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April 2, 2019

5 common mistakes entrepreneurs make when trying to get PR for their business

Looking to get media coverage or publicity for your business? There are a few things you can do that can help (OR DETER) you from getting publicity. Most entrepreneurs make these five common mistakes – make sure you’re not one of them!

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So you’ve made the decision to get PR for your business, but no matter what you try it seems like you’re just getting rejected left and right…

There are specific mistakes most entrepreneurs make when it comes to getting PR in their business. Let’s get into it.

Hey Impact Makers! I’m Kamila Gornia, founder of Heart Behind Hustle, and I help impact-driven entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses online through aligned marketing strategies that convert.

I’m a big fan of making your hustle be intentional and effective so you can do LESS of it, and if your goals is to get more publicity in your business, let’s make sure you avoid these common mistakes… so you can get your media features WAY faster.

Before we get started, make sure to stick until the end of this video because I have a really special FREE resource to share with you about how YOU can start getting PR for your business as quickly as this month. You’re gonna love it.

Ok, let’s get started.

Mistake 1: You’re focusing on top media before you’re ready.

Yes, I get it. You wanna get featured by Oprah, Good Morning America, and Ellen… but if you have never been on any media before, what’s the likelihood they’ll pick you to promote to their gigantic audience…

…. in comparison to ALLLLL the other companies who already have a solid backing and credibility?

The thing is – you’ve gotta work up to the big guns. Take it one step at a time.

If you’re only aiming for the top media, and totally ignoring smaller but also wonderful opportunities, you’re gonna be waiting a long time before you get featured anywhere.

Start small. Get on some podcasts. Write some guest posts. Get quoted in articles.

That takes way less effort – but can reap just as big of results when combined.

And once you build that up, soon enough you just might have the big guns knocking on YOUR door! 😉

Mistake 2: You’re being self-serving.

You’re making your pitch all about you… your product… your company… how great you are. And I get it. You love yourself. You’ve spent a lot of time on growing your business. But honestly? No one cares.

Not unless you MAKE them care.

And no one will care if you just keep going on and on and on about YOU!

Please read the classic book “How to win friends and influence people” if you’re confused.

Here’s your biggest lesson for anything marketing and sales related:

ALWAYS make it about the person you’re talking to… what’s in it for THEM? How will they benefit from reading this?

And more than that, actually get to know the publication AND the journalist you are pitching. We live in the world of social media, it’s SO easy to creep on people today. So stalk them a bit and make your pitch friendly and warm, not selfish.

Mistake 3: You’re spending hours sending press releases.

I learned a lot about press releases back in college. Writing them was a B, and it seemed like anytime we’d send them we’d maybeee SOMETIMES get something out of it.

That was 8 years ago…

Today, the world is different. We live on social media. And while I probably can’t say that press releases are dead, because I’m sure there are some occasions when they are still relevant, but for 98% of the time – they are a total waste of time.

Even if you send them to media sources, you wanna know how many of these they are probably getting each day? GAZILLION.

Yes, that’s an exact number.

How on earth are you supposed to make yours stand out?

Honestly, you’re way better off creating actual relationships with journalists and media contacts and getting yourself shown in articles and media sources that ACTUALLY get read and shared.

Mistake 4: You don’t have a media page.

If you don’t talk about who you are on your website, how is the media supposed to KNOW who you are?

Same with media appearances… no one will know you’ve been featured in 15 podcasts, quotes in 10 articles, and written 12 guest posts if you don’t tell them!

Make sure you have a clear ABOUT page on your website that shares about who you are, what you do, as well as your personal story. And make it emotional!

No one really cares about your fancy credentials. They care about WHY you do what you do… the results you’ve gotten for people… and what makes you different.

There are thousands of people with doctorate degrees out there, but only one of you.

So tell them!

Mistake 5: You’re boring.

The hardest pill to swallow… how can we even KNOW if we’re boring? Well, I mean I’m not probably not the best judge of that.

I like some pretty boring stuff, I mean I geek out on marketing and business and to the mass audience — that’s pretty boring.

But there are ways to make what you do… more interesting. More RELEVANT, perhaps.

A good way to look at this is by asking yourself:

  • is there a way I can apply what I do to some current hot trends?
  • how can I contribute to the conversation about current events?
  • are there any holidays coming up where my brand could fit in with?

This will make you more relevant, interesting, and therefore … less boring.

Alright, hopefully, this video helps.

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