Looking for a few of my Dream Clients who are ready for a massive business breakthrough so they can easily accelerate to their next level. (Only 10 spots are available)
Hey friend, Kamila Gornia here! Thanks for your interest in the Incubator. This is an exclusive and very small group program for coaches and service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to step into getting known and getting paid as the authority in their space :) 

This special page will share all the deets with you.
Next Steps:
  •  Step 1: Take a look at this doc to see what the program is all about
  •  Step 2: Click here to get a bit more information so we can find out whether the program is a good fit for you. I’ll be in touch shortly after to book a call with you.
Impact Incubator is my flagship VERY INTIMATE 6-month group coaching program for coaches and service-based entrepreneurs who want to go from feeling invisible, unclear, and stuck to impactful, influential, and with income on the path to six figures.

It's all about helping you to:
  •  Get Seen...
  •  Get Known...
  •  Get Paid...
... as an Authority in your space. As quickly as possible. 

No BS, fluff, or sugarcoating. Just focused action and pure results.

Enrollment information will be shared privately. Early Enrollment Starts May 2019.
The Impact Incubator follows the
This is a SIX-MONTH group coaching / mastermind program for coaches, experts, and service-based entrepreneurs who are currently earning less than a consistent $7K per month and want to create the path to reaching their first six figures in business in a way that aligns with the impact they want to make in the world.

Every month is centered around a different way to grow and accelerate your business - enrolling clients and making money each month - while creating an essential foundation for long lasting consistent growth.

This is NOT about creating a bandaid solution that only works for today and not tomorrow, I’m into helping people who want to do it consistently, supporting themselves with their business, creating freedom for themselves so they can live in a way that aligns with them.

There are six areas in the Blueprint and each month we'll be focusing on one of them so you can maximize your focus, simplify your to-do list, and get wild results in as short as 30 days - more clients, more leads, and more visibility!
August Focus:
Movement Message
  •  You don't know your niche, what makes you different, and whether you're even worthy of getting clients. You feel like a fraud or like you're so far behind.  
  •  You will create unshakeable clarity around your unique difference and your message
  •  Effortlessly nail your perfect profitable niche and the exact ideal client to attract sales with WAY more ease
  •  Establish your Authority by becoming ultra memorable, so you can stand out, and build a solid brand people want to tell their friends about (hello, referrals!)
  •  Share your message and create connections with prospects by claiming your unique movement message
  •  Gain confidence and clarity by tapping into your unique brilliance and creating a movement around your brand
September Focus:
Profit Playground
  • You’re unclear on how to consistently make money in your business, you're going month to month and you still haven’t broken that monthly $5K goal (but want to!), and feel like any clients you do enroll are by luck versus strategy.  
  •  Creating the right irresistible packages and offers that make sense for your vision (+ six figure business!) 
  •  Developing your special method or secret sauce that makes you offers extra juicy and makes you the ONLY choice
  •  Exact strategies for generating connections with prospects that turn into opportunities, clients, and referrals 
  •  Developing a jaw-dropping case study database of incredible clients and results that makes future enrollment SUPER easy
  •  Get prospect calls booked on your calendar so you can enroll all the clients and customers you want (plus, get more referrals)
October Focus:
Authority Accelerator
  • You struggle with creating content consistently, you have no idea how to grow your audience in way that aligns with you and you feel like no one really listens to what you have to say.
  •  Creating a framework for creating content that converts, attracts clients your way, and positions you as THE authority in your space
  •  Become a magnet to opportunities online by creating captivating content - and have it run ON AUTOPILOT - even if you don't feel like writing, you'll have content that's coming out every day!
  •  Simplify your social media and content strategy to maximize your leads and sales
  •  Generate 3-6 months' worth of content in less than 30 days, so you can maximize your time and spend your daily time on other stuff (goodbye writers' block, hello going viral!)
November Focus:
Enrollment Edge
  • Anytime it comes down to selling something, you tense up, feel awkward, and just - don't. You're not a fan of the whole sales process, and you hate how masculine and pushy most formulas feel and sound. You don't want to come off like a sleazeball.
  •  Nail your enrollment process so it's smooth and effortless and rooted in leadership and confidence, empowering your prospective clients, versus feeling weird or pushy
  •  Have your exact unique sales formula mapped out so you never have to "um" or "ah" during a sales conversation ever again
  •  Automate your sales system so you can know how to have powerful conversations with people - whether it's on the phone, messenger chat, or in person - so they want to work with you and it feels so freaking GOOD!
  •  Get prospect calls booked on your calendar so you can enroll all the clients and customers you want (plus, get more referrals)
December Focus:
List Launcher
  • You have a small email list and you want to grow it, you feel like you can't get out there if you don't have a big audience so you struggle with getting enough clients.
  •  Creating your own unique approach to building an audience that is captivated by your message and craves to hear from you
  •  Creating the most effective (and impactful) list building offers to get HOT leads AND clients and positions you in a way that attracts even more opportunities your way
  •  How to do the whole list and audience building thing on autopilot so you can grow your community while you enjoy the holidays (and how to get more leads BECAUSE of holidays!)
  •  Create your own Movement Making list building offer (and nope, it's not one of the typical ones you'd think of) so it can generate loads of authority, visibility, and clients on demand - while doing what you do best - sharing your message.
January Focus:
Prosperous Publicity
  • You feel like no one knows you exist, people might still not be taking you seriously and you struggle around how to get seen OUTSIDE of just facebook and what you're currently doing
  •  Creating your effective publicity strategy for getting seen on podcasts as a guest, or writing articles for guest posting
  •  The proven process for writing your pitch and getting accepted on popular podcasts and websites so you can create massive credibility regardless of whether you're new (or been at it for years!)
  •  How to maximize each interview or feature you get, so you can grow your list by thousands, attract dream clients, and more.
  •  Get booked on dozens of podcasts or guest posts within 30 days, so you can create massive visibility and social proof and have it run automatically - reaching people you'd never have the ability to reach otherwise. Boom!
This is the blueprint we'll be following, so you get to laser focus, get the most results with the least amount of time, and create truly transformational results in all areas of business.

On your way to that six figure business you desire!

Ok, now how exactly is the program delivered? Great question.
What's Included...
2x Monthly
Accelerated Trainings
Each month we'll be doing laser focused marketing + business trainings LIVE with the exact steps to take (goodbye overwhelm!). You get to choose how your specific path looks like but each training will be focused, provide a concise yet powerful training, and then steps for creating the results you're looking for to get you more cashflow in the door!
( Value $2,982 )
2x Monthly
Group Coaching
During each small group coaching call, you'll get my eyes on your business, so I can give you specific support around your unique challenges. Whether it's troubleshooting on a campaign, role playing an enrollment conversation, or creating a unique strategy to get you faster results - I've got your back as your mentor for six months.
( Value $3,564 )
Private Coaching
Each month, you will have the ability to get private coaching support from me or your very own Incubator coach, so whether it's brainstorming your next steps, nailing down your mindset, overcoming your blocks, or just getting accountability - you'll have your personal support privately each month. *VIP option only.
( Value $2,982 )
Challenge Sprint
Every month, you'll have a challenge (or SPRINT) to create a bit of competition with yourself, set big goals, and then do the focused work to reach them. And no, you don't have to have a billion hours available each month to do them - in fact, you'll be shocked how quickly you get to reach BIG goals when you have things set up the way we do here. And yes, there might be prizes!
( Value $Priceless )
Facebook Group
A big part of the fun will be happening in between our calls! Need help with wording an email? Getting feedback on a sales page? Creating your offers? Or maybe it's just purely celebrating your first $10k month? Whether it's sharing a win or a challenge, this is the place to do it, I'll be able to support you in between our calls (plus you can get feedback and support from the other Incubators).
( Value $Priceless )
Reviews and
One of my favorite things to do is provide exact feedback, reviews, an critiques on the marketing materials you create. Whether your offers, your emails, your social media posts... I will give you EXACT feedback on your content so you can rest assured you're setting things up properly. It's like having a coach AND a copywriter on demand. Without the private or Done-for-You fees.
( Value $1,997+ )
But you also get these bonuses....
Authority Launcher Self-Study Program
You will get free lifetime access to my revolutionary flagship self-study 6-level system that is interactive, personalized, and powerful AF and will show you the exact steps to take to amp up your authority status and visibility online - even if you're not techy, marketing savvy, or new in business! 
You'll get Instant Access to this (including all bonuses!) so you can start diving right in - no need to wait until August to see results! 

(value $1,997) -- INSTANT ACCESS upon registration
Ticket to the Heart Behind Hustle LIVE Event
You will get special access to join my event in January 2020 in San Diego, CA which is specially created for coaches and experts who are ready to uplevel. This will be at the end of your program, which is a great way to connect with your mastermind peers in person AND get a kick in the butt to start the year STRONG! You will also have the ability to bring a friend if you choose. This is a powerful transformational business event. Exact dates are TBD.
(value $297) 
We keep the group VERY small so you can have me as YOUR coach!
Enrollment information will be shared privately. 
Who this is a good fit for...
  •  You are a coach, consultant, course creator, or service-based entrepreneur who wants to grow online (and off) in a powerful way, by stepping into being the CEO role - NOW - versus later
  •  You are committed and dedicated to make your business work so you can reach that six figure mark in business quicker (and you'll do whatever it takes to succeed!)
  •  You believe in your offers, what you provide, and the transformation you can create for people - you just need more people to reach so they know you're an option
  •  You know you're meant for big things and you want to do them in a way that works for your life - so you can have the freedom, fun, and funds you dream of
  •  You're making less than $5K per month in your business right now on average, or if you are making more but you feel like all of your clients are coming from referrals and your marketing is non-existent
  •  You desire to create marketing that aligns with your personality, your message, and makes an impact with your desired audience - you care about people and want your work to get out there in a bigger way!
  •  You want to become as the "go to" expert in your space (whatever that looks like for you) so your business growth can flow easier, smoother, and faster.
  •  You are already making more than $10K per month consistently and you already have all of your marketing and sales totally on lock. A better fit for you will be my private client mastermind instead. Email me to learn more.
  •  You aren't willing to invest in yourself or your business. This program is a mid four figure investment, and although we have payment plans to make this easy, you do have to be willing to stretch yourself and commit.
  •  You want to hide and stay behind the scenes, and you aren't willing to challenge your visibility blocks, marketing fears, and sales problems in order to grow
  •  You want your business to remain a hobby or side hustle, versus something that you actually have as your full-time income generating venture, so you can quit your J.O.B. and thrive as a full-force entrepreneur
  •  You aren't willing to get uncomfortable, do things against what most will tell you to do, and get the work done, excuses be damned!
  •  You want to grow your business so you can scam people, do harm in the world, manipulate, or anything else that's out of integrity.
  •  You are a debbie downer, low vibe person. You complain all the time, you want things to change but don't do the work to change them. Boo freaking hoo. Not a good fit here.
Okay, here's the dealio...
Impact Incubator is THE marketing and business group program for the SERIOUS (and SERIOUSLY COMMITTED) entrepreneur who is ready to go (WAY) BEYOND the basics ONLY - to make an impact with her work.

You're past the whole freebie thing, you've done the courses, but your income and impact still isn't where it needs to be. You need the next level of commitment and support.

It's time to let go of the fluff...
And simplify (and accelerate!) your business.
Create the marketing systems that work.
And GROW your business like a CEO authority you are!

When you join the Incubator, you’re not getting fluff or information you can easily find on Google. You’re getting top-notch, expert training on next-level growth strategies most people DON’T talk about – unless it’s with one-on-one clients who pay thousands per month!

I’ve been around the block and done my research. I've generated nearly a million dollars in sales in my business, and have grown three of my own profitable businesses before, and helped dozens of clients get into the six figures in income quickly. I know there are more than enough beginner-level programs out there to get you started in online marketing, but hardly ANY coaches or strategists teaching you the REAL stuff I’ll be showing you during our six months together... especially at this price point. 

Basically? If you do the work, the Impact Incubator WILL transform your business. Guaranteed.