-renowned leader, an innovator, a change-maker, you’ve found your tribe. We believe that the way to blow up and scale up online is letting go of the “feast and famine” mode of generating income and stepping into an empowered scalable model instead. We can show you exactly how to leverage these easy to implement, scalable strategies so that you can generate six figures and step into your leadership online (and beyond).

Heart Behind Hustle® is a movement of passionate ambitious entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their businesses with heart, and together we stay on track, kicking-ass every day, while staying connected to our big bold missions. It’s time to put your heart behind your hustle and finally live the life of your dreams, and thus empowering others to do the same.

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Real Results

  • “I manifested working with Kamila! She was a lifesaver. Three months into working together, we’d grown my list by 600%, I launched my first course around my book, and landed on Amazon best-sellers list within days of being published from building an engaged tribe!”

    – Suzanne Adams, Life Purpose Consultant & Best-Selling Author

  • “I realized that just in the first 3 months of THIS year, I am only $4K short from what I made in an ENTIRE YEAR last year. HUGE WIN! I believe SO much of this is contributed to working with Kamila Gornia in various ways over the last year. THANK YOU SO MUCH KAMILA!”

    -Elyse Falzone, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Life Coach

  • “From a Virtual Intensive with Kamila, I’ve been able to guarantee 6 months of income for myself, which means peace of mind. I’m a lot more confident now knowing that my business model ensures I succeed financially. It allowed me to be open about my business, my insecurities, and my dreams and receive the best advice possible from Kamila. She seriously knows her stuff and I absolutely loved working with her!”

    – Jillian Adriana, Graphic Designer

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