AN INTIMATE 3 DAY IN-PERSON WORKSHOP for Coaches and Service-Providers... SAVE $500 TODAY!
What if You Could Create a 
Hot-Selling Offer and ACTUALLY Begin Selling It... In Less Than 3 Days?
It's time to create the right package or offer and get support in selling it, with me by your side, every step of the way. We'll clear any mindset blocks or energetic resistance to sales, and get you to show up in alignment with making MONEY! Yes, all within 3 days.
All of the fun juicy workshop details will be shared with whose who qualify. 
If it looks like you're a fit, you will be able to register. If not, we'll give you something as a thank you for your interest!

"I have gone from working 70 hour weeks to 10 hour weeks in my business, I’m doing less 1:1 work, leveraging my time AND making an even bigger impact supporting 3x's as many women as before, AND my business is now at six figures!"

Kate Crocco, Confidence Coach
New York, USA
July 11 - 13, 2019 - San Diego, CA
Let me guess: Are you still spinning your wheels with the whole Business Growth thing?
If you're anything like many of my students who start working with me, you've probably been getting a bit frustrated, overwhelmed, and burnt out lately.

Not only have you tried what seems like a LOT of things in your business, it seems like only a tiny portion (if any at all) actually seem to work.

This whole online marketing thing is keeping you spinning your wheels. It feels inauthentic. Challenging. Weird. Sleazy.

And sometimes you just want to throw your hands up and hide under the covers with a tub of ice cream and Netflix, cause how could you possibly keep showing up without seeing many results?! You got bills to pay, mama!

But if you're anything like many of my students, you also are hella passionate and driven. You love the work you do.

You know the work you can do can seriously help people. 

So you keep going. And hope it gets better soon before you decide to up and quit entirely.
What if your business could leap to the next level?
What if that was actually POSSIBLE for you? Yes, you!

I know you already want it, but what if this was your reality, like, very quickly? Yeah...

What if you were booked solid with incredible clients who fuel your heart and soul, keep your inspired, and pay you the exact rates you wish to be paid?

What if you could enroll new clients into your programs and packages with ease and grace, taking them from a stranger into a full-bodied YES in an aligned way (and zero sleaze)?

What if you could easily create hot-selling offers and packages that your audience was falling over themselves to buy from you?

What if you could create more predictable income AND passive income on top of your client work, so you could continue to reach NEW HEIGHTS in your income, month after deliciously mind-blowing month?
I'm here to tell you:
You can create massive momentum in your business quickly and hit your next income goals with incredible alignment and flow.
"I realized that just in the first 3 months of THIS year, I am only $4K short from what I made in an ENTIRE YEAR last year. HUGE WIN!"
Elyse Falzone
 Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Life Coach
Florida, USA
"Generated $75,000 in sales within 2 months 
without running any ads. Sold out twice, and now has a thriving six figure program and a movement!"
Jasmine Ivy
Law of Attraction Coach
Kentucky, USA
Isn't it time to do things differently?
Hi, I'm Kamila Gornia. And I know you're a smart woman.

You've probably bought courses from other coaches before. You might have worked with private coaches. You might have attended events and seminars. And there's a 99.8% chance you've watched many webinars, downloaded countless e-books, and seen plenty of sales pages in your time. Yeah?

I've had many clients come to come to me after having been disappointed by previous experiences. And we get to turn everything around... together. 

I've been a business coach for over five years and have generated over a million dollars in sales. I've been doing online marketing since I've been 12 and have had three profitable businesses. And I'm only 29. 

My clients have gone from zero to hero, but that's not what I'm promising you today. There is no magic pill. You can't become an overnight success, even though that sounds hella sexy to write... but I won't insult your intelligence pretending like you'll walk away six figures richer in just three days. I mean, come on. 

I've gone something better for you today. 

Something that actually works.
I'm excited to invite you to the...
Create your hot-selling offers and ACTUALLY begin selling it with confidence, ease, and flow so you can hit your next income level faster and get back into a place of massive momentum... in just 3 days.
This exclusive and intimate 3-day workshop is happening on
Thursday through Saturday, July 11th - 13th in sunny San Diego, CA. 
This special live experience is uniquely designed for coaches and service-providers who have already made money in their business and are ready to significantly AMPLIFY their earning potential this year.
Click on the button above to go through our quickie qualification process 
to ensure this is a good fit for where you are in your business right now!
So what exactly will we be doing?
Over the course of these three days (okay, closer to two and a half), we will do the following:
  • Get clarity on your income goals, business vision, and plan to get there so that you can take the right aligned steps and create the right offer to make it a reality. (hint: it looks differently for everyone, which is why this is such a small workshop - I'll help guide you through this.)
  • Create your hot-selling offer together, that is bound to create the most revenue for the least amount of effort so you can get a nice income boost and discover the process for creating the right offers at the right time. (disclaimer: you must be willing to sell coaching, group programs, or services, not physical products)
  • Identify the enrollment plan to launch the offer so you can enroll your first clients into it possibly even WHILE we're together!! YES, this means you do NOT have to create any new materials, crazy tech, or funnels (unless you want to).
  •  Overcome any sales mindset blocks and confidence blocks that might be standing in your way to actually get you OUT there and selling the offer SUPER powerfully and confidently. You'll feel SO aligned, you won't be able to HELP yourself but to sell the offer.
  •  Understand exactly HOW to sell the offer, how to talk about it, and present the value in a way that your prospect can ACTUALLY understand!
  •  Walk away with new sales in the bank, confidence, and massive MOMENTUM for growing your business to your NEXT level this year. HELLO, new you!
Possible Results
Everyone comes with a different intention and goal in mind. However, based on the structure here are some of the goals that may be possible at the end of this workshop:
Actually generate $$ SALES while we're together
Enroll new clients to your programs and offers
Create a new aligned business income model
Develop (and start selling) a new package
Connect with new prospects that wanna buy
Overcome your confusion and blocks to sales
Gain momentum and confidence to grow your biz
Feel like a badass CEO boss who knows WTF to do
The Experience
This is a totally new format for me. I have not run a workshop like this before. I have done workshops that had elements of getting stuff done and getting into sales WHILE we're together, but it wasn't at the level of completion and getting things done as this one. Plus, during the workshop you will have:
I will personally coach, guide, and lead you on the steps to get you to succeed. I'll pull from my 15+ years in marketing experience and 10 years of entrepreneurship experience to help you crush it!
You will be surrounded by other committed AF entrepreneurs who are there to support each other. You will also get immediate feedback and outside perspectives on what to do with your steps.
You will get instant feedback, (constructive) critiques, and audits of your offers and sales processes as we're together so you can shift and adapt things right away and make your results even more effective and your marketing more magnetic.
Unlike most events where you come and learn and walk away with information overload, this is about learning AND implementing RIGHT AWAY to get you into action and results. You can expect to have things DONE when we're together!
Who is this for?
Who this is for: 
This workshop is NOT for everyone. This is for you if you are a coaches, healer, service-provider, or another expert who has been in business for at least a year and who has ALREADY been making money in their business (online or offline) but are not at the level you want to be at yet. Ideally you've already been making at least between $1K and $10K per month consistently If you're making more, that's fine too if you feel like most of your people have come "by luck." If you are not yet making $1K but have been in business for at least 1+ year and have an audience, you may be a fit too. 
When and where is this happening?
This event starts Thursday afternoon (July 11) and ends on Saturday evening (July 13). This gives you an extra day for exploring San Diego if you wish! Oh yes, this is also happening in San Diego. The exact location will be released closer to the date with our attendees but will be in or near downtown area.
What's the investment?
This is probably the most exciting part. This is the FIRST time I am doing a workshop that is this deep of support and possibility for results right away. Which is pretty cool. Normally I do this type of support only during my private client retreats (which are a part of my $20K package with a yearlong commitment).

For the first time I run this type of workshop, I am offering it at a BETA price of just $497. Then, I will increase the price to $997 for the next time if I do this again. (Food and lodging not included)
Feedback from My Previous Workshop Attendees
Disclaimer: Please keep in mind this is the FIRST time I am doing such a hands-on workshop. I usually reserve this level of support to only my private client retreats ($20k yearlong package). The videos below are from my more traditional learning-focused workshops.
Instant Access Bonuses!

Make Your Money Match Your Message Workshop (Value $197)

During this LIVE 2-hour workshop I'm spilling the beans on how my clients consistently get booked SOLID with clients for their programs... PLUS, how I was able to have a consistent $20k - 30k+ cash monthly income in my business. Best of all? We'll get YOU the steps so you can elevate your money game, too! You will get to instantly watch the recording of this 2-Hour "Make Your Money Match Your Message" Workshop: "Create an Income Injection to BLOW UP ONLINE and Get Seen Like the Authority Leader You Are (and Make a Massive Impact with Your Work)"

Your Authority Status Confidence Booster (value $27)

In this virtual audio training, I share with you how to overcome your visibility fears and step into your confidence so you can show up fully and confidently and lead your prospects into becoming your clients and fans.

Five (5) Email Swipe Files for More Cash (Value $27)

Ever feel like you’re missing out on opportunities to get more money in, and enroll clients, because you’re not actively reaching out? These templates will make it easier for you to craft your emails to reach out to ideal folks who will love to get on the phone with you (and buy).

My Tracking Spreadsheet for Booking Dream Clients (value $47)

This is a spreadsheet I personally use and have only previously shared it with my high-level mastermind clients so they can easily and consistently get booked SOLID with dream clients, whether it’s for their 1:1 services, group programs, or other services and offerings.
About your business coach, Kamila Gornia
Kamila Gornia, founder of Heart Behind Hustle®, is the powerhouse business + marketing strategist for impact-making coaches and experts who want to amplify their income and impact with online group programs, so they can scale into multiple six figures and lead in alignment with their purpose in their life.

An unapologetically edgy tattooed redhead who values real results and keepin’ it real, Kamila’s on a mission to help other passionate, driven entrepreneurs spread their unique message to a broader audience with online marketing. (Or, as she calls it, blow up and scale up).

From growing her very first website (at the ripe age of 12) to 40K views in under 5 months to running a successful wellness blog with over 45,000 monthly readers and 100K views per month (and selling it later for thousands), Kamila has street cred when it comes to creating consistent revenue streams with effective marketing, list-building, and paid traffic campaigns.

Today, she’s packaged up everything she knows from 15 years in the digital game to help small businesses with heart behind their hustle grow their fans, followers and funds with her tried-and-true strategies, with killer marketing coaching services and sought-after e-courses.

“Kamila is, hands down, THE coach you want to have in your corner of the ring when it comes to marketing. In less than a month, she helped me build my list on a new program, The Corporate Dance Maven, from 50 to 550 people. There is no way I could have grown our community this quickly by myself. With her help was able to enroll 15 people in our beta online course. Don’t wait till you “have the money” to get help. I highly recommend working with Kamila at the beginning of your next big launch.”

LeeAnn Mallorie, Leading In Motion
Pennsylvania, USA
July 11 - 13, 2019 - San Diego, CA
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