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January 1, 2018

This is the FIRST email I send on January 1st every single year

I like to post things on my personal Facebook profile. Things that aren’t necessarily super business oriented.

On December 31st, I posted about my yearly practice of writing myself an email with a recap of the year and some goals (and scheduling to send it a year later). People loved it!

Here’s what it said:

So I (schedule) send an email to myself every January 1st to be delivered on every December 31st. This is the 2nd year in a row I’ve done it.

It contains a summary of the previous year to look at what the previous year was like, what my goals were for the year, and so on.

I call it the Memento Email Method.

I just received one I wrote on January 1, 2017 with my 2016 summary and outlook for the 2017 year. It’s really interesting to be reminded of what goals I set, which ones I hit, which ones I didn’t – and why.

This is probably my favorite practice I’ve created. It’s really cool to see what happened, what my state of mind was, and any other thoughts going through my mind each year.

Lots of growth happened this year on a personal level and I’m grateful.

If you aren’t doing this practice already, I highly recommend it.

I started getting likes right away and my mentor, Derek Halpern, messages me right away telling me to make this my first video of 2018. When the master speaks, you listen.

I loved that idea! And I was a little surprised that I haven’t done this sooner. After all, I’ve been doing the Memento Email Method for 2 full years, going into its 3rd year. And it was just now that I even named the practice something!

Anyway, I love this practice and if you haven’t implemented this in your life yet, it’s not too late!

Here’s the video explaining the process:

I also have created a special resource that will make this process even easier for you – it’s a free email template and outlined process you can grab to use today.

You can grab it by using the button below:

I hope you enjoy this resource! Please make sure to let me know how you like it, ESPECIALLY once you get your email on December 31st 😉

Can’t wait to hear your reactions!


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