September 12, 2023

Why I Stopped Hiring Individual Bookkeepers and Did THIS Instead

Bench Bookkeeping

As a business owner, I absolutely love what I do.

But, let’s face it, managing finances can be a real headache.

In the early days, I tried to figure it all out myself with the help of YouTube tutorials and online guides.

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t easy, and it stressed me out every month trying to get everything in order.

After a while, I realized I couldn’t do it all on my own anymore. So, back in 2015, I made a big decision – I hired my first bookkeeper. And while I loved the experience for the most part, there were still some challenges and frustrations that came along with it.

The Bookkeeper Blues: Where Things Went South

The first roadblock I hit was accessibility.

It’s quite reasonable that these bookkeepers had a roster of clients to cater to. However, the snag was that most of their packages didn’t offer regular one-on-one sessions with me. As someone who wanted a close watch on my financials, this left me somewhat in the dark.

Another significant hiccup was the cost factor. Many individual bookkeepers came with a hefty price tag, with packages ranging from $400 to $600 a month. And that didn’t even include the bookkeeping software – that was an extra expense. As a business owner, keeping an eye on my budget was essential, and these mounting costs were cause for concern.

Perhaps the most distressing episode I encountered was when a bookkeeper, who also doubled as my CPA, went completely off the grid during tax season.

For 2 months, she vanished into thin air, leaving my books completely unattended and MIA, during tax season no less 😱.

Let’s just say, I was freaking the F out and after that, I said “That’s ENOUGH” and I had to find another way.

Then, like a stroke of good luck, I stumbled upon Bench Bookkeeping through a friend.

What is Bench Bookkeeping

Bench Bookkeeping is basically an all-in-one. Initially hesitant, I was enamored by the promise of comprehensive service, including unlimited one-on-one calls with a dedicated bookkeeper.

It seemed like a dream come true – all the perks of individual bookkeepers without the hefty price tag.

What truly sealed the deal was Bench’s ability to reconcile my books promptly and efficiently. Gone were the days of frantic late-night reconciliations and tax season-induced anxiety.

With Bench, my financials were in safe hands, accessible not only to me but also to my CPA and tax strategist.

And best of all? They are EASY to read!

I find QBO to be a headache to access and even worse to use with actual bookkeeping (the headaches it gave me 😭) so it’s SO good to be able to easily read my financials without being an accounting major.

At just $249 per month when billed annually, Bench is a fraction of what I used to pay for individual bookkeepers. And the best part? There were no hidden software fees – everything was neatly integrated into a user-friendly platform.

This is why I am a proud supporter of Bench now, and if you can relate to everything I shared?

I highly recommend signing up for their free trial (click here to access) <<

By using my link, you will also receive a special discount not available anywhere else 😍🕺🏻

I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you make your life way easier, like it did for mine.

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