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creating a sustainable six figure business where you get to launch anything your heart desires, to guaranteed sales, rave reviews, and major.market.impact.

After all, you’re out to truly help people.

Those people just don't know you're the one for them.... yet.

But getting from HERE (sharing random Instagram posts that maaaaybe 10 people like) to THERE (getting booked solid with dreamy clients, selling out workshops, private retreats, courses, and reaching that esteemed five figure months) is going to take some work.

Okay, let’s be honest – most days it feels like

Because right now…
  • You’re chasing clients to land some one-on-one work and it feels, well, ICKY. You know you have so much to give but with NO ONE paying attention you’re starting to doubt yourself.
  • You tried to launch a course, class, or program but it tanked, and you don't know why when other people seem to be getting sales for their programs - what's wrong with yours?!
  • You want to create more and serve more people – helping, inspiring, elevating lives – but that feels impossible right now your past clients came from what could only be described as "luck."
  • You’re writing social media posts, sending out newsletters, posting about offers and getting back… crickets. ZERO sales? You’re better than that.
  • You have tons of ideas, thoughts and valuable advice to share but the reality is – you need to expand your thinking to actually get out there and make the TRUE impact with your work.
  • You're so excited and so good at what you do - but just have no idea WHAT exactly to do in order to get out there. You're so over throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. You're ready to have a plan and a strategy that actually works - but you just don't know how to get it.
You need to EXPAND your growth in way that will help you make – not only more money – but a solid, tangible impact.
  • You’re getting pitched TO instead of pitchING, because you’re a big deal and everyone should know it! (Hello, Miss Popular!)
  • You are totally booked out, but in the way you truly want to be, since you’re in enough demand now that YOU get to choose who you decide to work with. (Heaven!)
  • You have the flexibility to launch programs you really care about instead of just what you think will make money since you’ve got loyal fans that will eat up anything you create! (Finally!)
  • You’re finally making the money you’re worth instead of scraping pennies together to make ends meet and plastering on a smile like “it’s okay, I’m successful!” because GIRL, you ARE worth it – you’re just missing that bigger strategy to make it all come full circle.
  • You are living a life of FREEDOM that helps you, your family, and feels OH SO good - filled with the kind of satisfaction and joy you previously thought was only reserved for others.
  • Your clients are hanging on your every word, your audience shows up for your livestreams, you get love notes from subscribers saying how much they love you and can't wait to work with you because they KNOW you are THE ONE for them and they KNOW you can help them transform.

YOU have a message and a mission.

Whether your ideal audience is 500 or 100,000 people, they’re out there. You just have to find them, grab them up, and woo them.

& it doesn't have to be as complicated as you think.

It's not just about posting more content, having a prettier website, growing a massive email list, or growing your IG to 10,000+ followers. You'll learn to stop chasing the vanity numbers that you think you need to have in order to be successful and start making an impact now. In fact, what if I told you that your audience size, the gimmicky marketing tactics, and the dozens of softwares that you think are gonna make all the difference in your business are actually not necessary. .

That's right. Let this sink in for a minute. These things? Not always necessary. You can find dream clients for your programs and it doesn't have to feel like an uphill battle

How do I know? Because me and my clients have done it many times over.


And let me share with you a personal story...

I started my coaching business in 2014, thinking it would be so easy. I've seen time and again gurus online make millions, and I thought - why NOT me?

I was a young creative girl with big passion and big drive. I felt pretty confident about starting this business. I figured, I'd been doing this online marketing thing since 2002, it shouldn't be this hard! Plus, I'd been doing it for clients for years as part of my day job at a marketing agency.

Easy peasy.

I had some assumptions about what it would take to grow my business to six figures.

  • →"I have to create a beautiful website so I can look credible."
  • →"I have to grow a massive email list so I can look popular and in demand."
  • →"I have to be on every single social media platform so I look like I'm everywhere."
  • →"I have to create a bunch of courses and e-books so I can make passive income."
  • →"I have to network and meet people so I can get some clients."

    I even purchased several popular business building courses to help me with the process, which were all saying the same thing but not giving me the tangible results I was looking for.

  • Umm.. NOT QUITE!

    What I didn't realize is how this way of thinking was keeping me STUCK!

    And sure, while having a pretty website can definitely help, it's not what you ACTUALLY need to do in order to grow your business to six figures. 

    In fact, I did a lot of things backwards when I first started and it prevented me from creating the income I desired to make in my business. On top of that, I was hustling ALL THE TIME to make money. 

    I was getting increasingly tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed with how much I had to work to make so little money.

    Sometimes I had clients, sometimes I didn’t have any clients at all. Sometimes I did but they were not great clients. I felt confused half the time, and I knew something had to change.

    I needed to let go of that constant feast and famine cycle. I was done with it!

    So, I worked with coaches, I took more programs, I joined high-level masterminds.

    To date, I have spent about $250,000 on coaching and education alone.

    I tried a lot of things to grow. There was a lot of trial and error. Many lessons to learn. Ego to defeat. Mindset blocks to overcome. But finally, I got it.

    And through these lessons, I've been able to:
    • get to my first six figures in revenue within 14 months of starting my coaching business
    • have consistent sustainable multiple six figures each year (for the past FOUR years) 
    • generate over a million dollars in sales in my own coaching business
    • work only about 20 hours per week (in fact, I spend a lot of days just hanging out with my friends and entire weekends not looking at my computer even once!) because I built up my business and priorities to fit
    • create a freedom-filled lifestyle that allows me to work whenever I want, wherever I want, travel for fun and business, enjoy a life I've always dreamed of living
    • working with the most incredible clients who show up, take action, and get results so I get to provide them with the value and transformation they have wanted (filling my heart and soul with joy every day!)
    • being recognized as an expert and featured on popular publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, Inc., Huffington Post, Bustle, Lifehack, FOX, NBC and dozens of podcasts.
    • created a proven, repeatable methodology that has helped dozens of clients reach five and six figures in their program launches too (often without spending much time or money on fancy tech or ads!).
    Making money in your business 
    doesn't have to be complicated!
    I would have continued to struggle in business if I didn't change my approach. 

    It wasn't until I started to get uncomfortable, invest in my business, work with the right coaches, established a proven, repeatable process to create multiple streams of revenue in my business, that I was able to start bringing in more cashflow - AND feel more freedom because I didn't have to stress out or feel overwhelmed in terms of delivery!

    In fact, here's how my monthly income changed once I began creating and selling a variety of scalable offers (WAY before I was ready!)
    Each launch generated a nice influx of cashflow for that month, but then it continued to bring in residual income for several months at a time afterwards...

    ... Giving me the flexibility to have time and freedom to work with only the most DREAMY private clients, at the right rates, and have the time to do other things I wanted to do in my free time - like travel, hang out with family and friends, or just binge Netflix 🤪

    And the most beautiful thing is that I see this now in my clients all the time, too! 

    They embrace the scalable business model, they show up and get out there, and they easily get into those five and six figures in yearly revenue WITHOUT needing to be particularly techy, having a massive audience, spending gazillion dollars in paid advertising, or hustling 24/7.
    Camille Virginia, 
    Offline Dating Coach
    "I raised my rates and scaled from working with just 1-on-1 clients and into group coaching, even though I have a small list!"
    Camille came to me after having spent 2 years in her business taking tons of courses, but she knew it was time to get away from the cookie-cutter course/freebie thing and into a more high-level approach.

    She was working herself to the bone, she was tired and overwhelmed, and she wanted to simplify - AND was ready for BIG results. 

    She raised her rates, enrolled more dream clients, and created her first group program that allowed her to make more money WITHOUT working smarter, not harder.

    She now has the confidence and clarity on exactly what to do in order to continue scaling and so she can seamlessly move into the multiple six figure mark.

    "My visibility and confidence has skyrocketed, and I finally know where my money is coming from!"
    Cindy was working as a virtual assistant and feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, invisible, and was lacking consistency in her income.

    She knew she was ready to amp things up to create more consistency and scale, but didn't know how. Her visibility was at a level 0, she has been relying on referrals and "trading dollars for hours" and had no clue how to make more money without working more hours.

    Through our work together, Cindy was able to restructure her business and offers to allow for a higher caliber of clients, she has 10X'ed her visibility online and has developed a clear way to enroll NEW clients into her programs with ease. She even got a client on her very first live!

    She created a SOLD OUT program (in fact, she got MORE people enrolled than she was aiming for!) and now loves having a solid system she can use to create the cashflow anytime she desires.

    Cindy Van Arnam, 
    Online Business Manager

    There are a few specific things you need to focus on when creating your own sustainable six figure success:
    5 Mistakes Entrepeneurs Make When Growing Their Business


    The most common mistake entrepreneurs make that keep them making less money than they desire is focusing on marketing activities that won't ACTUALLY help them grow a real sustainable income-generating business. Things like focusing on growing a huge Instagram account, going viral, creating a fancy website, and blogging every day.

    There are much simpler things you can do to get you the income you deserve - and therefore create the IMPACT you desire - and it rarely requires crazy technology, ads, or even a huge social or list following. In fact, getting to six figures doesn't have to be very complicated at all.


    While I am a big fan of intentional hustle that produces results quickly WITHOUT taking a lot of time (so, intentional focused work rather than distracted work), it's about creating the right sustainable activities that get you results in a fraction of the time. It's not about working HARDER, it's about working SMARTER!

    After growing my business through hustle for the first 3 years and burning out hardcore, I've learned how to shift my marketing and sales activities to help me generate five figure months WHILE working about 20 hours per week, having loads of free time, and freedom to do what I desire (without letting my business take over).


    When you're looking to work smarter, you have to ensure your offers, pricing, and the way you sell actually makes sense. Sometimes it's about rising your rates, sometimes it's about adjusting them, and often it's about refining or creating your offers and packages to fit who you work with and at what capacity.

    There is no one cookie-cutter approach to making money, you have to find the ALIGNED and congruent income model that creates PREDICTABLE income, expands your sources of revenue, and allows you to work with clients in a way that puts you in a space of MOMENTUM - making it that much easier to attract more and more clients and sales. Hello referrals!


    This sounds simple, but it's so true. Most entrepreneurs are terrified of selling their offers. Have you ever gotten on a sales call to have a great conversation with a prospect but then get all weird and awkward when it came to taking about working together? Maybe you didn't actually tell the person how to do it at all. Or maybe you continually keep hearing "I'll think about it."

    You have to discover how to SELL effectively that gets you the clients you need and helps you create freedom in your life, without sleaze, weirdness, or awkwardness. I struggled with this too in the beginning, so you're not alone but the single most important thing you must know - is how to sell in a way that is aligned and enrolls your ideal clients FASTER.


    There's a reason why most people don't get results from taking courses. Beyond the fact that most courses aren't proven to work, it's also because we sabotage our efforts to succeed. The way you think and behave affects your results every single day. If you think you're not ready for success, or feel unworthy of it, or aren't confident in your abilities, or feel like an impostor, this will affect how your business grows. You have to pay attention to that and shift it.

    Something that really bothers me about the online industry is when coaches promise the world without having a proven track record of results.

    They lure you in with their luxury lifestyle promising you money and fame, only to leave you disappointed and doubting yourself as if you did something wrong.

    I teach what I know because I’ve done it and my clients have done it too. 

    I’ve been immersed in internet marketing and branding since 2002 (as a 12 year old kid).

    I’ve grown three of my own online businesses using these strategies to bring in loads of traffic and raving fans, plus over the years, I have used my systems to help clients grow in many different industries, including health, beauty, spirituality, personal development, business & marketing, design, wellness, and more.

    Now, if you want to create your own sustainable success in your business, I'd love to help.

    A six-month intimate group coaching / mastermind program for impact-making online entrepreneurs (in the coaching or expert space) who are ready for their NEXT LEVEL big LEAP into running a sustainable, successful business that SERVES you and your clients.
    To create the steps towards a sustainable six figures, 
    you need to take specific action. Curious how?
    Drumroll, please!
    Discover how to...


    BEFORE: You don't know your niche, what makes you different, and whether you're even worthy of getting clients. You feel like an impostor or like you're so far behind.

    AFTER:: You will create unshakeable clarity around your unique difference and your message. Effortlessly nail your perfect profitable niche and the exact ideal client to attract sales with WAY more ease. Establish your Authority by becoming ultra memorable, so you can stand out, and build a solid brand people want to tell their friends about (hello, referrals!). You will share your message and create connections with prospects by claiming your unique movement message. Gain confidence and clarity by tapping into your unique brilliance and creating a movement around your brand.


    BEFORE:Maybe right now you’re unclear on how to consistently make money in your business, you're going month to month and you still haven’t broken that monthly $5K, $7K, or $10K goal (but want to!), and feel like any clients you do enroll are by luck versus strategy.

    AFTER: We'll step into creating the right irresistible packages and offers that make sense for your vision (+ six figure business!). Developing your special method or secret sauce that makes you offers extra juicy and makes you the ONLY choice. You'll adopt an aligned income model for you, so you can know exactly what offers to create and how to hit your financial goals (regardless of where you are right now) on a consistent basis - even if you're currently charging peanuts for your work.


    BEFORE: Let me guess. Anytime it comes down to selling something, you tense up, feel awkward, and just - don't. You're not a fan of the whole sales process, and you hate how masculine and pushy most formulas feel and sound. You don't want to come off like a sleazeball. I feel ya! Sales can be tricky!

    AFTER: You will nail your enrollment process so it's smooth and effortless and rooted in leadership and confidence, empowering your prospective clients, versus feeling weird or pushy. You will have your exact unique sales formula mapped out so you never have to "um" or "ah" during a sales conversation ever again. You'll know how to overcome objections and get people to go from "maybe" to a "HECK YES!" and giving you their credit card on the phone.


    BEFORE: Your marketing and lead generation strategy right now is "luck" - maybe you post on Facebook sometimes, maybe on Instagram, but most of your clients come from... actually, you don't exactly know how they came to you at all. They just kinda somehow did. But it feels unpredictable, and definitely not very strategic.

    AFTER:You will have a plan for enrolling and finding new people to talk to on the phone so you can tell them about your new sexy offers. Whether it's creating a LAUNCH PLAN for your new offer, doing an income injection campaign, or something else - you will know how to find the people you need to talk to so you can boost your income and HELP those people. Yep!


    BEFORE: If you're like most of my students, you either don't have enough offers, or your offers are not set up to serve you and your clients. Maybe they aren't very strategic, they are random, they make you depleted, or are not positioned effectively to make your prospective clients say OH YES PLEASE! It's also possible you're not charging the right rates to get you into momentum.

    AFTER: We will create the RIGHT packages, offers, and products to sell at the RIGHT aligned price. Sometimes it might mean increasing the rates. Sometimes it might mean changing it up entirely. Sometimes it's about enrolling PRIVATE clients, but sometimes it's about getting people into GROUP offers. It really depends on YOU! We'll get you there!

    Impact Incubator is the only program you need that covers the essential training AND ultra-personalized coaching to get you to make leaps in your presence, income, and growth - so you can create the business you're actually in love with.

    (Spoiler alert: it’s also the best.)

    How do I know?
    Because I’ve tried them all, firsthand.
    IMPACT INCUBATOR will help you learn and embody the same sales, enrollment, and marketing techniques I have used to build my business to multiple six figures with simple, targeted efforts.

    You see, I believe that life is about constant growth. From your personal goals to your marketing reach, my programs all exist to make that not only possible, but inevitable for you.
    When you know what you’re doing and you’re doing it the right way for YOUR business, growing your business feels ALIGNED. SIMPLE. Even FUN.

    I know, right?
    Which is exactly why Impact Incubator is not a course where you just learn stuff and then never do anything about it, it’s a personalized and intensive group coaching program that will get you the momentum and guidance for both the short-term results (cash injections, baby!) AND the long-term future of your business. 

    And the best part?

    It’s highly effective regardless of your niche. My strategies has been implemented by coaches, consultants, healers, course creators, psychics, and more. And you don't have to be selling to entrepreneurs to make this work. This stuff works because I CUSTOMIZE it directly to fit YOU and YOUR goals - no one else's.

    Here’s what’s included in our 6 months together…

    Each month, you get....


    Each month, I'll host 1-2 live training sessions where I'll share with you a new high-level strategy and training to take your business to the next level. From attracting and generating the right aligned leads (that turn into clients), hosting effective heart-aligned sales conversations, structuring your packages and offers for income boost and/or scalability, creating a five or six figure launch, running ads, sales techniques to overcome objections, and more - we'll get you the steps you need to amplify your business to bring in MORE CASH so you can help more people at the right rates. These will often be interactive too, so you can adapt this to you quickly.

    (Value $3569)


    You will have many opportunities to get support, coaching, and PERSONALIZED action steps so you always know what YOU specifically need to be doing to get you to your next level. I keep the group small, so we can go into truly digging into your roadblocks and challenges, and helping you OVERCOME them - right there and then, so you can get your income up quickly. Calls are around 1 - 2 hours or sometimes even longer (to make sure everyone feels supported).

    (Value $5346)


    *VIP only. You can have me as your private coach during the 6-month experience. Normally my private coaching retainers start at $1750/mo with a yearlong commitment, but when you join the VIP option, you will have the ability to have me private coach you and give you all the catered and custom support you need. You'll get monthly private coaching calls, plus UNLIMITED voice + text messaging support (via Voxer) for laser coaching. So you will always feel supported and like I'm always in your back pocket and your corner. *VIP starts at $888/mo.

    (Value $5000)


    As you get into action, your mindset blocks may come up. You may feel resistance, won't want to do the work, and may feel stuck. Whether it's fear, imposter syndrome, sabotaging patterns... When I see things come up, I may do special sessions to help you get out of your pattern and reprogram your mind for FASTER breakthroughs. I use a mix of NLP, emotional freedom technique (EFT or tapping), hypnosis, and mindset coaching - watch your blocks melt away and your NEW BADASS SELF appear in front of your very eyes!

    (Value $Priceless)


    Unlike most programs that have dozens or even hundreds of participants, I keep my Incubator very small, curated, and aligned so that you can get all the support you need. You can be share your materials with me for reviews, feedback, audits... and I can only do that if I have a small group. Hehe. A LOT of the magic happens in between the sessions. The coaching, the feedback, the masterminding... I just adore the small intimate group format. You will feel so supported and so seen. It's very important to me. If you show up, you will get EVERYTHING you need.

    (Value $Priceless)

    Enrollment Details
    What's it worth to you to set the stage for sustainable six figures? To create the sales, impact, transformation, and systems you need to continue growing and scaling as a CEO? 

    Total Value of Impact Incubator is well over $17,000!
    But your investment is just a fraction of this.
    Program starts at only $6,000 $4,000 for the six month experience.
    Easy payment plans are available to fit your needs.
    Program officially begins in March, for VIPs you get 1:1 access immediately.
    Some bonuses are available instantly.
    A solid strategy and ongoing personalized coaching and support is going to help you make the money you deserve and the impact you desire. Isn’t it time for you to take action and move your business and vision forward – for real?

    Applications are now open!
    Limited time available, this is a very small and curated group.
    Program starts March 2020. 10 spots left.
    Here’s how this works —
    • Simply click on the button above to be taken to my scheduling calendar. Once you find a time for us to chat, you will be sent to an application.
    • After you fill out the application, please make sure you are present for the call in a quiet space. Because of the amount of personalized attention I give each client, I am keeping the program VERY small, and the calls are on a first come first served, provided the application is a good match.
    • You book an interview call with me directly where we will talk about you, your goals, and determine a good fit. If it seems like you are a match, you will be invited to join. At that point, you'll get to choose which option you want (group level which includes all of the things here or VIP option with private coaching).
    • Once you sign up, you get an email with your instant bonuses, details on dates and access, and schedule your Kick Off call with me where we will create your OWN customized Action Plan. And then September, we diiiiig in!
    • We work together for six months and get you to take action, which will turn you into a total badass CEO you didn't think you could be before and you'll say HELLOOOO to your new reality! Get ready for MAGIC!
    Bonuses! Bonuses! Bonuses!
    When you join the Impact Incubator, you also get these special bonuses:


    One of the most powerful trainings I do is around developing your movement message. This takes your branding a few steps further and makes you so magnetic, so enticing, that your audience will not only want to join your community but also tell everyone about your mission! In August, I will share with you how to approach this if you are ready to take this step. NOT EVERYONE is ready for this, and that's 100% ok. If you are, I can help. If not, we'll just refine your branding and positioning as is. Get ready to become unignorable!

    (Value $997)


    Once we start in September, you will get access to the training library where you can dive into the strategies for scaling your programs, refining your offers, pricing, planning effective group program launches, and doing income injection campaigns to bring in a boost of income right away. But don't worry! You don't have to go into this blindly - I will give you on WHAT exactly to do, which things to focus on, and this is totally BONUS on top of the training sessions. The magic will mostly be happening in those. I can't wait for you to grow and scale MASSIVELY!

    (Value $1997)


    Before the program starts officially, you will get on the phone with me and I will help you lay out your action plan and strategy for what you should be focusing on in the first few months of the program. Yes, this means TOTALLY customized and personalized support and roadmap. From there, you will know exactly what to do to 1) recoup the investment ASAP, and 2) get you to your next income goal. This call is 60 minutes long and powerful and to the point. It'll also be recorded for you.

    (Value $697)

    Client Stories:
    Amber Annette, psychic business coach and medium, had her first SIX FIGURE day after launching her new program at her event.
    Jasmine Ivy, law of attraction coach, had her first $75,000 launch for her new program with no ad spend.
    Jenna Faye, business coach, had her first $70,000 launch for her new program within 2 months.
    Holly MacCue,
    Career Coach
    "I reached six figures while working part-time in my business and had my biggest income months!"
    Holly came to me because she was ready to scale and streamline her business, impact more women, and grow her income within the limited capacity she had, since she only wanted to work on her business on a part-time basis.

    Through our work together, Holly had first had big breakthrough in terms of visibility, she began showing up more powerfully, and attracting more ideal clients.

    A big thing was that she scaled from just doing 1:1 clients and created her first group program. She launched the program twice so far, each time getting 9 women enrolled at a high-ticket price, which secured months of income for her, and resulted in her first almost $40k month!

    "Hit six figures with a paying waitlist of clients!"
    The first time Rebecca came to me when she was pretty new in her business, she was still working in her 9-5 and wanted to grow her audience. 

    Through our work together a few years ago, she changed her entire enrollment process, she packaged up her flow into a concise easy-to-understand methodology, her close rate skyrocketed, she got booked solid (with a paid waitlist!), quit her 9-5 job, and hit six figures soon after!

    She recently came to me again after attending one of my seminars and knew she was ready to create more cashflow without working more hours. Through our work, we created a group program for her clients that feels very aligned and exciting, and she now has the systems and the plan to shift from six to multiple-six figures.
    Rebecca Gruenspan, 
    Adoption Consultant
    Ready for your own business breakthrough?
    Early bird pricing expires soon!
    Any Questions?
    This program is for committed coaches, experts, healers, service providers, and course creators who have already worked with paying clients but are looking to enroll MORE clients, create scalable systems, lead generation that works, and take steps to reach predictable five figure months. 

    This program is probably not the right fit. Once you've started your business, I recommend starting out with Aligned Marketing Academy first.

    It’s a pretty intensive program, where what you focus on is largely centered around what YOU specifically need. This is why I keep the group small. On top of that, I recommend you show up for the group coaching calls (priority 1) and watch the live trainings (priority 2). Then, going through the vault trainings when relevant (priority 3). So, what you put in is what you get out. The stuff we'll be talking about is stuff you should actually BE doing in your business - no random learning of random stuff. If you are willing to apply yourself, show up, ask for help, and actually do what I guide you to do... you will see results. I don’t believe in one-off solutions or bandaids to a problem and these strategies are ones you can use over and over again.. and they will continue delivering incredible results time and time again.

    I recommend joining the Aligned Marketing Academy instead.

    Nope! Business partners are both welcome to join as ONE business.

    Listen, there will never be the “right” time. I know it, and you know it. There will always be life happenings that get in the way. What really matters here is are you truly willing to make the impact in your life and those around you? Are you serious about your business? If yes, there’s really no reason to wait. Plus, I don't know if I will be running this program again in the future. 

    “Kamila is, hands down, THE coach you want to have in your corner of the ring when it comes to marketing. In less than a month, she helped me build my list on a new program, The Corporate Dance Maven, from 50 to 550 people – at less than $2 per lead. There is no way I could have grown our community this quickly by myself. With her help was able to enroll 15 people in our beta online course. What’s even more exciting is that hail from all around the world – from Australia, to Amsterdam to Reno.

    Don’t wait till you “have the money” to get help. I highly recommend working with Kamila at the beginning of your next big launch.”

    Leading In Motion

    “From my work with Kamila, I’ve been able to guarantee 6 months of income for myself, which means peace of mind. I’m a lot more confident now knowing that my business model ensures I succeed financially. It allowed me to be open about my business, my insecurities, and my dreams and receive the best advice possible from Kamila. She seriously knows her stuff and I absolutely loved working with her!”


    “Through working with Kamila, the number of Strategy Sessions I was getting nearly doubled from just ONE tweak Kamila shared with me. My group program SOLD OUT and many of the people who said “yes” to it specifically mentioned that they saw my campaign on Facebook, which Kamila was helping with.

    Working with Kamila really improved the way we do business: The level of efficiency with how we offer strategy calls; We were able to reach an entirely new audience through Facebook ads and reconnect with many that were already in our community. Kamila’s brilliant and her ability to troubleshoot and strategize is impressive!”


    “Spring of 2016 I had reached a great place in my business-- was completely booked up with 1:1 clients. I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact, but felt stuck. Along came Kamila! I can remember our first convo of me being resistant to group programs because I thought mindset work needed to only be 1:1.

    Well I was wrong! Kamila helped me see how only having 1:1 clients, my impact would be small and in order to create a big one, I'd need to step outside my comfort zone and create different types of resources. Flash forward a year. I now have multiple options for people to work with me, I’m doing less 1:1 work, leveraging my time through my business incubator AND making an even bigger impact supporting 3x's as many women as I was before.

    I now have passive products as well! I am a new mama and have gone from working 70 hour weeks to 10 hour weeks and now have a six figure business. Kamila was extremely instrumental in helping me get to this place in my business so that I could not only have a thriving business, but also beautiful baby girl!”



    Kamila Gornia, founder of Heart Behind Hustle®, is the powerhouse business + marketing strategist for impact-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to skyrocket their income and impact online through heart-fueled strategies that convert. She helps them scale into six figures and show up as authorities in alignment with their vision and desires. Kamila has been seen on Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, Inc., Huffington Post, and several others.

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