27: Consistency Struggles

Consistency plays a key role in achieving success, but so many people struggle in this area. Through conversations with my tribe I’ve learned that maintaining consistency is one of the biggest difficulties for them – whether it’s posting regularly on Facebook, live streaming on social media, writing articles, sending emails to a list, or whatever it is that needs to get accomplished on a consistent basis. I completely understand this struggle because I have certainly felt this way myself more than once.


I want to share something with you that I hope will serve as a shift in mindset and perception when understanding consistency. When you start telling yourself that you can’t be consistent with XY and Z, this is actually hurting you because you’re not doing the work. You start subconsciously giving yourself an out and an excuse, and realistically it might even seem like a pretty solid reason.


Don’t declare that you struggle with consistency and only leave it at that because you are assuming that you’re not capable enough.


Overall, we’re all pretty predictable people since we are creatures of habit, which means that we are indeed consistent. The problem is that you’re creating an excuse for yourself so that you can get out of doing the actual work and avoid feeling uncomfortable in a particular situation. The truth is that you’re consistent in other areas that you might not even be aware of or realize.


When you feel like you’re not consistent at posting articles or emailing your list, that means that you want to be doing those things. You have made a promise to yourself that you’re going to set up an ad or you’re going to post to Facebook three times per week, but you haven’t done it. You haven’t done the things that you wanted to accomplish or reached those numbers that you told yourself you would.


You don’t struggle with consistency – you struggle with being consistent at the wrong thing.


When you’re not doing the task that you set out to do, you’re doing the opposite and letting yourself down in the process. What this means essentially is that you have no problem with consistency, but that you’re choosing to be consistent in not following through with your word. You’re telling yourself that doing the work isn’t important enough and that growing your business and applying yourself is not enough of a priority.


Every single moment you have a decision to make, even if you make some of them subconsciously. For example, you want to write an article, and you need to meet your goals, but you feel like watching something on Netflix instead and decide to put your work on the back burner. Stop breaking promises to yourself and neglecting the things that need to be a priority in your life and business. I understand that this stuff can feel uncomfortable at times, but that’s the whole point.


If you don’t feel any discomfort in what you’re doing, then you’re staying inside of your comfort zone, and you’re not growing.


You need to make yourself aware of what’s happening. It’s time for you to start making conscious decisions and stop placing blame on things that are external. No more making excuses or drawing inaccurate conclusions about yourself. Saying that you’re not consistent isn’t accurate because you are. You are consistent with the habits that you have, and it’s the decision for what you choose to be consistent with that is the real problem.

Start thinking about what you’ve been neglecting when it comes to what you need to do to grow your business and your life. What is a decision that you’re choosing to make instead of what you would actually like to be consistent with? What are the promises that you’re making to yourself that you have been breaking over the last few months and will you start committing to making the change and doing the work? When it comes to your purpose and your mission you need to focus on doing the things that align with who you want to be, what you want to accomplish, and how you want to show up.