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You're trying to find the people that are willing to pay for what you have to offer, but you feel like you keep meeting people that aren't ready or who can't afford it, or they're okay with complaining all the time and not doing anything to change their situation.

Or maybe you have gotten a few single sessions sold, but it feels like feast or famine. It's like you have an influx and then there's like three weeks, four weeks where there's nothing. And maybe you do have money coming in, but it always seems like just "enough" to pay your bills, but never more than that. 

To make matters worse, you're doubting yourself and your skills. Maybe you feel a bit like an imposter. You worry that people will judge you when you ask for the sale, you don't want to be seen as salesy, sleazy, or pushy (gross!) and because of that, you hesitate when selling and struggle with promoting yourself online.

You know you can't possibly bring in sustainable income like this, you're standing in your own way. You're ready to change - just don't know how.

What if

this was your reality instead...

Reaching your first $1K, $3K, $5K, and even $10K month in your business, working with clients you absolutely adored, and being on the path to quitting your 9-5 job to focus on the business (if you haven't already).

People being EXCITED to pay for your offers and packages, no matter what price you charge, and having them enroll with little to no objections. 

Knowing EXACTLY what to say to communicate the value of your services, making your sales conversations feel natural, engaging, and fun.

Actually enjoying the sales process, knowing how to move the right people to say YES to your offers without EVER being pushy, salesy, slezy, or manipulative (gross!) and leading with your heart and value instead.

Having your inbox and calendar filled with people interested to learn how they can work with you, even if you're new in business and have no audience.

Knowing EXACTLY what to do each day, week, and month to confidently show up online, creating highly sharable content, and converting followers into clients consistently.

Feeling completely confident and aligned with your value, being able to get clients the result they desire with absolute certainty and turning those clients into raving fans and referral partners.

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a proven system to help you build and grow a service-based business you love and can actually rely on.

You're in the right place.

If you're ready to get fully booked with dream clients you love working with,

I've been a service-based entrepreneur since 2009, and since then I've learned a lot about what it really takes to book clients.

I did all the things I thought I needed to do. I grew my audience to thousands of subscribers, I got pretty branding and photos done, I went live on Facebook every day... but still, I struggled to book clients for my coaching AND my done-for-you agency.

It wasn't until I decided to stop focusing on my "competition" and chasing shiny objects, and instead began following a HUMAN centered approach, that I saw rapid results. 

Business DOES NOT have to complicated, confusing, or complex. In fact, the simplest businesses see the MOST profit and give back the most freedom to the entrepreneur. 

And now - it's your turn.

❌ Selling single sessions, charging per hour, or providing "sliding scale" discounts to get the sale

You go from this:

✅ Creating standardized repeatable packages at aligned price points that make sense that get people to want to become a long-lasting client

To this:

❌ Chasing clients to pay their invoices and hope people pay on time so YOU can pay your bills

✅ Having clients enroll in monthly recurring payments that gets billed automatically so you never have to chase or beg again

❌ Struggling with where to even FIND the right people who would be willing to pay for your services

✅ Implementing a daily and weekly marketing activity that gets you in front of new people every single day WITHOUT having to post endless content all the time

❌ Feeling awkward when selling and feeling guilty when asking for the sale because you have this notion that sales is bad or sleazy

✅ Feeling completely confident and aligned when asking for the sale and having your dream clients HAPPY to pay your fees, no matter what you charge

❌ Not knowing when it's appropriate to say what you do and when to make an offer, as well as HOW exactly to communicate that so the other person actually wants to sign up

✅ Having the exact system you follow during your conversations so you know exactly when and how to ask the right questions and invite to join your packages

❌ Constantly hearing from prospective clients on sales calls how they "can't afford it" or "it's not the right time" or "they have to think about it" and then they ghost you

✅ Following a natural selling system that feels seamless and builds demand for your services and closing clients with little to no objections

Go from this... to this...


So... what is the

Serve to Sell Method anyways?


This is where you build your profitable foundation, create your repeatable packages with the right price points, and get your first few clients booked.

Phase One:


This is where you develop your sales skills and implement our special sales system to book clients with less objections.

Phase Two:


This is where you implement our simple and repeatable marketing system that gets you in front of new people all the time and gets your calendar filled with prospective clients every week.

Phase Three:


This is where you let your business and clients make your life easier. You will learn how to improve your client results, how to document them, and how to build your referral generating machine. 

Phase Four:

The ONLY system you need to get fully booked with dream clients consistently WITHOUT feeling guilty for charging what you deserve.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Structure for Profit. 

Sell with Heart.

Show Up with Confidence.

Serve for Impact.

Here's how the Method looks


Foundations to Clarity

This Pre-Work module gets you set up for success as well as giving you more clarity so you know exactly where you're going and how you'll get there.

In Pre-Work, you’re going to discover >>>

The Client Attraction Roadmap and when to do each of the eight techniques to book clients anytime

Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur, I will be sharing you the secrets of what makes some people thrive and reach $100K in sales and others struggle to book clients at all, so you can set yourself on the right path to success

Build Your Confidence, so you never have to worry or doubt yourself again about whether people will judge you, not want to buy, or whatever else 

Getting Rid of Imposter Syndrome so you can feel empowered and excited to show up online and sell your services to the right clients

Gain Laser Clarity so you know exactly what steps to take at each time, so you can overcome any obstacle that comes up for you way ahead of time

Phase One

Structure for Profit

The first phase is rooted in the Sustainable Income Model, where you will put the right foundations in place to have your business running smoothly. This is what most online service providers miss and they end up working way too hard for way too little money. We flip that by structuring a business that works FOR you and your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Here's what we're doing in Phase One >>>

Structure your business to bring in sustainable income month after month (even if you're starting at $0)

Create your own clear roadmap to making your first $100K in sales, even if you just started your business and can hardly wrap your head around how it'd even be possible

Create standardized service packages that maximize profit and decrease the amount you work, creating. a predictable and fair schedule that creates freedom

Create your own highly converting Case Study Offer that builds demand and attention, and gets you booking clients at the right price points WITHOUT even needing to know how to "sell"

Implement our first two client-getting techniques from the Client Attraction Roadmap to book your first 3-5 clients within weeks

Use our foolproof package structure for your offers to make them a no-brainer HECK YES offer that sells like hotcakes

Use our pricing strategy to choose the right price points (and when to change them) so you can book clients for maximum profitability (and less resistance!)

Implement our autopay system to have clients pay easily even if you’re not techy (no more sending invoices hoping they pay!)

Phase Two

Sell with Heart

What if you could connect deeply, show up with service, and naturally get your ideal clients sold on working with you - without having to convince, pressure, or hard sell anyone? We do this using the Signature Strategy System, which you will be using as a core part of your entire selling process.

Here's what we're doing in Phase Two >>>

Develop your Signature Strategy that encompasses your best value and allows you to sell your packages without having to sell "yourself"

Message your offers effectively so ideal clients are excited to sign up and pay your fees, no matter what they are

Have easy + engaging conversations that get clients sold on your process, making them an easy YES

Use our exact call scripts to book clients with fewer objections and no awkwardness

Start implementing our daily profit-generating activities to start generating conversations, calls, and sales

Know exactly how (and when) to overcome objections to make the sale close with love and ease

Download our tracking sheet to easily see opportunities and see $1 turn into $10k

Become incredible at closing sales in the DM messenger

Daily growth activity to grow your audience WITHOUT having to post your own content all day long

Phase Three

Show Up with Confidence

Once your entire sales process is figured out, the only thing left to do, is to find those ideal clients. You will learn the Aligned Marketing Method that has helped countless clients before me to simplify and streamline their marketing while boosting their income.

Here's what to expect in Phase Three >>>

Develop a repeatable marketing system that gives you total clarity on what to do every day + every week + every month, as easy as plug & play

Create highly engaging content that attracts, converts, and helps clients

Grow your audience every month without being on social media 24/7

Use our content calendar with high-powered content ideas, scripts, and prompts to convert strangers into prospects and clients with more ease

Download our script blueprints to generate trust & sales on video – even if you’re camera shy

Implement the daily visibility strategy that gets you in front of new people daily (without posting your own content daily!)

Start growing your audience by creating partnerships and campaigns that convert

Phase Four

Serve for Impact

Once you're easily getting clients booked at rates you wish to charge, the key is making sure you're creating happy clients who can also help your business grow. We do this using the Happy Clients, Easier Growth model. When you provide great results and a happy client experience, your energy changes and becomes more magnetic... And your clients want to stay with you for longer!

Here's what to expect in Phase Four:

Create a beautiful onboarding process for new clients to make them overjoyed with you right from the start

Have your clients become referral partners and send you even more clients
Create epic case studies and testimonials every month

Use our seamless process for renewing clients to keep working with you for years

Build out a beautiful members area for clients (step-by-step)

Use our scripts and templates to generate incredible testimonials and case studies from clients

Learn our tools of the trade for actually getting BETTER results for clients
See behind the scenes of how I run my VIP Days, my coaching packages, my group coaching programs, my done-for-you services, and more.

Discover how I scheduled my days when I grew my business to six figures while working in a 9-5 job

We've built coaching and support into the curriculum to make sure you do the work and get results...

Get the EXACT steps to implementing our strategies to work in your business. Each lesson is very actionable with steps to follow, so you can see results in your business much faster. You see results by DOING, not just learning.


Each and every month, we have several live calls you can attend to either learn advanced strategies, updates to what's working now, as well getting your questions answered. We plan on adding more calls each month as the group grows.


Have a question? You get to ask for feedback, reviews, or support each month for our Q&A sessions. Additionally, we encourage you to ask for feedback in our student community.


There are MANY ways to attract and book clients, and in the curriculum, you will get access to the Client Attraction Roadmap, comprised of 8 different techniques you will learn and implement through your journey. You can then use them again and again, on repeat to attract more and more clients.


Get access to other students on the same journey as you 24/7. We encourage participation and accountability, and we've seen many folks get clients AND find friends for life in our community.


Throughout the program, you will be given plug-and-play templates, scripts for sales calls and DM conversations, as well as various tools I have used in my business. This will make your implementation 100x faster and easier.


Become a Founding Member today!

Choose the best plan for you...

Step-by-Step Video Training Curriculum (Valued at $1997)

Templates, Scripts, and Tools for Easy Implementation (Valued at $297)

Client Attraction Roadmap with 8 different techniques (Valued at $997)

Bonus mindset training lessons at each phase to overcome your biggest blocks and challenges to doing the work (Valued at $297)

Submit action steps and homework assignments for added accountability, this is a great way to ensure you get the work done and are moving forward

Private student community to get feedback, share wins, ask for support anytime + meet your new biz besties

Monthly live call sessions to support you in accelerating your growth at every stage

Founding member discount - Save 60% by joining early while the curriculum is continuing to be developed (get instant access to phase 0-2)

Get access for a year for LIFE! Seriously. As long as the program is running, you will retain access to curriculum, community, AND calls! Once the program is fully complete, it will be annual access only.









Build a simple yet effective website based on sales psychology that only takes 2-3 hours to put together (using my plug-and-play templates) as well as a beautiful members area for your clients.

BONUS 1: Build Your Own Client-Getting Website in 2 Hours (Plug and Play Template)

Things are gonna get interesting. And uncomfortable. You're gonna start booking clients using the STS method, and I want you to use these sessions with me every month to keep growing using this system.

BONUS 2: Monthly LIVE Sales Strategy Advanced Sessions

You will have the opportunity to submit conversations you are having with prospects via DM or phone for a review. We will then choose some to get reviewed live on a call so everyone can learn from how to improve their sales conversations.

BONUS 3: Sales Conversation Reviews: Exactly How to Improve Your Calls

Throughout the program, you will get access to various templates, spreadsheets, tools, workbooks worksheets, and much more to make implementation a lot faster and easier.

BONUS 4: Content Templates, Scripts, and Prompts for Effortless Client Attraction

We're behind you 100%!

30-Day Money Guarantee

I want you to feel 100% confident when you join the STS Launchpad, because I know you will get results when you follow the method. Since I have had hundreds of entrepreneurs that back that up throughout my programs over the years that have done this work already, and I want you to be another one of those success stories. So you can feel super confident when you come in, because if you do all the work in Phase 1, show us you did, and still don't see an impact, we will gladly give you your money back (sans credit card fees).

Kamila Gornia, founder of Heart Behind Hustle®, is the powerhouse business + marketing strategist for impact-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to skyrocket their income and impact online through heart-fueled strategies that convert. She helps them scale into six figures and show up as authorities in alignment with their vision and desires. Kamila has been seen on Forbes,, Inc., Huffington Post, and several others.

A sweet and spicy tattooed Polish gal who values true results and keepin’ it real, Kamila’s on a mission to help other passionate, driven entrepreneurs spread their unique message to a broader audience with online marketing. She grew her first successful website at the ripe age of 12, and then went on to build several profitable ventures in the art and health niches. After selling her last business, Kamila created a training and coaching company that has now generated over two million dollars in sales. It’s clear that Kamila has street cred when it comes to creating consistent revenue streams with effective marketing, list-building, and paid traffic campaigns.

Kamila has packaged up everything she knows from over 15 years in the digital game to help service-based entrepreneurs book clients with her tried-and-true strategies, killer marketing coaching services and sought-after courses.

Meet your mentor

Who is Kamila Gornia?

Featured In:

This is a great fit for:

If any of these sounds like you, you’re exactly where you need to be.

Coaches, consultants, healers, and done-for-you online service providers such as copywriters, virtual assistants, designers, and more.

Those who are new in business or new-ish, namely if you are not booking clients at the level you desire, you are probably making between $0 and $5K per month consistently.

People who have a big heart, want to help others, feel like they were meant for big things - you might just struggle with the sales and marketing bit. You're in it for fulfillment, joy, freedom, and to make a difference.

You may be asking yourself...

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.

What if I'm not ready to dive in yet, will this program be open later?

Yes. However, here's why I recommend you join TODAY anyway. Reason #1 - You get lifetime access AND a discount for joining today. So even if you're not ready to focus on the business until a few months later, you already know you have this program available for you when you're ready. Reason #2 - Most people who say this to me and end up joining, still end up starting with the curriculum and they are SO grateful they did now versus later. When you realize you don't need hours upon hours each day to implement these growth activities, you will be happy you can start now and start seeing results faster.

I have to finish my course/offer first, can I join once I do that?

This is one of the biggest reasons why people stay stuck. They think they have to do ALL these things FIRST before investing in their business so they can do it RIGHT. One of the things you will learn in the program is how to create the RIGHT offers that actually sell. Plus, I don't recommend creating ANYTHING until you've sold it first. Instead of spending time on activities that are "busy work," join the Launchpad and do the work that ACTUALLY moves you forward faster.

Do I still get the instant access curriculum and bonuses if I join on the payment plan?


What if I realize this program is not right for me after buying?

You have 30 days to decide whether it's right for you or not. Do the work, implement, and if you don't see an impact - or you think it's not right for you for any other reason, just email me at and we'll get you refunded (except credit card processing fees).

I am brand new in business and haven't made any money yet, is this right for me?

Absolutely! The point of this program is to get you to a place of BOOKING your first clients and it will be a life-changer for you as a newbie - I wish I had something like this when I was starting out.

When does the program and live calls start exactly? When do I get access after I join?

Right away! We've had this program running for a little while now, and I am in development of future lessons. But yeah, the live calls and lessons are already available for you dive into immediately after joining!

How quickly can I expect to make money with this program?

This is going to depend on you, how quickly you implement, and where you're starting from. If you have an audience already, you can probably book your first clients within 1-2 weeks. If you are brand new with no audience, it may take closer to 3-4 weeks but we've had people get clients as soon as week 1 even without an audience. It's honestly very individual. The goal though is for you to bring in consistent clients, not just quick cash for a week or two - it's about building a business that creates income you can live off of.

I've had my business for a few years, but I'm struggling with booking clients. Is this right for me?

If you are struggling with booking clients and you do not find yourself to be good at sales, good at finding potential clients and marketing, and feel like you don't have the structure or system to do it consistently on repeat - then absolutely. This is a great fit.

Become a Founding Member today!

Choose the best plan for you...

Step-by-Step Video Training Curriculum (Valued at $1997)

Templates, Scripts, and Tools for Easy Implementation (Valued at $297)

Client Attraction Roadmap with 8 different techniques (Valued at $997)

Bonus mindset training lessons at each phase to overcome your biggest blocks and challenges to doing the work (Valued at $297)

Submit action steps and homework assignments for added accountability, this is a great way to ensure you get the work done and are moving forward

Private student community to get feedback, share wins, ask for support anytime + meet your new biz besties

Monthly live call sessions to support you in accelerating your growth at every stage

Founding member discount - Save 60% by joining early while the curriculum is continuing to be developed (get instant access to phase 0-2)

Get access for a year for LIFE! Seriously. As long as the program is running, you will retain access to curriculum, community, AND calls! Once the program is fully complete, it will be annual access only.








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