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April 15, 2019

The truth about quitting your job to start a business

If you’re thinking about how to quit Your Job COLD TURKEY To Start Your Own Business… I have some concerns. I want to make sure you make the best decision for you – so watch this video!

There are some things I did before quitting my job to become a full-time entrepreneur. The truth is, you might not even know if you’re ready to start running your business full time – especially if you don’t have one created that’s proven yet! Hopefully, this video provides you some insight into how to approach this in becoming an entrepreneur and crushing it with your business. This one is especially great for millennials but even if you’re not, you’ll benefit 😉

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So you are thinking about quitting your job to start a business.. That’s pretty big. I want to share some truths with you if you’re thinking about quitting your job cold turkey to start a business because it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. You have to know how to approach this the best so you are not in for a rude awakening.

You’re thinking about quitting your job to start a business. That’s big.

Unfortunately, most people who do this… are in for a rude awakening.

I mean, who knows. That might not be the case for you.

But I wanted to share the truth behind quitting your job to start a business… so you make the best decision for you.

Hey Impact Maker! This is Kamila Gornia, and welcome to Heart Behind Hustle TV, where we help impact-driven entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses through aligned marketing strategies that can turn your brand into a movement.

Now, as a business coach, I’ve been helping clients for the past five years and in that time, I’ve come across people from all kinds of backgrounds and in all sorts of situations.

One of those being folks who are ready to quit their job cold turkey so they can shift their focus into starting their dream business.

While some experts might tell you to just go for it, to follow your dreams…

I have some concerns.

Because I live in the real world.

And the real world isn’t comprised of unicorns, rainbows, and fairy dust.

Here’s the reality:

Most people who start businesses? Fail.

95% of them to be exact.

And while that might sound like a scary thought, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start a business at all! No!

This simply means that you need to be SMARTER about starting your business.

Let me explain…

From personal experience, I didn’t quit my job until I was already a YEAR into my THIRD business. The two previous ones were also profitable but were not at the level where I felt confident they could replace my salary from my job.

Because I didn’t have that certainty or proven plan (or desire, to be honest) to grow those ventures into a salary-replacing business, I kept going with them as side hustles until I got over it.

Then with my coaching business, it grew slowly in the beginning. But before I knew it, 17 months after starting, I was handing in my 2 week notice with a smile on my face.

Because I knew that my business has been PROVEN, and could only go up from here.

The only thing that was standing in my way at that moment was just time… I needed more of it to make more money.

And the only way to get more time? Was to free me from the day job that was holding me back 40 hours a week.

The important lesson I want you to notice here is that I did NOT quit my day job and my security until I had proof that my business WAS growing successfully and had already replaced my monthly salary from my job.

For me, it was important that I could continue to support myself, pay my bills, AND NOT GO INTO DEBT in order to grow my business.

I also made sure that I had enough payments coming in from clients over the next several months to ensure I wouldn’t go into desperation mode and knew my bills would be paid with 100% certainty no matter what for the next 4 months.

This takes me to the next point, make sure you either have enough savings to pay your bills for the next 4-6 months in case things don’t go according to plan with the business. The more savings you have before you quit the better.

Now, there are some clients I’ve worked with who had the luxury of being supported by someone else so they actually didn’t have to worry about the money.

Maybe they had their spouse helping them, or a parent, or someone else. Or maybe they just had LOADS of money in savings already and they didn’t have to worry about it for a long while.

Obviously, if that’s the case, you can do whatever you want.

I wish I had that luxury. But unfortunately, most people don’t.

Honestly, one of the worst things that can happen is you quit your job, get excited, work to start your business and then get into MAJOR freak out mode because you’re still not making money a few months later… WHICH HAPPENS OFTEN!

And getting into that mindset of scarcity and desperation will COMPLETELY shut off any creativity and visionary thinking you need to create something truly impactful.

The reason why this happens a lot is because we never know if the business we create will actually succeed. We hope it will. We want it to. But will it?

It takes a LOT to grow a business. Yes, the strategy and plan is essential. Is it aligned with your target audience? Does your target audience even WANT the thing you’re selling?

But from there, it comes down to YOU… are you willing to hustle and get uncomfortable CONSTANTLY in these beginning stages? Are you ready to majorly put yourself out there like you never had before? Is your mindset prepared for that?

It’s a lot. And I just want you to be smart… and secure.

But anyway – I’m curious.

Do you agree?

Where do you stand right now? Are you thinking about quitting your job to start a business? OR maybe you’ve already started one and now you want to quit?

Let me know!

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