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Bench Bookkeeping

As a business owner, I absolutely love what I do. But, let’s face it, managing finances can be a real headache. In the early days, I tried to figure it all out myself with the help of YouTube tutorials and online guides. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t easy, and it stressed me out every month trying […]

Why I Stopped Hiring Individual Bookkeepers and Did THIS Instead


I recently posted a reel sharing that I stopped using Facebook groups to host the community and support for my paid programs. Since then, I’ve had some people message me asking why I did it and which tools would I recommend replacing it. In this post, I’m going to share: Why I stopped using Facebook […]

Why I stopped using Facebook Groups for my Group Programs

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Most of my private coaching clients hire me because they want help with creating and launching their programs. Some feel ready to scale beyond 1:1 clients and move into groups. Some have already been running their group programs but not enrolling clients into them effectively (or consistently). Others aren’t fully ready to launch quite yet, […]

Most of my private clients are working on THIS right now 🤯


2021 in a word was all about figuring out what I want to see happen in the future. Whereas 2020 was a breakthrough year in terms of revenue and trying new things, 2021 was about refining and figuring out how do I really want things to run. I am a huge fan of optimizing, experimenting, […]

2021 Recap: Year in Review


Simple Sales Follow-up Process

Looking for a simple sales follow up process so you can close more sales and clients with ease? It’s time to follow up with prospects to make it happen! In this video, I share some sales tips and a simple sales training on following up with your prospects so you can create more sales in […]

Simple Sales FOLLOW UP Process (CLOSING the SALE)

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Want to know the reasons why you are struggling to increase sales? Maybe you’re still waiting to enroll your first client or maybe it’s about getting to six figures… and somehow you are worried. You’re not quite sure how to make more sales, and it seems like most of the people you talk to are […]

How to Increase SALES for Your Programs and Offers

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Hey, amazing client! We will be using Voxer as the platform for laser coaching. On this page, I’ll share with you how to use it and how to find me, as well as guidelines and more. How to add me on Voxer If you do not yet have Voxer, it is a smartphone app and […]

Voxer Guidelines for Private Clients


In this post, you’ll get loads of topics for your Facebook Live broadcasts and Instagram Live livestreams, so that you never run out of ideas for your livestream marketing strategy (and you can turn your strangers into total raving fans, in no time!) BIG NEWS! Livestreaming all the rage and it shows no signs of […]

65 Ideas for your Livestream Broadcast Topics


So you’re ready to launch your first or next ad campaign but now you’re asking yourself – how much should you spend on Facebook Ads? And what’s the right amount to pay for advertising in general? Helpful Resources: Subscribe to my YouTube channel RIGHT HERE Grab the free guide on making high-converting Facebook Ads campaigns […]

How much should you spend on facebook ads?

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If you’re thinking about how to quit Your Job COLD TURKEY To Start Your Own Business… I have some concerns. I want to make sure you make the best decision for you – so watch this video! There are some things I did before quitting my job to become a full-time entrepreneur. The truth is, […]

The truth about quitting your job to start a business

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