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January 9, 2018

How to Attract High-Quality Clients When Enrolling into Group Programs (And Other Offers)

Have you ever gotten on a sales call with a prospective client, spending 30 to 60 minutes on the phone (if not more) only to find out, they were not planning (or willing) to invest AT ALL?

How frustrating, right?

This happens more often than you realize.

You have some great conversation with prospective clients, and then when it comes to talking about the sales… and the investment? POOF. They’re gone.

It seems like you’ve been attracting the WRONG types of people to you.

Perhaps your calendar has been booked solid with calls but yet FEW are even a good fit, or someone you’d even be willing to work with. What’s up with all the tire kickers? The non-committed folks? The low vibe clients?

Why are they attracted to you? What’s going on? What are you doing wrong?

This is a concern I heard from a person at a mastermind I recently spoke at.

And I thought this was such a brilliant sales question! The question really is – how can you get MORE sales – so you can get more clients?

But wait… not just ANY clients… BETTER clients… the GREAT, high-quality, motivated, committed clients. The high-paying clients. The clients who get the results.


How do you get them? How do you attract them?

I share some tips in the video below.

Hopefully, it helps to maximize and amplify your sales process and marketing as well.

If you’ve found this video helpful, please share it with an entrepreneur friend who needs to hear this.

To your heart-fueled growth,

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