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This private intensive is perfect for someone who desires help coming up with a strategy to move forward with in one specific area of business. 

I can help you come up with a new offer, launch a new program, create your funnel strategy, refine your messaging and positioning online, or anything else you feel stuck in.

$1200 investment >

1:1 Strategy Session

Have me in your back-pocket for coaching support for a week! This is perfect for you if you need help optimizing, refining, or improving something you're already doing in your business. For example, getting content prompts, sales mindset support, mindset support during a launch, etc.

This is not ideal if you don't already know what you're doing or have an action plan to follow, as we won't have the time to dive too deeply into that. 

$750 investment >

1 Week of Voxer

This is for the person who's ready to go ALL IN with their business and wants me by their side through it all. I become your coach, strategist, and partner in one - for 4 months.

We have a few options to work with me privately, but keep in mind I only work with 3 private clients at a time. My private rates are between $2k and $3k per month, depending on level of access.

If you're interested, book a Clarity Call below. It's $100 and we both want to move forward, you can use it towards your 1:1 mentorship package. This isn't a "sales call" - we'll talk about your business, I'll help you identify gaps, and what your priorities should be, and then options for moving forward.


VIP 4-Month
Private Mentorship