I created Heart Behind Hustle for people like


You’ve been brought here for a reason

... You got overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there online about how to do that. Before you know it, instead of growing and scaling, you felt stuck.

Instead of working with clients and HELPING people, you were wasting hours scrolling on Instagram, learning yet another trendy flashy strategy, building complicated funnels, and more.

The thing is? Getting to six figures in a coaching or service-based business is NOT complicated!

In fact, wasting time on #AllTheThings is causing you to PUSH ideal clients AWAY by working way too much, depleting your energy, and leaving nothing left for what you TRULY want to be doing.

But then...

Heart Behind Hustle® is the place for online service-based entrepreneurs like you who are passionate about helping people, WHILE ALSO creating a wildly profitable and sustainable business that doesn’t feel like work - so they can live an abundant life of fulfillment, fun and freedom.

Chasing clients and cold DMing strangers on social media with mass sleazy pitches

Spending hours each day scrolling social media only to get stuck in the comparison game

Working 80 hour weeks only to bring in maaaybe one client every month

Feeling guilty for charging for your talents and skills

Struggling to book clients and consistently hearing “not right now” or “maybe later”

Instead of:






A simple and streamlined human-centered approach to business that scales

Becoming natural at sales so you can enroll clients easily with way LESS objections

Spending 10-20 hours a week on building the business while making 2x-10x more money

Feeling absolutely confident, certain, and excited about your future in business

Working with clients you ADORE who are happy to pay your fees, no matter what they are

We have you do this instead:

Since 2014, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs to build and scale their online businesses to six figures and beyond. To date, my work has helped over 25,000 entrepreneurs improve their sales and marketing so they can reach their next income goals while staying aligned with their values, vision, and personality.

your new business aND SALES COACH

And that’s exactly what I do.

Hi, I'm Kamila

in a nutshell...





I was obsessed with manga and anime and decided to learn html so I could create a Polish scanlation website (where we'd take comics published in Japanese or English and get them translated to Polish and distributed online for free).

Brought on a virtual team of 3 volunteer translators and editors (we met in an online chatroom!) to help out. 

Five months later, the website was one of the top niche sites in Poland, and got 45,000 views.

Age: 12


Moved to the United States! Trying to assimilate was hard. Over time, I let go of a lot of interests that could make me look weird (such as my website) so I could find a way to belong. I wasn't fluent in English, had a strong accent, and felt terrified of speaking up so I wouldn't be made fun of.

Age 13:


A few years before, when I was 16, I started partying a lot and going to clubs. Through that, I met some nightclub promoters.

At 18, I took a high school photography class and liked it a lot.

So when I was 19, I decided to use my passion for photography as a way to get in the "cool crowd" in nightclubs - and began doing freelance nightclub photography. This is also the year I started college and moved downtown Chicago.

Age 19:


Living downtown Chicago had its perks and drawbacks. I was a big party girl and got a bit TOO into the party lifestyle, if you know what I mean. While it was great (I was getting paid to party 4 times a week while taking pictures), I also began to become really obsessed with how I looked, comparing myself to other women, and never feeling good enough. The year before, my best friend died of cancer, and it kind of got me to spiral.

On the night of my 21st birthday (January 16), I had a sinking feeling that "this was it" - I could not see my life past my 21st birthday. I didn't drink a lot that night due to my anxiety... and then, on the ride HOME, we got hit by a drunk driver. 

My life flashed before my eyes. I got pretty beat up in the car accident, my head hit and cracked the windshield, I had to go to physical therapy for months... and it really made me re-evaluate my life.

I realized I was NOT happy with the road my life was taking me on and I felt like I really wanted to make an impact - I was not doing that.

Age 21:


I began working on improving my self-image and health, and through that I decided to start a blog. I called it Sensual Appeal (because I was like oh - it appeals to your senses. This shows you that I was not really that fluent in English yet 😂)

I began learning food photography, baking, adapting recipes, and more. This blog was so fun, and after a year I began to monetize it through brand sponsors and ads.

Within three years, my blog was bringing in 100,000 visitors PER MONTH and I was making thousands each month in brand deals.

Age 22:


After graduating college with a BA in Psychology and BA in Integrated Marketing Communications (with honors! yay!), I began working in some agencies.

After spending a summer working in one of the top ad agencies, Havas, I realized this path was not for me. I got a job as a social media marketing strategies at another marketing company and loved it.

After about a year, I took Marie Forleo's B-School to help me grow my health blog, but through her lessons I realized I should actually pivot and start coaching instead.

So, I started my marketing coaching business on the side, thinking it was going to be a life coaching business at first and quickly pivoted to focus on marketing after my first client experience taught me life coaching is NOT for me.

Age 24:


In Nov 2014, I hired my first yearlong business coach at a price I couldn't afford and I was so glad I did!

My coaching business made six figures in 2015 and I decided to go full-time with it. 

I quit my photography business which I mostly did on the weekends, I sold my healthy living blog on auction for four figures, and I quit my 9-5 day job as a social media strategist at a digital agency I worked at. 

I was also getting a lot of requests for Facebook Ads help, so I decided to create another arm of the business, Kamila Social, which would be a FB Ads agency.

Age 25:


I decided to move to NYC, my dream city, to live my "dream life." I packed two suitcases and off I went. But it wasn't exactly what I thought it would be.

I worked HARD, I hustled, I made $330K in one year which felt great, BUT I was really freaking lonely. I didn't really know anyone there and I had no way to meet new people since I worked from home. I ended up having ALL of my self-worth source from my business, which ended up burning me out HARD. I was in the doctors office almost weekly, experiencing panic attacks almost daily, and gaining weight rapidly.

I was miserable :(

Age 26: 


After burnout, I moved to San Diego to build a more connected community with other female entrepreneurs and to find myself again. I took a step back from marketing my coaching business, letting it coast at about $150K per year, while I focused on client delivery instead as well as working with more Facebook Ads clients.

I also worked to rediscover who I was. I signed up for improv, acting classes, yoga, and more.

Age 27:


I officially rebranded from being just Kamila Gornia to Heart Behind Hustle® and building something bigger than just me. It changed my life. 

I began hosting more events and retreats, simplifying my business model, and focusing on getting better results for clients rather than comparing myself to other coaches. I also decided to let go of the agency model and only work with some clients on ads and consulting in a 1:1 basis instead of agency team.

This is the year I found love and met the amazing man I'm with now, who has been the most encouraging and loving person I've ever met. 🥰

Age 28:


Running a business that creates FREEDOM in my life. I work on average 20 hours per week and make multiple five figures per month. My clients get better results than ever before, my work has gotten refined, more meaningful, and even more impactful. 

And now I help other service-providers book clients in a more effective, connected, and efficient way that allows them to scale into six figures while being in their zone of brilliance, rather than hustling and grinding like I did when I first started.


LEARN HOW YOU CAN GROW YOUR OWN six-figure Business too

Monki, Poland

Chicago, IL

Arlington Heights, IL

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

New York City, NY

San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

Kamila Gornia, founder of Heart Behind Hustle® and Evergreen Icon™, has been supporting online coaches & entrepreneurs with marketing and sales since 2014 and has helped many reach six figures in yearly revenue.

She helps her clients scale by creating evergreen mid-ticket group programs that are easy-to-run and easy-to-sell through automation, funnels, and paid ads - and without the need for sales calls, social selling in the DMs, or posting daily on social media - allowing to create true sustainability and freedom in their business. To date, her advice has helped over 25,000 entrepreneurs which has resulted in over $2M+ in revenue.

Kamila has been seen on Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, Inc., Huffington Post, and several others.


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