We Support #BlackLivesMatter Not Just Now – But ALWAYS

Hey Impact Makers! Kamila here. I’ve been posting on my personal Facebook, in our group, and mostly on my both Instagram accounts in support of the movement as well as amplifying Black voices from other leaders who are educating us all and sharing their message, but I wanted to make sure I make a statement here as well – on … Read More

The truth about quitting your job to start a business

If you’re thinking about how to quit Your Job COLD TURKEY To Start Your Own Business… I have some concerns. I want to make sure you make the best decision for you – so watch this video! There are some things I did before quitting my job to become a full-time entrepreneur. The truth is, you might not even know … Read More

Do entrepreneurs need a degree?

So you want to start a business and you’re wondering: Do entrepreneurs need a degree? Like an MBA? Do entrepreneurs need college AT ALL? Well I want to share my thoughts and experience on this topic. Helpful Resources: Subscribe to my YouTube channel RIGHT HERE Take the Authority Brand Style Quiz for free RIGHT HERE. See ALL the recommended softwares … Read More

How to Make a Business Plan for Your Business

In this post, you’ll discover how to make a business plan for your business. If you’re like many entrepreneurs who are in our community, you want to have a thriving business. Yet, when it comes to starting one, there’s an essential thing you need that will give you the clarity and action steps to take to success.  A business plan. … Read More

6 Reasons Why Your Product Launch Failed (and How to Prevent it Happening Again)

So, you’ve spent weeks (or months) creating an amazing product or offer. Maybe it’s this awesome self-study course you’ve been dreaming about creating for ages now (I mean, hello, passive income!) or maybe it’s that transformational group coaching program you knew your people totally need… Or maybe it’s something else. You’re excited about it. You’re feeling nervous… but you know … Read More

Why you’re still not at six figures yet in your business

So, every so often I talk to an entrepreneur who’s been trying to grow her business. She does all the things she thinks she’s supposed to do. She tries so hard. But yet, she still seems to fall flat. Struggling with getting clients, growing her community, and making the impact she desires. Well, here’s the thing: If you’re STILL not … Read More