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Heart Behind Hustle® is a place for coaches and service-based entrepreneurs like you who are passionate about the work they do, desire to actually HELP people, WHILE creating a business that doesn’t feel like work - so they can live a life of freedom and joy.

You have a big vision for your business and your legacy.  You're committed to showing up, and expanding beyond what you thought is even possible. Sustainable $300k+ years, 1000s of new leads each month, automation, growth, scaling and aligned freedom. Whether you're newer in business or established. You're ready.

If you resonate with my results, my vibe, and my content and desire a deep level of support, I have several ways of working with clients privately.

To chat about it, DM me "private coaching" on Instagram and fill out the waitlist form below.

For the committed entrepreneur who's growing and scaling into a 7 figure brand

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1:1 Mentorship

Option 1

join natural at sales

Natural at Sales:
LIVE program

Option 2

Completely transform your experience when selling - how to go from unsure, unclear, and awkward to confident and unapologetic at sales

Discover the ART of selling... so it feels natural, easy, and aligned. This is something people don't teach when it comes to sales and it will transform your entire sales experience.


Free Training

Serve to Sell

Option 3

Step-by-step strategy to go from newbie coach to booking your first 10 coaching clients with momentum and ease

This is my flagship program for new coaches and service providers who want to create an no-brainer coaching offer and sell it with ease. Many students book their first client within 1-2 weeks.


Read my book

Option 3

Learn my counterintuitive process for building an aligned & profitable business.

This book is an Amazon best-seller in several categories, and it's a great place to start if you're not ready to dive in full force yet. or aren't sure what business to start.