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Looking to get media coverage or publicity for your business? There are a few things you can do that can help (OR DETER) you from getting publicity. Most entrepreneurs make these five common mistakes – make sure you’re not one of them! Helpful Resources: Subscribe to my YouTube channel RIGHT HERE Grab the free Publicity […]

5 common mistakes entrepreneurs make when trying to get PR for their business

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Curious how to write for Forbes and how to get featured on Forbes? I had the privilege of being featured on as a coach by the time I turned 27 (2 years ago) and it has allowed me to be a springboard for getting featured in other big online media publications. In this video, […]

How I got featured on Forbes at 27 as a business coach

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So you’re ready to advertise on Facebook Ads in 2019 but not sure if you’ve got your ducks in order? Whether you’ve already been running fb ads (and not seeing lots of results) or you’re looking to dip your toes in, make sure to watch this video ASAP! The thing is – Facebook Ads 2019 […]

5 things to do before attempting Facebook Ads in 2019

Facebook Ads, Marketing, Video

So, you want to look great on video and are not sure how… You know that using video marketing can really help you accelerate your growth but what if you’re getting too caught up in the details? Whether you want to look good on camera for YouTube, or for your other marketing videos, or Facebook […]

7 ways to look good on video (without fancy equipment!)

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Do you dream of hosting LIVE events? Well, in case you missed it… I just hosted Heart Behind Hustle LIVE event this past weekend… … and it was absolutely freaking MAGICAL. So magical that I’ve totally been on my butt the last two days battling an upper limit* cold (let’s just call it that). 😂 […]

Recap: 3 Biggest Takeaways from HBH Live 2019


In this post, you’ll discover how to make a business plan for your business. If you’re like many entrepreneurs who are in our community, you want to have a thriving business. Yet, when it comes to starting one, there’s an essential thing you need that will give you the clarity and action steps to take […]

How to Make a Business Plan for Your Business


Branding Yourself on Social Media

Hey there amazing! Let’s talk about branding. And particularly, branding yourself on social media. When you hear about someone talking about a brand name, I’m betting a few things come to mind—the mermaid logo of Starbucks, the swoosh of Nike, the icon for Apple computers, and the distinctive white-on-red lettering of Coca-Cola. But did you […]

7 Essential Tips for Branding Yourself on Social Media


Hey, amazing! Today, I wanted to talk about the importance of setting the right building blocks in your business to support it in scaling. The fact of the matter is, what got you to six figures often won’t get you into multiple six figures. There are a few different things you want to consider to make […]

5 Shifts to Scale from Six Figures and Go into Multiple Six Figures in Revenue


This post goes out to folks who are newer on their business journey. The first year or two of business are a critical time – they will either make or break you. You’ll either feel excited and inspired… or deflated and discouraged. And it all comes down to your results… and the work you do. […]

You’re likely wasting your time if you do this (as a Newer Entrepreneur)


Looking to increase Facebook engagement ASAP? These tips should help. So, a lot of my clients use Facebook as their main social media platform to communicate with prospective clients. Many also often talk about how, in the light of the constant algorithm changes, it’s become trickier than ever to engage people. Questions around what to post on […]

Facebook Marketing: 25 Things You Can Do to Increase Facebook Engagement Today


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