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March 21, 2019

How I got featured on Forbes at 27 as a business coach

Curious how to write for Forbes and how to get featured on Forbes?

I had the privilege of being featured on as a coach by the time I turned 27 (2 years ago) and it has allowed me to be a springboard for getting featured in other big online media publications. In this video, I share with you how you can approach writing for Forbes – and especially if you’re a coach, how you can do it easily by joining the Forbes Coaches Council. I will do a quick Forbes Coaches Council review so you know if it’s worth it and how it helped me.

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When I first got mentioned in Forbes online, my friends and family totally FREAKED!

It’s like, I finally got seen for what I already was… Being a real entrepreneur with a real business.

It wasn’t that I was already making six figures, or that my clients had the same results, or even that I was hosting my own events, or speaking on stages…

It was getting featured in Forbes online that finally did it!

Getting publicity in your business can be the difference between being overlooked and getting taken seriously in the online space.

AND especially if you’re a woman… a millennial… AND a coach.

Since then I’ve been featured in other amazing publications such as, Inc, and many others.

In this video, I’m sharing my specific journey of how I was able to get featured on as a business coach.

Hey Impact Makers! I’m Kamila Gornia, founder of Heart Behind Hustle, where we help coaches and experts grow and scale their businesses online through aligned marketing strategies that turn their brand into a movement.

I first got featured in in September 2017 where I was quoted among other coaches in an article about how to best maximize your time working from home.

Soon after, I was quoted in two other similar articles…

About common email habits that are actually harming you…

And about how to effectively plan your marketing strategy when targeting millennials.

These articles were the jumping off point for getting me MANY more opportunities, features, and clients – which was truly incredible.

So how did I do it?

There’s a bit of a hack you might be able to use… I’ll tell you about it shortly.

But before I do, make sure to watch until the end of this video because I’m going to share with you an INCREDIBLE free resource to start getting publicity this year REGARDLESS of what kind of business you have.

Okay, so there were THREE steps I did that helped me get into Forbes WITHOUT hiring an expensive PR Agency.

Step 1. Clarity on Your Online Presence

It doesn’t have to mean that you have to spend $15,000 on branding, but it does mean you should put some thought into your brand strategy and making sure your online presence looks professional.

Reputable platforms such as Forbes are looking for entrepreneurs and coaches whom they can actually get behind – people who invest in themselves, and it shows.

The biggest thing you want to be clear on are two things:

  1. What are you known for?
  2. What makes you different?

You can’t just call yourself a career coach and call it a day. There are thousands upon thousands of you out there. Get a bit more specific.

For example, back in the day, I was known for two main things: Facebook Ads and List Building. I made sure everyone knew me for those two main things. Sure, I still talked about other stuff, and helped my clients with more things but I wanted to make sure anytime someone asked about one of these two – I was mentioned. And it worked.

Today, I’ve been focusing on being known on value-driven online marketing strategies for coaches and experts, and group program launches to help coaches and experts get into six figures.

I want you to notice that your thing you’re known for doesn’t have to be super niche. It just has to be enough to be memorable in your space, that way you still get to expand beyond it.

And some of things that make me different are:

  • first my branding and our brand name being feminine and focused on impact first,
  • the fact that I’m a 20-something millennial woman who has had three profitable businesses in different niches,
  • that I’ve been marketing since I’ve been 12,
  • that I’m originally from Poland, and
  • that I combine the grounded strategies with uplifting vision focused on ALIGNMENT rather than “my way or the highway”.

What are they for you? Get clear on that first and foremost.

2. Build Up Your Credibility

Before Forbes or other platforms will consider you, you’ve gotta show them that you know what you’re talking about – and other people already know it. You do it by publishing consistent content either on YouTube, your blog, or Medium…

AND, this is even more important – getting featured in other places online, too, such as podcasts, other publications, and so on.

Before I went for Forbes, I had already been published in Huffington Post, Bustle, Lifehack, and dozens of podcasts.

There’s no better way to prove to others you’re credible than by showing them OTHER people trust your expertise enough to feature you to their audiences. Start building this up today if you haven’t yet.

If you don’t know how, check out my other video on how to start getting publicity this year even if you’re new in business.

3. Get in through this hack for coaches

Okay, this might feel like cheating a bit… but there’s a hack to get featured in Forbes WAY easier, without having to stalk and pitch their writers.

There’s this thing called Forbes Coaches Council where established career and business coaches get to apply for approval into their association.

There’s a four figure yearly fee to join but it was SO worth it to get my foot in the door in getting published on these bigger platforms.

Here’s how to know if you apply:

  1. You must have been in business for at least 3 years
  2. You must be a publicly recognized business, career, or professional coach (btw, this is where this credibility piece comes into play)
  3. You must be in North America or doing most of your business in North America

Now you might be asking, ok but what if I’m not a business or career coach? Well, if you work with PROFESSIONALS and help them in their professional lives in some way… even if you’re a life, productivity, writing, or another type of coach that works in this way… you might be a fit.

And by the way, just so we’re clear I get literally NOTHING out of telling you about this. Ok?

So, you apply – fill out a questionnaire, they call you for a short interview, and if it looks like you’re a match – you’re in.

From there, you get to answer polls and questions from which your answer might be used in articles like the first ones I told you about, as well as getting to write your OWN articles for Forbes as well.

This is a great step towards continuing to build your credibility and publicity so you can then get YES’es in an even easier way when it comes to getting quoted or featured in OTHER media…

… and getting clients to sign up more eagerly because, hello, you were quoted in Forbes!! Everyone knows Forbes!

… and maybe your family will finally take you seriously for having a legit business 😉

So, I told you earlier that I had a free resource for you.

If you’re looking to start getting publicity there are many things you need to know. And the thing is – you can totally do it without having to hire an expensive PR agency.

There’s a link below this video for you to grab your free publicity building resource, so look for that and grab it today.

I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you in the next one!

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