22: Cassie Howard on Mindset Secrets and Creating Offers (Heart Behind Hustle #6)

Cassie Howard helps entrepreneurs ditch overwhelm and confusion, step into their power and make bank. She’s a leading entrepreneur that breaks all of the rules and still comes out on top EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. She loves the hustle, can’t get enough of the hustle, will die for the hustle, and has no regrets. She is here to change the world and no one can get in her way!


1:28 Cassie has been online and making money since she was 18 years old when she began working as a cam girl.  It was pretty tame but she later started her own modeling agency for cam girls.  She later started several other businesses including a cupcake store and a coupon business.  Then after years of success online she decided to start teaching other people how to profit online.

4:06 All of Cassie’s previous businesses were online and she realized that it was the online marketing work  that she enjoyed the most.  When she first got into online coaching she was helping people to make money from blogs.

5:08 Cassie later hired a marketing and mindset coach though wasn’t interested in the mindset part.  She later learned the important of mindset work.  She taught herself to switch her mindset about money and to focus on success.

7:00 Cassie was able to switch her mindset by using journaling and visualization.  She likes to journal daily.  Usually she will write a full page on whatever comes to her mind, then a full page on gratitude followed by a full page on her dream life.  She likes to end those sessions by asking questions like: What do I need to do today? Or: How am I sabotaging myself?

10:31 Cassie sometimes offers one on one sessions but she mostly does workshops and occasionally an in-person event.  She likes to have new offers for people on a regular basis. The journaling plays a big part in that by asking the question: What is my next big idea?

12:36  The most popular course Cassie offers is on journaling.  The course is not just about how to write but how to visualize. Her Badass Sales-Shark workshop is also very popular. 

14:09  Cassie would love to have a plan for her workshop but she is terrible at preparing them.  She usually has a rough idea about how her programs will work but she works better under pressure and for that reason rarely has a detailed plan prepared.

17:10  Pricing her products was very difficult for Cassie at the beginning.  She was unsure about how much to charge for her various courses and workshops.  Now, she writes out a list of the things people will get from the program and from that determines the price.  She trusts her gut and finds pricing that way always works for her.

19:17  Cassie has a very strong experimental side; meaning she tries things and if they don’t work she just moves on without getting to hung up on it.  She finds posting tons of stuff on her various social media platforms is the best way to connect with people

22:00 For Cassie hustle isn’t about sitting in front of the computer all day – it’s about doing the work that doesn’t feel like work for as long as possible.  A lot of people look at hustle in a negative way but she ends up working about four hours a day.

24:19  Cassie does a minimum of ten sales activities a day.  Those activities might include posting a sales post, a livestream, writing a sales email, personal outreach or reaching out to current clients.  Before she creates anything she will also do some kind of journaling in order to get inspired.  She asks herself: What does my audience need to hear from me today?

29:22 Cassie finds her more controversial posts call forward her true tribe while the others tend to fade into the background.  She does get hurt by the haters but tries to remember that for every hater there is someone that has been helped by her post

30:52  If people are too scared to post content she always encourages them to just go for it. You are going to hurt feelings and you are going to alienate people.

32:50  She realized how well she was doing in her workshop business about a year into it when she was able to achieve $250-thousand per year.

34:05 After a year or so she started to become much more natural and authentic.  During that first year she was in Facebook groups as much as 12 hours a day.

35:37 A lot of people have a lack of self-worth about receiving high amounts of money.  You have to allow yourself to get to that level.  It’s a mindset thing.

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