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After sifting through a ton of online marketing tools and resources, we curated the official Heart Behind Hustle® resource list.

These straightforward, insanely valuable services and trainings will help you scale up, and blow up. We use every single one of these tools in our businesses today, and wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t think they were powerful. Bookmark this page now so you never lose this resource list!

So you need to build a website? You'll need a website host. If you're new and WPengine is out of your budget, Bluehost is the next best thing. This is the hosting you'll need to create your own Wordpress website with ease. Plus, it's probably the most cost effective option out there (while keeping the quality high!). This is a great web host I recommend.

You can get web hosting for just $3.95/month using this link.

Essential Resources for Business Setup

Get a Domain Name & Website Host: Bluehost.

This is the email marketing / email automation platform I currently use and love. We switched from Infusionsoft after 3 years and wanted something more affordable and still powerful, with all the integrations. AC has been very helpful with that so far, and I'm a big fan!

Try out ActiveCampaign here.

Get Your Email Marketing CRM: ActiveCampaign.

This is the shopping cart software I use and love them! You can integrate it with Stripe, Paypal, and many other payment processors and know everything will be in one place. You can do affiliates in here, set up funnels (with upsell and downsells), and coupons and more. I switched to this after using Infusionsoft, and trying SamCart and LOVE this way more - plus it's just a one-time fee, no monthly charges! YES! (its competitor is SamCart) You can see a video about it below.

>>>> Get your invite link into the software here.

For Processing Payments & Using Affiliates: ThriveCart

This is my favorite platform for sales funnels! That is, creating landing pages, sales pages, order forms, and all the other things that make my list building and sales smooth and easy. It also allows you to create membership sites and have an email platform within it (although that's not how I personally use it). Best of all, you can share sales funnels with other people. In fact, I often share my funnels with my students so they just have to copy & paste & edit to make them work. Easy peasy!

You can grab a free 14 day trial here

For Page Building: ClickFunnels.

This is my favorite quiz platform! In case you didn't know, quizzes are the next big thing in marketing and they're an incredibly effective way of generating loads of leads. Plus, they're just so fun to create!

Get started for free using this link.

For Creating Lead Gen Quizzes: InteractQuiz.

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